Harrison County Grooms


NEHLS, Frederick NEHLS, Elinda 1836-Feb- 0
UFAIRLEY, Evander FORD, Rachel 1817-Apr-
ABA, Joseph TIBLIER, Victoria 1863-Jun-01
ABRAHAM, Charles Q DIXON, Catherine 1853-Nov-28
ACKER, Phillip SCHULTZ, Laura 1856-Nov-02
ACOSTE, George JONES, Mary Ann 1843-Jun-04
ADAM, Benjamin SAUCIER, Ophelia 1886-Sep-20
ADAM, George B ADAM, Mary A 1879-Feb-24
ADAMS, Frank HENLEY, Louisa 1884-Jul-26
ADAMS, Frank HEULEY, Louise 1884-Jul-25
ADAMS, Robert S BRIDGFORTH, Eliza M 1858-Apr-01
ADAMS, Thomas W DEDEAUX, Madeline 1869-Jun-17
ADMAREL, Peter RAMON, Juana 1879-May-08
ADMERAL, Peter RAMOND, Juana 1879-Aug-11
AEMY, Francis A PRODA, Alenaize 1886-Jan-19
AGGREGARD, John FAYARD, Clementine 1860-Nov-18
AGLI (ABLY), Fritz HARVEY, Maggie 1869-May-24
AGUOTI, G YOUNGIAC, Cathrine 1852-Jun-21
AINSWORTH, J C TANNER, Nancy Ann 1868-Apr-10
AKEN, Joseph F WATERS, Harriet 1871-Aug-21
ALBURY, William BORROUGH, Francis 1885-Jul-06
ALEXANDER, Alex MURRAY, Caroline 1885-Aug-24
ALEXANDER, Alex MURRY, Caroline 1885-Aug-24
ALEXANDER, Alfred WHIPS, Jane 1874-Aug-12
ALEXANDER, David G BRELAND, Martha 1878-Aug-20
ALEXANDER, Dekalb HUDSON, Sarah Elizabeth 1868-Nov-04
ALEXANDER, F G BAGGETT, Harriett 1854-Oct-16
ALEXANDER, Henry JOHNSON, Annie 1887-Jul-02
ALEXANDER, James R HIGENBOTHAM, Martha J 1857-Oct-15
ALEXANDER, John T WALKER, Mary 1856-Mar-12
ALEXANDER, Laurence MILLER, Carrie 1875-Apr-05
ALEXANDER, Lawrence DAVIS, Florestine 1881-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, Lawrence DAVIS, Florestine 1881-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, Lawrence MARTIN, Janet 1887-Jan-01
ALEXANDER, William PARKER, Jane 1859-Oct-27
ALLEN, C C PRATT, Emeline 1854-Sep-26
ALLEN, Hancock CRUTHIRDS, Sarah A 1880-May-19
ALLEN, Hansock CRUTHIRDS, Sarah 1880-May-20
ALLEN, Joseph WHEELER, Sarah B 1862-Feb-24
ALLEN, Louis SHEILDS, Julia 1886-Sep-19
ALLEN, Louis SHIELDS, Julia 1886-Sep-18
ALLEN, Marion M BALEY, Virginia A 1884-Aug-30
ALLEN, Marion M BATEY, Virginia A 1884-Aug-31
ALLEN, Peter GANT, Ellen 1884-May-17
ALLEN, Peter GUNT, Ella 1884-May-15
ALLEN, W Robert COLLINS, Mary 1865-Feb-01
ALLEN, William BEECH, Jufroney 1885-Dec-27
ALLEN, William STAFFORD, Kate 1887-Jul-11
ALLEN, Williams BEECH, Jufroney 1885-Dec-26
ALLURY, William BURROUGHS, Frances 1884-Jul-06
AMEIL, Denis F BOHN, Josephine 1879-May-20
AMIEL, Dennis F BOHN, Josephine 1879-May-25
AMOS, Daniel DANIEL, Ellen 1881-Nov-16
AMOS, Daniel DANIEL, Ellen (Mrs) 1881-Nov-16
ANDERSON, Charles POMP, Emma 1861-Sep-15
ANDERSON, E S CREEL, Nancy 1853-Nov-15
ANDREW, Henry FAIRLEY, Easter 1870-Jul-07
ANDREWS, Henry WEST, Eliza 1879-Dec-24
ANDREWS, Henry WEST, Eliza 1877-Dec-25
ANDREWS, John LLADO, Rosa 1882-Feb-15
ANDREWS, John T LLADO, Rosa 1882-Feb-13
ANGELO, John FAIRLEY, Phillis 1868-Aug-16
ANGLADE, Peter Jr DESPORTE, H Myrthe 1884-Jan-09
ANGLADO, Peter (Jr) DESPORTE, M 1884-Jan-09
ANTOINE, Felix LIZANA, Louisa 1882-Dec-25
ARGIVES, Francis MCNAIRNEY, Bridget 1857-Feb-03
ARMSTRONG, Andy WASHINGTON, Josephine 1882-Nov-16
ARMSTRONG, George PARKER, Matilda 1869-Mar-17
ARMSTRONG, Sebron DALE, Eliza 1846-Jan-25
ARMSTRONG, Thomas WILLIAMS, Mary 1885-Oct-28
ARMSTRONG, Thomas WILLIAMS, Mary 1885-Oct-29
ASHER, Charles HAUSH, Christina 1854-Feb-01
ASHLEY, Almont SAUCIER, Delphine 1867-Mar-08
ASHLEY, William KEELAND, Elizabeth 1854-Aug-02
ASMAR, Victor THOMAS, Sophie 1882-Mar-30
ASMAR, Victor THOMAS, Sophie 1883-Mar-03
ATES, Daniel LEGGETT, Olivia 1886-Nov-29
ATES, Daniel LEGGETT, Olwea P 1886-Nov-29
AUGUSTE, Peter JOHNSTON, Rebecca 1870-Oct-13
AUGUSTEN, John ROBINSON, Irene 1882-Oct-22
AUGUSTINE, John Louis ROBINSON, Irene 1882-Oct-22
AUSTANEAU, Paul GANT, Emma 1881-Aug-09
AUSTENEAU, Paul GANT, Emma 1881-Aug-09
AUSTIN, Charley SMITH, Sophia Ida 1881-May-24
AUSTIN, Harman JOHNSON, Nettie 1878-Oct-25
AUSTINE, Charles SMITH, Sophia Ida 1881-May-24
AVERY, Dyer WILLIAMS, Martha 1885-Oct-31
AVERY, Dyer WILLIAMS, Martha 1885-Nov-01


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