Harrison County Brides

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TALBOT, Frazine TAQUINO, Francis 1863-Dec-10
TALBOT, Louisa MURPHY, William B 1877-Dec-12
TALTAVULL, Josephine FAYARD, Celestine 1883-Sep-18
TALTUVAL, Josephine FAYARD, Celestin 1883-Sep-18
TANNER, Mary BARBER, Moses D 1876-Apr-16
TANNER, Nancy Ann AINSWORTH, J C 1868-Apr-10
TARTADIE, Mary RUSSELL, Daniel 1873-Jul-31
TARVER, Ira Bird GREEN, Elenor 1848-Apr-06
TAYLOR, Arcena BOND, John 1885-Mar-04
TAYLOR, Arcona J BOND, John L 1884-Feb-28
TAYLOR, Caroline SCARBOROUGH, L L Jr 1885-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Caroline SCARBOURGH, L L (Jr) 1885-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Caroline WHETHERS, Grandville 1885-Oct-01
TAYLOR, Caroline WHETTIER, Grandville 1885-Oct-01
TAYLOR, Emma KEROX, Candy 1879-Aug-21
TAYLOR, Emma KNOX, Candy 1879-Aug-20
TAYLOR, Fanny MANUEL, Thomas 1884-Apr-28
TAYLOR, Marceline C (Mrs) SCHWARTZ, Joseph A 1878-Aug-29
TAYLOR, Maria P NEVITT, Authur S 1857-Jul-27
TAYLOR, Nellie MILES, Thomas 1867-Dec-12
TAYLOR, Roseanah WYATT, James H 1854-Mar-02
TAYLOR, Susan COLLINS, Langston 1885-Sep-20
TAYLOR, Susan E COLLINS, Langston 1885-Sep-18
TEGUE, Arabella MCLAIN, Rankin 1869-Jul-02
TERREL, Catherine WILLIAMS, Lewis 1854-Sep-02
TERRELL, Amanda Lucinda HICKMAN, William (Jr) 1867-Aug-20
TERRELL, Anne NORRIS, W W 1883-Apr-22
TERRELL, Annie NORRIS, W W 1883-Apr-22
TERRELL, Fannie BATSON, Russol 1868-Dec-31
TERRELL, Julia Ann HOLISTER, Myron R 1847-Jun-27
TERRELL, Louisa CRAFT, Whitmell 1844-Jun-30
TERRELL, Minerva WEDGEWORTH, Joel H 1864-Aug-13
TERRELL, Virginia TRAUTMAN, Herman 1871-Nov-05
TERRILL, Amanda L HICKMAN, William 1868-Aug-27
TESCIER, Anna BONNEAN, B 1880-Nov-15
THOMAS, Bashy JOSEPH, Eugene 1871-Apr-03
THOMAS, Bridget BENOIT, John 1878-Sep-10
THOMAS, Ester (Mrs) WALKER, Jerry 1869-Jun-19
THOMAS, Eugenia BRADFORD, L N 1875-Dec-16
THOMAS, Lucretia BEASLEY, Warren 1887-Aug-21
THOMAS, M C LADNER, Alonzo 1878-Dec-31
THOMAS, Masura C CREEL, Jasper 1858-Mar-11
THOMAS, Olivia MCCABE, Phillip 1887-Jan-20
THOMAS, Sophie ASMAR, Victor 1882-Mar-30
THOMAS, Sophie ASMAR, Victor 1883-Mar-03
THOMAS, Susan LEWIS, Jackson 1879-Nov-20
THOMAS, Susan TURIN, Necola 1886-Feb-05
THOMAS, Susan TURIN, Nicola 1886-Feb-11
THOMAS, Susan S BATSON, Rutillius 1884-Jun-07
THOMAS, Susan S BATSON, Rutillius 1884-Jun-12
THOMPSON, Eliza Jane BARRON, James 1849-Aug-02
THOMPSON, Ella BENNETT, A 1879-Aug-18
THOMPSON, Ella BENNETT, Alphonse 1879-Aug-18
THOMPSON, Inez R PECKHAM, Edward 1877-Oct-22
THOMPSON, Lavinia BELL, Horace 1875-Jun-08
THOMPSON, Louisa THOMPSON, Christian H 1860-Jan-14
THOMPSON, Margaret BROWN, William 1843-Jul-05
THOMPSON, Mary QUAVE, Raymond 1874-Aug-28
THORNTON, Fanny T VAUGHAN, Milton C 1866-Jun-28
THORNTON, Sarah SMITH, Joseph 1886-Oct-30
THORNTON, Sarah SMITH, Joseph 1886-Oct-30
TIBLIER, Victoria ABA, Joseph 1863-Jun-01
TILLMAN, Susie LOTT, John 1887-Jul-16
TINDER, Lizzie CRUTHIRDS, Ezeliel 1884-Jan-19
TINDER, Lizzie CRUTHIRDS, Eziekel 1884-Jan-19
TODD, Elizabeth MONAYRTY, James 1857-Sep-26
TODD, Mary Isabella SCARBOROUGH, David 1868-Nov-17
TONERY, Mary MCNAMARA, J J 1881-Dec-10
TONERY, Mary J MCNAMARA, J J 1881-Dec-10
TONGLET, Mary BEACH, Edwin R 1847-Jun-13
TURAN, Louise NICAISE, Charles 1886-Dec-23
TURAN, Louise NICAISE, Charles A 1886-Dec-23
TURAN, Margaret BYRD, John 1887-Feb-24
TURAN, Olivia JORDAN, W T 1887-Jun-23
TURNER, Elizabeth SAUCIER, Henry 1852-Aug-03
TURNER, Lucinda R SADLER, George W 1850-Jul-07
TURNER, Mary ELDRIDGE, Michael 1852-Aug-10
TURNER, Rebecca GREEN, Berry 1868-Apr-03
TURNER, Sarah Ann LEE, Albert 1859-Jun-05


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