Harrison County Brides


LABAT, Mary MURRY, Solomon 1881-Jul-15
LABORDE, Josephine SELLIER, Alphonse 1879-Feb-03
LABORDE, Josephine SELLIER, Alphonse 1879-Feb-06
LABOT, Mary MURRY, Soloman 1881-Jul-15
LADIVER, Sarah J HERREN, William 1884-Mar-28
LADNER, Adele CAILLAVERT, Adolphe 1841-Jul-06
LADNER, Adelia SHAW, W E 1882-Jan-26
LADNER, Alizia LADNER, Ephraim 1874-Dec-21
LADNER, Alsia DUBISSON, Sylvain 1881-Feb-10
LADNER, Alsia DUBUISSON, Sylvan 1881-Feb-10
LADNER, Asliziele SHAW, Samuel 1877-Nov-08
LADNER, Clementine SMITH, Salathiel 1854-Mar-14
LADNER, Desire LADNER, Rame 1871-Dec-18
LADNER, Helena O LIZANA, Henry S 1881-May-13
LADNER, Marie REIN, Victor 1843-Apr-17
LADNER, Mary LATIMER, Edwin 1887-Feb-12
LADNER, Mary Clatilda SAUCIER, Armand 1883-Dec-20
LADNER, Mary Clotilda SAUCIER, Armand 1883-Dec-20
LADNER, Mary W PATTON, William 1869-Jan-27
LADNER, Philomane LADNER, Casimir 1880-Aug-25
LADNER, Philomine LADNER, Casimes 1880-Aug-26
LADNER, Rosa A LAIRD, Thomas J 1879-Apr-30
LADNER, Rosa A LAIRD, Thomas J 1879-May-04
LADNER, Rosalie LADNER, Victor 1869-Jan-19
LADNER, Rose STRAHAN, Thomas 1873-Jan-24
LADNER, Susanna SEAL, Robert H 1880-Dec-24
LADNIER, Armantine SAUCIER, Joseph 1859-Mar-07
LADNIER, Armose RAYMOND, Frank 1874-Aug-20
LADNIER, Mary CUEVAS, Arnauld 1887-Jun-23
LADNIER, Matilda LADNIER, Peter N 1870-Nov-27
LADNIER, Sarah J HERRAN, William 1885-Mar-29
LADNIER, Valery LADNIER, Senith 1867-Aug-05
LADNIER, Valery LADNIER, Senith 1867-Jul-16
LAFAURE, Rosalind BALLINDA, Joseph 1842-May-26
LAFETTE, Mazaline BAILES, Samuel 1887-Sep-14
LAIRD, Alinia SHARO, John 18  -   -
LAMARY, Eliza JOURDAN, W M 1851-Aug-21
LAMBROCK, Elizabeth (Mrs) HARRIS, Walter 1886-Mar-13
LAMBROOK, Elizabeth HARRIS, Walter 1886-Mar-13
LAMEY, Eliza HESLEY, Fritz 1871-Jan-19
LANDRUM, Elender A IKERD, John H 1876-Jun-08
LANG, Kate M POSEY, Ben Lane 1882-Sep-20
LANG, Sarah VANCLEAVE, William 1887-Jan-24
LANGLEY, Mary J MILLER, Charles 1871-Mar-30
LANIOUS, Mary E GREEN, Martin P 1868-Jun-06
LANIUS, Mary ST AMANT, Oscar 1886-Sep-02
LANIUS, Mary J ST AMANT, Oscar 1886-Sep-01
LAPOSER, Mary M HURLBERT, Joseph 1879-Sep-25
LARGENT, Julia Ann BOND, Wesley 1855-Jul-03
LARGENT, Sarah Ann CRAFT, Alexander 1846-Sep-03
LATAMER, Hannah J LADNIER, Peter 1886-Dec-20
LATIMER, Bella SLARKS, Samuel 1886-Feb-23
LATIMER, Bella STARKS, Samuel 1886-Feb-24
LATIMER, Caroline CRAIG, James 1881-Dec-23
LATIMER, Caroline CRAIG, James S 1881-Dec-23
LATIMER, Delia JACOBS, Henry 1880-Dec-14
LATIMER, Delia JACOBS, Henry 1880-Dec-19
LATIMER, Elisha J HURLBURT, Ellen 1873-Feb-09
LATIMER, Elizabeth E WETZEL, William J 1873-Nov-26
LATIMER, Hannah LADNIER, Peter 1886-Dec-21
LATIMER, Maria CRAIG, Charles 1881-Jul-10
LATIMER, Maria CRAIG, Charles H 1881-Jul-10
LATIMER, Martha J CLARK, William 1868-Mar-30
LATIMER, Mary JACKSON, Wiley H 1884-Mar-13
LATIMER, Samantha CRAIG, John 1886-Mar-31
LATIMER, Samantha CRAIG, John C 1886-Mar-26
LATIMER, Semantha M JERMYN, James 1845-Mar-03
LAUCIRE, Dezires SUILLY, Samual S 1852-Mar-12
LAURENCE, Bella TUCCI, B 1878-Dec-30
LAURENCE, Mary MOLINARI, Louis 1871-Apr-22
LAURENCE, Mary A PARHAM, William P 1879-Dec-27
LAVERS, Fanny MEAUT, Justine 1869-Dec-21
LAVERS, Lucy A REILLY, Michael W 1877-Nov-28
LAWRENCE, Bella TUCEI, B 1879-Jan-04
LAWRENCE, Josephine FERRER, Joseph 1885-Jul-27
LAWRENCE, Josephine FERRER, Joseph 1885-Aug-02
LAWRENCE, Mary A PARHAM, William P 1879-Dec-26
LAZARA, Victoria GUERRIERE, Louis 1882-Dec-17
LAZARA, Victoria GUERRIERO, Louis 1882-Dec-17
LEASEL, Louisi KANGHMAN, Charles 1843-Mar-14
LECURS, Elizabeth Letit KOMBECK, James J B 1843-Feb-25
LEDENE, Josephine BREOUS, Charles 1848-Oct-12
LEE, Emeline WILSON, Henry T 1867-Apr-21
LEE, Laura SAMLEO, Samuel 1886-Apr-14
LEE, Laura SANCHO, Samuel 1886-Apr-14
LEE, Patience NARCISE, Louis 1878-Dec-30
LEE, Sarah GREEN, Ephraim 1879-Nov-07
LEE, Sarah GREEN, Ephriam 1879-Nov-09
LEE, Sarah WILLIAMS, Felix 1881-Apr-01
LEE, Sarah WILLIAMS, Felix 1881-Apr-01
LEENIT, Victoria BRADLEY, Calvin 1842-Dec-19
LEFAVRE, Pauline OTT, Jacob 1859-May-11
LEGGETT, Olivia ATES, Daniel 1886-Nov-29
LEGGETT, Olwea P ATES, Daniel 1886-Nov-29
LEHMAN, Sofie HUSIE, Peter 1850-Aug-12
LEMON, Lydia MCCALLUM, Hugh 1883-Feb-01
LEMON, Mary DIEST, Joseph 1868-Nov-08
LEMON, S Lydia MCCALLUM, Hugh 1883-Feb-01
LEOY, Adeline BOZINSKY, Joseph 1851-Jun-09
LESASSIER, Apolinair CHARLOT, James 1857-May-02
LESTRADE, Victoria FAYARD, Lazary 1884-Oct-24
LESTRADE, Victoria FAYARD, Lozary 1884-Oct-18
LEWIS, Ann Eliza PROCTOR, James A 1851-Feb-11
LEWIS, Caroline WALKER, Oscar 1884-May-07
LEWIS, Caroline WALKER, Oscar 1885-May-07
LEWIS, Charity MITCHELL, Daniel 1868-Jun-02
LEWIS, Ella T FEEHAN, M H 1882-Oct-12
LEWIS, Ella T FEEHAN, Mh 1882-Oct-12
LEWIS, Emma HANDY, John 1868-Dec-30
LEWIS, Grace CHURCH, Josephine 1877-Oct-22
LEWIS, Hannah KING, Isham 1869-Mar-06
LEWIS, Harriet MURPHY, Joseph 1877-Dec-26
LEWIS, Mary LEWIS, Joseph 1866-Jan-23
LEWIS, Mary C MANUEL, Joseph 1881-May-26
LEWIS, Mary Caroline MANUEL, Joseph 1881-May-26
LEWIS, Nicey WHITTINGTON, Millard 1881-Jun-21
LEWIS, Nicey WHITTINGTON, Milliard 1881-Jun-21
LEWIS, Rebecca J PITTS, Alvin 1867-Feb-09
LEWO, Patience FIELD, William 1885-Jan-26
LIDDLE, Emma H LYON, John E 1878-Aug-31
LIDDLE, Rosa SALMAN, F 1882-Nov-23
LIDDLE, Rosa SALMEN, F 1882-Nov-23
LIENHARD, Kate MCKEON, Edward L 1873-Mar-23
LIENHARD, Linda R DUKATE, William K M 1878-Apr-25
LIENHARD, M H HARRY, J J 1881-Feb-06
LIFUS, Mary DEVERAUX, Henry 1868-Apr-03
LIGHTHOUSE, Caroline BURVE, Peter 1879-Nov-01
LIGHTHOUSE, Caroline BURVE, Peter 1879-Nov-02
LILLY, Eliza (Mrs) HOLLEY, Lyman B 1872-May-31
LINDER, Lavinia WALTERS, John M 1868-Feb-20
LINDICUM, Anna HURLBERT, D A 1877-Mar-18
LINDSAY, Easter KNOX, Candy 1868-Jan-20
LINDSAY, Reinza M BURTON, Richard H 1868-Feb-03
LINDSEY, Fanney JOURDAN, Washington 1877-Nov-19
LINDSEY, Lucy REDDICKS, James 1879-Dec-08
LINTICOMBE, ? (Mrs) JACKOBS, Joshua 1852-Oct-20
LITTLE, Catherine GILL, Gilbert R 1846-Dec-17
LIZANA, Arnestine DEDEAUX, Arneaux 1875-Jan-06
LIZANA, Eugenia LADNER, Michel 1864-Oct-06
LIZANA, Louisa ANTOINE, Felix 1882-Dec-25
LIZANA, Mary Alice SMISTE, Cornelius 1877-Jan-29
LIZANA, Victoria TERRELL, Wm. A 1873-Jun-07
LIZANNA, Euginia HUDDLESTON, James 1850-Oct-23
LLADO, Rosa ANDREWS, John 1882-Feb-15
LLADO, Rosa ANDREWS, John T 1882-Feb-13
LLADO (LADOW), Francis PERILLO, William 1871-Sep-06
LOCKETT, Mamie BROWN, Clem 1885-Jul-21
LOFTON, Elizabeth MORGAN, Roman B 1877-May-08
LOFTON, Rachael VINING, Uriah B 1864-Jul-13
LOGAN, Adelia HOLLEY, Anson 1868-Mar-06
LOGAN, Lucinda RILEY, Judge 1880-Jan-03
LOGAN, Lucinda RILEY, Judge L 1880-Jan-01
LOGAN, Maria YOUNGHAUS, Perry 1856-Dec-22
LOGAN, Mary A FENNER, Darwin P 1866-Oct-24
LOHR, Mary GOMEZ, J M 1885-Jan-26
LOIRE, Mary Ann CREEL, Albert 1879-Jul-19
LOIVER, Mary Ann CREEL, Albert 1879-Jul-21
LOKE, Mary (Mrs) GOMEZ, J M 1885-Jan-10
LONAGER, Mary SMITH, Joseph 1848-Jul-06
LONG, Sarah Emetine E SWETMAN, John E 1855-Nov-02
LOPER, Dicy ELEY, Joseph 1876-Jul-06
LOPER, Tempy GOODE, Chesterfield 1885-Sep-20
LOPER, Tempy GOODE, Christopher 1885-Sep-19
LOPOSER, Cecelia HOLLEY, William J 1863-May-28
LOPOSER, Sophia HURLBERT, James W 1877-Aug-26
LOPOSSES, Mary M HULBERT, Joseph 1879-Sep-25
LORD, Susan FUTNEL, Washington 1850-Jul-21
LOTT, Dilia TAYLOR, John 1880-Jan-01
LOTT, Dilia A TAYLOR, John J 1879-Dec-22
LOTT, Eliza BREELAND, Elisha 1873-Jan-01
LOTT, Elizabeth DAVIS, L P 1881-Dec-22
LOTT, Elizabeth J KELLEY, Jessie 1884-Sep-05
LOTT, Elizabeth J KELLEY, Jessie 1884-Sep-11
LOTT, Ella JOHNSON, Anderson 1887-Aug-22
LOTT, Ellen E BATSON, Randolph 1884-Jun-11
LOTT, Ellen E BATSON, Rudolph 1884-Jun-07
LOTT, Elydia LADNER, Andrew 1885-Dec-19
LOTT, Elydia LADNER, Andrew 1885-Dec-24
LOTT, Evaline MATHERSON, Donald 1886-Jan-13
LOTT, Evaline MATHESON, Donald 1886-Jan-28
LOTT, Fanny JOHNSON, W J 1880-Dec-16
LOTT, Fanny JOHNSON, W J 1880-Dec-22
LOTT, Henrietta BOWDEN, Isiaha 1877-Mar-09
LOTT, Josephine GRIFFIN, J P 1882-May-03
LOTT, Louisa PEARCE, Rubin 1884-Jan-17
LOTT, Lucretia HICKMAN, Brantley B 1878-Aug-24
LOTT, Matilda BRELAND, Jesee 1880-Feb-25
LOTT, Matilda BRELAND, Jesse 1880-Feb-29
LOUGE, Annette CAZAUX, John P 1856-Jul-12
LOZER, Hortense SCHRUFF, Louis 1885-Nov-05
LOZES, Hortense SCHRUFF, Louis 1885-Nov-28
LUDLOW, Frances E RICHARDS, George D 1846-Mar-15
LYON, Emma H (Mrs) FLOURNOY, H E 1880-Feb-11
LYON, Sarah VASCANSIELLOS, F 1851-Oct-12
LYONS, Louisa TAYLOR, Eugene H 1871-Oct-11
LYONS, Martha SHOWERS, Charles 1885-Jan-15
LYONS, Martha E SHOWERS, Charles 1885-Jan-14
LYONS, Martha Harriet POWELL, Thomas P 1876-Jun-30


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