Harrison County Brides

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PACKE, Amy H DULION, Theodore P 1886-Mar-17
PAGE, Pricilla CREEL, James R 1855-Feb-08
PARDUE, Sarah HASKINS, Ambrose 1875-Nov-18
PARKER, Amy DULION, Theadore 1886-Mar-20
PARKER, Cecelia R STEWART, W C 1877-Apr-19
PARKER, Elizabeth GORDON, Daniel 1866-Jun-16
PARKER, Jane ALEXANDER, William 1859-Oct-27
PARKER, Lavinia MORAN, John B 1867-Feb-06
PARKER, Letta JERMAN, Daniel 1869-Apr-26
PARKER, Mar (Mrs) MCAULEY, William 1879-Aug-06
PARKER, Mary (Mrs) MCAULEY, William 1879-Aug-06
PARKER, Mary W GREW, Louis 1860-May-08
PARKER, Matilda ARMSTRONG, George 1869-Mar-17
PARKER, Roda PARKER, Hubbard 1866-Oct-23
PARSON, Francis E RAYENNE (RYAN), Gerome 1847-Apr-22
PARSONS, Maria C STILWELL, William W 1843-Sep-25
PARVALINE, Mary P LENEAZ, Vinsen 1877-Aug-18
PASSOW, Mary FITZNER, P J C 1876-May-04
PATCH, Silbtha POWELL, W H S 1850-Apr-27
PATIENCE, Lemo FIELD, William 1885-Jan-27
PATTON, Cecelia DEDEAUX, Theodore 1867-Nov-14
PAUL, Elvina POLLARD, Samuel 1875-Sep-27
PAUL, Pauline GREEN, Charles E 1871-Feb-25
PEARCE, Martha GARNER, Raymond 1872-Nov-21
PECAUTE, Jean LABARDENS, Dominicate 1868-Nov-28
PENDLETON, Maria JOHNSON, Cary 1867-May-05
PERCY, Ethleen DOBBS, Jeff D 1885-Nov-16
PERCY, Ethleen DOBBS, Jeff D 1885-Nov-18
PERE, Julia RAULT, Joseph 1854-Nov-11
PEREZ, Josephine MARI, Vincente 1882-Dec-11
PEREZ, Mary DODARD, Fernand 1887-May-28
PERILLO, Louisia SABOUNDO, Joseph 1855-Jan-20
PERILLO, Margaret SEMEDEL, Francis 1862-Apr-05
PERKINS, Eliza MOFFATT, Clark 1875-Dec-25
PERKINS, Elizabeth MOORE, Wm. S 1860-Aug-13
PERKINS, Emma CRUTCHFIELD, Henry 1875-Jun-16
PERKINS, Margaret A BYRD, George W 1885-May-14
PERKINS, Margaret Angeline BYRD, George W 1884-May-08
PERKINS, Mary Ann EVANS, Gilbert 1878-Jan-24
PERKINS, Sarah Ann LOTT, F M 1867-May-13
PERNIER, Josephine COLLEY, John 1866-May-17
PERUSET, Aramantine MALINE, Philip 1878-Jan-06
PERUSET, Emelie MAURIN, Casimire 1867-Dec-25
PETERMAN, Levonia BELL, A A 1880-Aug-21
PETERMAN, Levonica BELL, A A 1880-Aug-21
PETERMAN, Margenia B SWETMAN, John E 1878-Sep-14
PETERS, Anaise DIKEY, Simon 1883-Jul-25
PETERS, Anaise DIKEY, Simon J 1883-Jul-25
PETERS, Dicey KETER, Jacob 1884-Oct-11
PETERS, Dicey KETER, Jacob E 1884-Oct-11
PETERS, Laura PETERS, Jacob 1883-Aug-25
PETERS, Mary RUSS, Jefferson 1879-May-19
PETERS, Mary RUSS, Jefferson 1879-May-25
PETERS, Mary Ann HAWKINS, David 1883-Dec-26
PETTY, Agnel MOORE, George 1868-Dec-23
PEVERIE, Coienea TIOSCO, Frank 1884-Sep-13
PEVERIE, Corinna TIOSO, Frank 1884-Sep-13
PHILLIPS, Mary A WILLIAMS, William 1858-Jun-12
PHILLIPS, Mary Ann WILLIAMS, William 1858-Jun-13
PICARD, Josephine WOOSLEY, William 1885-Feb-12
PICARD, Josephine C WOOLSEY, William 1885-Feb-11
PIERCE, Mary REYNOLDS, Henry 1874-Dec-24
PIERCE, Rebecca Ann HUNTER, Joseph W 1861-Feb-15
PIERRE, Mary Magdelain HAIR, Benj. 1876-Jul-20
PIERSON, Ellen HARRISON, John 1882-Mar-20
PIERSON, Ellen HARRISON, John 1882-Mar-30
PIERSON, Lizzie BYRD, Daniel 1887-Jul-21
PITTMAN, Charlotte BROWN, William 1885-Jan-17
PITTMAN, Namie REDDING, Charles 1886-Nov-14
PITTMAN, Nannie M REDDING, Charles 1886-Nov-09
PLAUX, Marie A GARCIA, Manuel 1869-Apr-10
POMP, Emma ANDERSON, Charles 1861-Sep-15
POTTS, Clara E MULLER, W F G 1865-Oct-25
POWELL, Amatilda WOODSON, Samuel 1867-Sep-23
POWELL, Ellen C PRICE, Willoughby B 1872-Feb-22
POWELL, Patrica M LEOMAN, Henry E 1852-May-20
POWELL, Sarah C WILLIAMSON, John R 1863-Dec-31
PRADOT, Cathrine Amelia LAURIE, John 1850-Mar-31
PRATT, Emeline ALLEN, C C 1854-Sep-26
PRATT, Flora STARK, Charles 1881-Jul-30
PRATT, Flora STARK, Charles W 1881-Jul-30
PREACE, Marie A KNOST, John Henry 1884-Nov-18
PREAU, Marie P KNOST, John Henry 1884-Nov-19
PRICE, Emma DAVIS, Fletcher E 1870-Dec-08
PRICE, Indiana VIERLING, George 1859-Sep-18
PRICE, Josephine PHILLIPS, Julius 1886-May-12
PRICE, Josephine PHILLIPS, Julius J 1886-May-11
PRICE, Louvinna CRUTHIRDS, George S 1872-Dec-19
PRICE, Nancy LADNER, Francis 1854-Jan-25
PRICE, Sallie DAVIS, Samuel 1871-Nov-09
PRIOR, Joanna CULLINAN, Patrick 1859-Jul-04
PRODA, Alenaize AEMY, Francis A 1886-Jan-19
PRYER, Margaret RIDGELEY, John 1859-Apr-25
PULLIAM, Levinia PARKER, Jacob 1886-Dec-06
PULLIAM, Louvenis PARKER, Jacob 1886-Dec-06
QUAVE, Caroline WEBB, John 1875-Jul-07
QUAVE, Emily T GAREC, Yvon 1859-Oct-11
QUAVE, Emma PARKER, William 1874-Apr-08
QUAVE, Florentine STRAHAN, Wiley 1868-Mar-30
QUAVE, Malina SEYMOUR, Pliney A 1872-Feb-20
QUAVE, Pauline WATTS, Louis 1870-Dec-07
QUAVE, Virginia FLOWERS, John Wesley 1876-Feb-26
QUAVE, Zoe GARLLOTT, Tule B 1856-Nov-09
QUAVES, Angeline CRUTHIRDS, Whitmill 1884-Dec-25
QUIGLEY, Sarah BURKE, W C 1882-Sep-18
QUIGLEY, Sarah E BURKE, Wm C 1882-Sep-18


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