Harrison County Brides


RAIN, Sarah SAUCIER, Valery (Jr) 1881-Apr-28
RAIN, Sarah SAUCIER, Valery Jr 1881-Apr-28
RAMON, Delia STOPELY, Henry 1868-Feb-17
RAMON, Juana ADMAREL, Peter 1879-May-08
RAMON, Mary FERRER, James P 1877-Aug-15
RAMOND, Juana ADMERAL, Peter 1879-Aug-11
RAMSAY, Alice DENHAM, Charles 1883-Aug-30
RAMSAY, Amanda J COWART, J Jackson 1867-Apr-21
RAMSAY, Easter KENNEDY, George 1873-Feb-20
RAMSAY, Emma FAIRLEY, Franklin 1879-Dec-21
RAMSAY, Emma FAIRLY, Franklin 1879-Dec-13
RAMSAY, Lena BREELAND, Adams 1872-Oct-10
RAMSAY, Malinda MCKENNIS, Jeff 1886-Aug-18
RAMSEY, Nepsey J REED, Daniel J 1868-Jan-12
RAMSEY, Rachel MYERS, Handy 1872-Feb-27
RAND, Jane Elizabeth HOLLEY, George 1859-Jul-07
RANDALL, Desiree BERTRAND, Auguste 1871-Jan-08
RANEGAN, Louisa A FERRILL, John W 1876-Aug-20
RANSOM, Mary R COATES, W G 1854-Aug-11
RAWLS, Mary Minerva TRIMBLE, Rion D 1855-Mar-15
RAWLS, Missouri BROWN, Luke 1884-Dec-31
RAWLS, Missousi BROWN, Luke 1885-Jan-03
RAY, Caroline BARNES, Robert 1867-May-25
RAYBURN, Judy HOUSELEY, Eli 1878-Feb-07
RAYBURN, Rhoda JOHNS, Lewis 1886-Jan-30
RAYBURN, Rhoda JOHNS, Louis 1886-Jan-31
RAYBURNE, Sarah Jane BEAUMONT, John 1856-Mar-08
RAYMON, Louisa MANDOFFI, Giovanni 1887-May-25
RAYNE, Clestine KENDAL, Henri 1847-Apr-21
RAYON, Caroline LADNER, Alfred 1848-Apr-01
RAYOR, Josephine BERTRAND, Julius 1873-Apr-24
READ, Charlot READ, Benjamin 1874-May-28
READ, Eliza FOSTER, Augustus 1871-Jan-01
READ, Ellen JOHNSON, Robert 1873-Sep-18
READ, Hattie WASHINGTON, Henry 1884-Apr-03
READ, Margaret RAMSAY, James P 1875-Jan-14
READMAN, Eliza BOND, Seaforth 1861-Jan-10
READMAN, Sarah Ann BOND, Alfred 1855-Feb-13
REDDING, Elodie RAMOND, Antoine 1883-Jan-29
REDMAN, Cordelia ROUSE, Henry 1887-Jul-14
REDMAN, Elizabeth BOND, Andrew J 1859-Oct-27
REDMAN, Lewzilla BOND, J G 1884-Mar-10
REDMAN, Lezilla BOND, J D 1885-Mar-13
REDMAN, Nancy BRUTON, Caleb 1879-Jul-22
REDMAN, Nancy BURTON, Caleb 1879-Jun-28
REDMAN, Philona E WILLIAMS, Albert R 1873-May-01
REDMON, Rosa NELSON, William 1887-Apr-14
REDMOND, Anna G OHARA, Joseph 1867-Sep-15
REDMOND, Anna G (Mrs) OHARA, Joseph 1867-Sep-11
REDMOND, Dicey BROADUS, Jefferson 1883-Sep-27
REDMOND, Honora BOND, Albert 1880-Dec-29
REDMOND, Honora I BOND, Albert 1880-Dec-29
REED, Hattie WASHINGTON, Henry 1884-Apr-03
REESE, Annette ISAACS, Marlow 1870-Dec-27
REID, Frazine DENNIS, Edward 1875-Jan-03
REILY, Ann WHALLON, John 1866-Sep-24
REMY, Francis A PRADER, Atmies 1886-Jan-24
RHINE, Ellen FOCKNAR, James 1856-Sep-05
RHODES, Louisa L WELLS, Berry 1864-Jan-31
RICE, Pricilla SIMMONS, Albert 1874-May-17
RICHARD, Mary E TAYLOR, R W 1852-Oct-24
RICHARDS, Beeurisa Theres LADNER, Thomas V 1884-Mar-03
RICHARDS, Beurisa Theresa LADNER, Thomas V 1884-Mar-03
RICHARDS, Charlotte CLARK, James L 1876-Jul-12
RICHARDS, Helena E FRENTZ, George 1869-Jan-13
RICHARDS, Henrietta MORRIS, M P 1886-Apr-20
RICHARDS, Henrietta MORRIS, M P 1886-Apr-22
RICHARDS, Mamie LARSON, Barth 1851-Apr-12
RICHARDS, Mary LADNER, Antwain 1845-Sep-04
RICHARDS, Sarah E HOLLEY, Alfred 1865-Nov-18
RICHARDS, Victoria STIGLETS, John 1885-Feb-26
RICKHOUSE, Phebe Marie DOWDLE, William C 1851-Mar-06
RIDGEWOOD, Mary Ann NUNN, Henry 1853-Nov-28
RIDGWAY, Mary Matilde BURCHART, Nicholas 1857-Feb-26
RIGGS, Emma DAVIS, E T 1883-Nov-01
RIGGS, Emma R DAVIS, E F 1883-Nov-01
RINTON, Nellie CULANAN, Walter 1873-Dec-31
ROACHE, Mary Elizabeth KRAFT, John 1861-Jan-05
ROBBINS, Mattie E ELLINGTON, George W 1866-Dec-02
ROBERTS, Pauline G PROPHIT, Robert 1884-Oct-15
ROBERTSON, Lizzie A REID, James 1871-Oct-17
ROBINSON, Doonie HAHN, John 1879-Sep-06
ROBINSON, Doonie HAHN, John 1879-Sep-07
ROBINSON, Elizabeth SOLOMAN, Lewis 1883-Dec-27
ROBINSON, Elizabeth SOLOMAN, Louis 1883-Dec-27
ROBINSON, Irene AUGUSTINE, John Louis 1882-Oct-22
ROBINSON, Josephine WILLIAMS, William 1885-Jan-29
ROBINSON, Josephine WILLIAMS, William G 1885-Jan-26
ROBINSON, Mary Jane COBBS, Willie 1887-Jan-24
ROBINSON, Perlina BYRD, George W 1874-Dec-23
RODGERS, Margaret M PALENTINE, Benjamin 1867-Nov-17
RODGERS, Matilda MARSHALL, John 1868-Feb-18
ROGER, Laurant ORY, Engenie Josephi 1853-Jan-17
ROGERS, Alcey ECKHOFF, John 1875-Jul-22
ROGERS, Amelia E CRANE, Andrew I 1874-Dec-24
ROGERS, Dicey ROBINSON, Cornelius 1879-Jan-01
ROGERS, Jane DAY, Asa J 1851-Jun-29
ROGERS, Mary BYRD, Byard 1876-Mar-09
ROGERS, Mary Virginia BARROW, John Wesley 1876-May-14
ROLLINS, Maria JACKSON, Alexander 1880-Sep-08
ROLLINS, Mary DEDEAUX, Charles 1884-Aug-06
ROPER, Lula HOLLEY, Charles M Jr 1886-Nov-10
ROPERS, Lulu HOLLEY, Charles M (Jr) 1886-Nov-18
ROSS, Amanda MATHIS, Peter J 1866-Nov-04
ROSS, Falitha Rap REED, Edwin S 1850-Jun-27
ROSS, Sarah B WALKER, William G 1879-Mar-19
ROSS, Sarah B WALKER, William G 1879-Mar-23
ROUSE, Catherine SCARBOROUGH, Silas 1860-Jan-05
ROUSE, Celily BOND, Thos. Erving 1872-Nov-14
ROUSE, Deborah Ann REDMOND, H 1879-Sep-04
ROUSE, Debrough Ann REDMOND, Hiram F 1879-Sep-01
ROUSE, Eran NELSEN, Silas 1866-Jan-08
ROUSE, Eran NELSON, Silas 1866-Jan-10
ROUSE, Jane LOTT, J A 1865-Jun-01
ROUSE, Martha E SCARBOROUGH, W S 1880-Nov-08
ROUSE, Martha E SCARBROUGH, W S 1880-Nov-11
ROUSE, Mary A ONEAL, Eli 1867-Nov-14
ROUSE, Nancy R BOND, William R 1874-Dec-24
ROUX, Julia KELLTY, Lee 1886-May-23
ROUX, Julia KELLY, Lee 1886-May-22
ROYAL, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Alec 1875-Jun-28
ROYAL, Mary STRANGE, William 1883-Jul-14
RUBLE, Sarah V DAVIS, William E 1853-Oct-28
RUSELL, Amelia FERAGASE, Gearchana 1847-Sep-30
RUSH, Rachel M CREEL, James T 1866-Jan-16
RUSH, Sarah A DOWLING, Laurence 1882-Sep-16
RUSH, Sarah A DOWLING, Lawrence 1882-Sep-16
RUSHING, Eliza JONES, John 1881-Jun-10
RUSHING, Eliza JONES, John M 1881-Jun-10
RUSHING, Mary Ann FAYARD, Sylvester 1878-Nov-30
RUSHING, Sarah E ICHANTE, Theophile 1874-Oct-13
RUSHING, Virrilla HERREN, John 1880-Jul-10
RUSHING, Virrilla HERREN, John 1880-Jul-15
RUSSEL, Mary WILLIAMS, Clifton 1883-Feb-13
RUTLAND, Anna R RESTER, John J 1871-Dec-27
RYAN, Adele CACHEAU, Ame 1858-Aug-05
RYAN, Asphsia SERDAN, Christobal 1858-May-10
RYAN, Corastie NEW, Benito 1854-Sep-30
RYAN, Elmina RAMON, John 1866-Nov-03
RYAN, Louisa SMITH, Thomas 1875-Jun-26
RYAN, Racheal COLEMAN, John 1880-Oct-03
RYAN, Rachel (Mrs) COLEMAN, John B 1880-Sep-30
RYAN, Rayna WESTBROOK, Falisaty 1850-Aug-07


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