Harrison County Brides

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NARCISE, Theresa LIZANA, Paul 1877-Oct-27
NASH, Francis EMANUEL, Peter 1870-Dec-21
NEAYER, Walburge W NEILSON, James 1884-Dec-18
NECAISE, Louisa KENNEDY, Austine 1884-Feb-04
NEELAS, Mary D LOTT, A J 1886-Sep-24
NEHLS, Elinda NEHLS, Frederick 1836-Feb- 0
NEHLS, Elmena C SHANNON, Andrew J 1872-Apr-21
NEHLS, Mary C CHAMPLIN, George A 1871-Aug-09
NEHLS, Sarah J MEAUT, Henry J 1866-Dec-31
NELSON, Ada M NUM, Samuel B 1879-May-19
NELSON, Ada M NUNN, Samuel B 1879-May-19
NELSON, Annie RICHARDS, J W 1887-Jun-10
NELSON, Elizabeth DOBSON, Robert 1878-Nov-16
NELSON, Eran (Mrs) WALKER, John W 1878-Dec-24
NELSON, Mary L MERRITT, Sherrod A 1871-Mar-09
NELSON, Nellie LANG, John N 1877-Nov-12
NELSON, Sarah FARLOW, Henry 1881-Dec-31
NELSON, Sarah Catherine FARLOW, Henry 1881-Dec-31
NELSON, Susan SMITH, Elisha 1849-Jun-13
NESBIT, Elisa STEEN, John 1851-Sep-21
NETCASE, Nancy BROWN, Wm. 1852-Apr-01
NETER, Rosa WILSON, Morris 1871-Oct-10
NEUTON, Cora S HEWS, Fredrick S 1855-Jan-16
NICAISE, Kitty MAIZE, Daniel 1881-Apr-27
NICAISE, Louisa KENNEDY, Austin 1884-Feb-04
NICAISE, Marie E SPERIER, Louis 1878-Feb-21
NICAISE, Mary BARBIN, Victgor 1886-Jun-14
NICAISE, Nolas DUBUISSON, Alphonsine 1887-May-17
NICASE, Octavi FIALL, Auguste Saint 1857-Sep-30
NICASE, Philomen QUAVE, Seamore 1860-Jan-26
NICHOLS, Fanny DOSSET, Henry 1887-Jun-07
NICHOLS, Mary SUITCHER, Henry 1872-Jul-24
NIELSON, Jeris DUCK, Lewrany 1848-Feb-22
NITOR, Hane THOMAS, William 1868-Oct-22
NIXON, Jane TURNER, Ishmael 1868-Mar-12
NOBLES, Belle DONNELLEY, James 1887-Sep-01
NOBLES, Martha E TAYLOR, Calvin W 1875-Jun-19
NORTE, Maria BICK, Andreas C 1857-Jan-14
NORTON, Eleonore A LINCOLN, Lemuel L 1883-Sep-08
NORTON, Elimore LINCOLN, Laneul 1883-Sep-08
NORVELL, Sarah FRANKLIN, Stephen 1876-Apr-14
O'BRIEN, Ellen COLLENS, W T 1886-May-11
OBANION, Catherine BOND, William F 1860-Jan-25
OBANION, Sarah E STEPHENSON, James 1860-Mar-29
OBRIEN, Ellen COLLINS, William 1886-May-12
ODAM, Ellen A LAMBERT, William 1859-Sep-01
ODOM, Sarah A RUTHERFORD, James B 1859-May-22
OGERLI, Louisa ONEIL, Martin P 1868-Nov-15
OLIVER, Mary E CUNNINGHAM, Nicholas E 1876-Aug-08
OLLE, Elizabeth PECAUTET, John 1881-Dec-20
ONEAL, Almede COOPER, James 1858-Sep-07
ONEAL, Almede COOPER, James 1858-Sep-30
ONEAL, Bridget DEVLIN, Barney 1855-Jul-15
ONEAL, Elizabeth BOND, John (Jr) 1846-Oct-01
ONEAL, Letha SPIKES, Wesley 1867-Sep-05
ONEAL, Louisa PARKER, John 1865-Feb-16
ONEAL, Mary A CLARK, Ira 1857-Dec-02
ONEAL, Melissa REEVES, Henry 1873-Apr-10
ONEAL, Nancy COCHRAN, Amaziah 1868-Jan-30
ONEAL, Rebecca COX, Eli 1872-Dec-19
ONEAL, Sabrian WILLIAMS, Bragg 1887-Sep-21
ONEAL, Sarah Ann BOND, Clayborn 1853-Nov-29
ORR, Mary L SAUCIER, F N 1866-Dec-27
OSGOOD, Mary F STOUEJC, Peter 1878-May-22
OTT, Sarah Elizabeth LAFEAURE, Stephen 1861-Apr-18
OTTS, Rebecca MCDOWELL, Simon 1875-Dec-11


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