Harrison County Brides


KAIN, Mary MARGETHICH, Joseph 1862-Jan-11
KAUFMAN, Sophia A WARD, Soloman 1853-Dec-22
KEATHLY, Elvira MILLER, Francis Joseph 1843-Jan-02
KEEFE, Julia SCOTT, Benjamin 1856-Aug-30
KEEL, Calhoun CRUTHIRDS, Joseph F 1881-Oct-15
KEEL, M L LEMON, B D 1882-Jul-09
KEEL, Ml LEMON, D 1882-Jul-09
KEELAND, Elizabeth ASHLEY, William 1854-Aug-02
KEENER, Mary E HERREN, H J 1885-Feb-28
KEETH, Kathrine LAGARDEE, John 1850-Aug-09
KEIGHTLEY, Lulla A OTERI, Joseph 1884-Jul-05
KELLER, Matilda W LELAND, Edwin E 1881-Jun-21
KELLEY, Julia MURRAY, Patrick 1861-Jan-30
KELLEY, Lucy Anne BLACKLIDGE, John G 1878-Jul-27
KELLY, Seanira LADNER, Elijah 1866-May-02
KEMPER, Catherine BUTCHERT, John M 1869-Jan-27
KENNEDY, Adeline VEYSIERE, Louis J 1878-Jan-20
KEROX, Candy TAYLOR, Emma 1879-Aug-21
KILTY, Jane SUTTER, Frederick 1857-Nov-26
KING, Amy RICKETT, 1819-Jul-15
KING, Ann LADNER, Celestine 1866-Apr-10
KING, Catherine COWART, Henry 1875-Jan-07
KING, Emma S ROBERTSON, Cirby 1882-May-23
KING, Julia CARSON, Lem 1869-Jan-30
KINSEY, Bertha L Capers MOORE, Mathew (Dr) 1885-Sep-26
KINSEY, Birdie G Capers MOORE, Matthew 1885-Sep-26
KIRK, Arabella BALFOUR, George S 1860-Apr-01
KIRK, Francis WYATT, Geo. W 1868-Sep-24
KIRK, Mary S WADSWORTH, Daniel M 1860-Nov-08
KIRKWOOD, Lulu SMITH, Jeremiah 1876-Aug-10
KNAPP, Victoria SMITH, Louis 1885-Nov-18
KNIGHT, Louisa WHITE, Joseph A 1884-Jul-17
KNIGHTLEY, Lulla A OTERI, Joseph 1884-Jul-05
KNOX, Emma MYERS, Charles 1884-Sep-02
KNOX, Emma MYERS, Charles 1884-Sep-03
KNOX, Mary VALLIN, Auguste 1863-Mar-25
KOMER, Mary BAGATOLA, Marco 1885-Dec-23
KORNMANN, Catherine MORAN, Earnest 1880-Mar-17
KORNMANN, Catherine MORAN, Ernest 1880-Apr-15
KROHN, Althea A HOSLEY, John  1884-Mar-20
KROHN, Amelia EGLIN, Albert 1873-Oct-30
KROHN, Mary MCQUEEN, Abraham 1886-Sep-17
KROHN, Mary MCQUEEN, Abraham 1886-Sep-19
KRUISE, Caroline LYERLY, Christopher 1852-Jun-16
KUHN, Catherine A BOOTH, William Parham 1869-Mar-30


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