Harrison County Grooms


CAILAHAN, James M SELLERS, Pricilla 1856-Jul-26
CAILBOUET, Francis A DODART, Mary E 1878-Sep-19
CAILLAVERT, Adolphe LADNER, Adele 1841-Jul-06
CAILLAVET, Francis A DEDASH, Mary 1878-Sep-20
CAIN, Thomas W WHITTINGTON, Miranda C 1874-Dec-23
CALLAHAN, Charles DEDEAUX, Josephine 1871-Aug-12
CALLEN, James MALEY, Catherine 1879-Nov-22
CALLEN, James H MALEY, Catherine 1879-Nov-20
CAMP, Elias MOFFETT, Susie 1881-Apr-29
CAMPBELL, David JOHNSON, Lottie 1867-Aug-18
CAMPBELL, David JOHNSTON, Lottie 1867-Aug-28
CAMPBELL, Monroe BURNS, Lenna 1877-Jul-28
CANADY, Sandy ANGILO, Malvina 1885-Sep-08
CANADY, Sandy ANGILO, Melvina 1885-Sep-10
CANSMANS, David WILSON, Sarah E 1847-Sep-20
CANTIN, Lewis D HENLEY, Susan E 1859-Dec-10
CAPERS, Albert MORRIS, Emma 1879-May-20
CAPERS, Albert MORRIS, Emma (Mrs) 1879-May-19
CARRAN, Francis HURD, Anna (Mrs) 1879-Mar-11
CARREAU, Francis HURD, Anna 1879-Mar-11
CARROL, Samuel BROADASS, Martha 1852-Dec-28
CARROLL, Ottaway GOOZ, Rachel 1874-Oct-16
CARROW, Francis HERBERT, Adelaide (Mrs) 1867-May-21
CARRUTHERS, James SWEATMAN, Sarah 1843-Nov-04
CARSON, John BECK, Teresa L 1872-Apr-14
CARSON, Lem KING, Julia 1869-Jan-30
CARTER, Adam JONES, Ann 1875-Jan-28
CARTER, George BAZILE, Pegie 1878-Mar-11
CARTER, George BAZILE, Pegie 1878-Apr-20
CARTER, George BAZILE, Pegie 1878-Mar-08
CARTER, Henry DAVIS, Martah 1878-Apr-01
CARTER, Henry DAVIS, Martha (Mrs) 1878-Apr-01
CARTER, Jasper MERRIT, Elvira 1878-Dec-16
CARTER, Moses SPIKES, Elizabeth 1859-Aug-08
CARTER, William ALEXANDER, Mary 1886-Feb-25
CARTER, William B ALEXANDER, Mary Marcella 1886-Feb-23
CARUTHIRDS, Nathaniel COLLINS, Rachel 1864-Dec-16
CARVIN, John B SELLIER, Victoria 1865-Oct-24
CASSIDY, Joseph P MICHON, Mary C 1884-Feb-25
CASTANED, Antoine CUAVES, Sophia 1879-Jan-01
CASTANUED, Antoine CUEVAS, Sophie 1878-Dec-30
CASTEEL, M S SIMMS, Caroline 1879-Aug-30
CASTEEL, S SIMMS, Caroline 1879-Sep-04
CATES, John SEYMORE, Corine 1867-Jan-12
CATES, Solomon SANCHEZ, Mary Ann 1866-Feb-14
CAZAUX, John P LOUGE, Annette 1856-Jul-12
CAZEAUX, B HILDEBRAND, Barbara 1881-Jan-27
CEARNS, John CAVANAH, Catherine 1859-Nov-26
CHAMBERS, John WILLIAMSON, Lue Ella 1881-Nov-06
CHAMPLIN, C C CRUTHIRDS, Henrietta 1866-Jul-17
CHAMPLIN, George A NEHLS, Mary C 1871-Aug-09
CHAMPLIN, Zackery T WHITE, Virginia 1867-Sep-18
CHANSON, Frederick H ALEXANDER, Emeliza 1878-Nov-05
CHAPPIEU, Dominick DAVIS, Mary 1855-Sep-04
CHARLES, Richard DYCHE, Florence M 1874-Mar-01
CHARLOT, James LESASSIER, Apolinair 1857-May-02
CHARLOT, Joseph BENOIT, Lisida 1879-Sep-18
CHATHAM, Claiborne HOLLIMAN, Sarah A 1865-Nov-13
CHATHAM, Claiborne SMITH, Rachel 1870-Aug-02
CHERSTOVICH, Sam SMITH, Fanny 1885-Feb-10
CHRISTOVICH, Antonio SHOWS, Margaret (Mrs) 1879-Nov-27
CHRISTY, George W VANBEUTHUSEN, Catherine A 1854-Sep-18
CLARK, Archibald (Jr) CHAMBERS, Emily Jane 1850-Jun-30
CLARK, Charles BURR, Laura 1874-Oct-13
CLARK, Charles COX, Belle 1866-Jun-16
CLARK, Hiram HUNT, Sarah J 1884-Oct-24
CLARK, Hiram HUNT, Sarah J 1884-Oct-25
CLARK, Ira ONEAL, Mary A 1857-Dec-02
CLARK, James L RICHARDS, Charlotte 1876-Jul-12
CLARK, John CRAWFORD, Clarissa Ann 1856-Dec-12
CLARK, John HULBERT, Vernell 1886-Jun-13
CLARK, John B HURLBERT, Vernella 1886-Jun-12
CLARK, John C SOLOMAN, Jane 1877-Feb-01
CLARK, Samuel WEBB, Emma S 1855-May-01
CLARK, William COX, Caroline 1850-Apr-26
CLARK, William LATIMER, Martha J 1868-Mar-30
CLARK, William C MONROE, Mary T 1878-Dec-16
CLAYTON, Jefferson BUTCHART, Mary M (Mrs) 1870-Sep-08
CLEMENS, B R SAVERS, Emma P 1860-Feb-20
COATES, W G RANSOM, Mary R 1854-Aug-11
COBBS, Willie ROBINSON, Mary Jane 1887-Jan-24
COCHRAN, Amaziah ONEAL, Nancy 1868-Jan-30
COCKRAN, I W BAGGET, Sarah 1852-Dec-28
COLEMAN, John RYAN, Racheal 1880-Oct-03
COLEMAN, John B RYAN, Rachel (Mrs) 1880-Sep-30
COLLA, John BENOIT, Victorine 1884-Oct-29
COLLENS, W T O'BRIEN, Ellen 1886-May-11
COLLEY, John PERNIER, Josephine 1866-May-17
COLLIER, Henry CAILLAVET, Margaret 1881-Feb-28
COLLINS, Christopher WHITE, Morgra 1877-Jun-17
COLLINS, Langston TAYLOR, Susan 1885-Sep-20
COLLINS, Langston TAYLOR, Susan E 1885-Sep-18
COLLINS, R J CAPERS, Annie H 1884-Jan-24
COLLINS, William DORSETT, Rebecca 1884-Jun-17
COLLINS, William DORSETT, Rebecca 1885-Jun-18
COLLINS, William OBRIEN, Ellen 1886-May-12
COMPTON, T Wilbur STACEY, Emma C 1860-Jul-04
CONDAMIN, W L FAYARD, Mary 1860-Jun-23
CONDEIA, R G JONES, Frances 1854-Apr-24
CONN, Beloved L WHEELER, Elizabeth 1873-Mar-05
CONNELLY, John DAVIDSON, Elizabeth 1880-Dec-11
CONNELLY, John DAVIDSON, Elizabeth 1880-Dec-12
CONOVE, Louis MORAN, Zelima 1868-Dec-10
CONVERSE, William F BECK, Francis J 1877-Dec-30
COOPER, Bernard SEYMOUR, Delphine 1872-Apr-14
COOPER, James ONEAL, Almede 1858-Sep-07
COOPER, James ONEAL, Almede 1858-Sep-30
COOPER, John BREELAND, Delilah 1870-Sep-30
COPELAND, Robert WORDS, Ann (Mrs) 1858-Oct-04
CORDTS, Adolphe SCHINKLE, Felicity 1871-May-27
CORDY, Arthur HASLING, Sarah C 1878-Sep-23
COTTRELL, John A FIRCHAM, Sarah 1851-Jan-30
COURTEY, Frank MILLER, Mary 1884-Sep-10
COUVE, Sylvin SAUCIER, Mary 1854-Feb-06
COWAN, Decatur D GRAIGSON, Lillian L 1879-Aug-31
COWAN, Decatur D GRAYSON, Lillian L 1879-Aug-27
COWAN, Robert ADAM, Bella 1881-Dec-21
COWARD, James C WHITE, Sarah 1849-Dec-20
COWART, Henry KING, Catherine 1875-Jan-07
COWART, J Jackson RAMSAY, Amanda J 1867-Apr-21
COX, Eli ONEAL, Rebecca 1872-Dec-19
CRAFT, Alexander LARGENT, Sarah Ann 1846-Sep-03
CRAFT, Frederick BOND, Nelly E 1882-Dec-27
CRAFT, Whitmell TERRELL, Louisa 1844-Jun-30
CRAIG, Charles LATIMER, Maria 1881-Jul-10
CRAIG, Charles H LATIMER, Maria 1881-Jul-10
CRAIG, James LATIMER, Caroline 1881-Dec-23
CRAIG, James S LATIMER, Caroline 1881-Dec-23
CRAIG, John LATIMER, Samantha 1886-Mar-31
CRAIG, John C LATIMER, Samantha 1886-Mar-26
CRANE, Andrew I ROGERS, Amelia E 1874-Dec-24
CRANE, Joseph AINSWORTH, Caroline 1883-Dec-26
CRANE, Joseph AINSWORTH, Caroline 1883-Dec-27
CRANE, Joseph W SCARBOROUGH, Catherine 1842-Oct-22
CRANE, M A SHIELDS, E A 1882-Aug-27
CRAWFOOT, Hubbard CUZZIE, Francis Atls (Mrs) 1882-Jul-02
CRAWFORD, Hubbard CUZZIE, Francis 1882-Jul-02
CREEL, Albert LOIRE, Mary Ann 1879-Jul-19
CREEL, Albert LOIVER, Mary Ann 1879-Jul-21
CREEL, James R PAGE, Pricilla 1855-Feb-08
CREEL, James T RUSH, Rachel M 1866-Jan-16
CREEL, Jasper THOMAS, Masura C 1858-Mar-11
CREEL, John FAYARD, Orelia 1884-Nov-18
CREEL, John C FAYARD, Oielia 1884-Nov-18
CREEL, John Calvin HILLIARD, Rebecca Elizabe 1861-Jul-25
CREEL, William WHITTINGTON, Sabra M 1875-Feb-11
CRISTOVICH, Antonio SHIROS, Margaret 1879-Nov-28
CROCKET, Henry SIMS, Louisa 1879-Jun-05
CROCKET, Henry SIMS, Lucy 1879-Jun-05
CRONIER, John B MOORE, Levena 1858-Dec-01
CROSS, John S DODGE, Catherine E 1864-Dec-24
CROWNITCH, M SAUDRICAN, Elizabeth 1857-Nov-09
CRUTBIRDS, Eli SHOWERS, Lucy 1885-Jan-31
CRUTBIRDS, Whitmere SUAVER, Angeline E 1884-Dec-24
CRUTCHFIELD, Henry PERKINS, Emma 1875-Jun-16
CRUTHIRDS, Eli SHOWERS, Lucy 1885-Jan-31
CRUTHIRDS, Ezeliel TINDER, Lizzie 1884-Jan-19
CRUTHIRDS, Eziekel TINDER, Lizzie 1884-Jan-19
CRUTHIRDS, G W EVANS, Nancy T 1868-Apr-12
CRUTHIRDS, George S PRICE, Louvinna 1872-Dec-19
CRUTHIRDS, Henry MARTIN, Exye Ann 1876-May-18
CRUTHIRDS, James E HUDSON, Bell 1877-Jan-04
CRUTHIRDS, Joseph KEEL, Calhoun 1881-Oct-15
CRUTHIRDS, Joseph F KEEL, Calhoun 1881-Oct-15
CRUTHIRDS, Joseph F MICHON, Anna 1883-Aug-13
CRUTHIRDS, Joseph F MICHON, Anna E 1883-Aug-13
CRUTHIRDS, Robert SUMRALL, Margaret 1882-Jul-23
CRUTHIRDS, Robert G SCARBOROUGH, Naomy 1846-Nov-05
CRUTHIRDS, Sarah ALLEN, Hansock 1880-May-20
CRUTHIRDS, Sarah KROHN, Charles F 1858-Jan-28
CRUTHIRDS, Sarah A ALLEN, Hancock 1880-May-19
CRUTHIRDS, Thomas E FREEMAN, Sarah 1873-Dec-07
CRUTHIRDS, Whitmill QUAVES, Angeline 1884-Dec-25
CRUTHIRDS, Whitnell SMITH, Nancy 1868-Apr-03
CRUTHIRDS, William D BOND, Mary A 1866-Dec-27
CRUZ, Jose Santa BARRY, Ellen 1849-Jun-18
CUAVE, Edmon CUAVE, Victoria 1881-Aug-04
CUAVE, Edwin CUAVE, Victoria 1881-Aug-05
CUAVE, John WORDEN, Alice 1882-May-13
CUAVE, Nicholas CUAVAS, Mary T 1879-Jun-26
CUAVE, Nicholas CUAVE, Mary F 1879-Jun-23
CUAVE, Seamore MORRIS, Jane 1885-Jun-11
CUCCI, Joseph COLBERT, Ellen 1886-Oct-28
CUEVAS, Arnauld LADNIER, Mary 1887-Jun-23
CUEVAS, Cyrille DUBUISSON, Eliza 1875-Jan-26
CUEVAS, Peter BONIE, Alphonsine 1882-Aug-16
CUEVAS, Raymon SAMOUR, Josephine 1879-Dec-09
CUEVAS, Raymond SAMOUR, Josephine 1879-Dec-15
CULANAN, Walter RINTON, Nellie 1873-Dec-31
CULL, Laurence CLEARY, Margaret 1885-Jul-06
CULL, Lawrence CLEARY, Margaret 1885-Jul-08
CULLEN, E W CHINN, Iowa 1882-Dec-24
CULLEN, E W CHINN, Iowa (Mrs) 1882-Dec-25
CULLINAN, Patrick PRIOR, Joanna 1859-Jul-04
CUMMINGS, C C SILL, Hattie C 1873-Jan-04
CUNE, Frank ALEGRATE, Francis 1877-Oct-15
CUNNINGHAM, Nicholas E OLIVER, Mary E 1876-Aug-08
CURIE, Joseph S COLBERT, Ellen 1886-Oct-21
CURTIS, John WAKEMAN, Mary 1882-Jul-29
CURTIS, John J WAKEMAN, Mary B 1882-Jul-29
CURTIS, Patrick FITZGERALD, Ellen (Mrs) 1852-Apr-22
CUZZIE, Francis CRAWFORD, Hubbard 1882-Jul-02
CUZZIE, Frank ATES, Francis 1877-May-22


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