Harrison County Brides

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IGLESA, Ruperta PASENA, Manuel 1873-Feb-08
IVORY, Sarah Jane SHOWS, Jerry 1876-Jun-08
JACKO, Marie GRANDICH, Antonio 1887-Jun-25
JACKSON, Alice TOYER, Henry 1880-Dec-18
JACKSON, Effey DANIEL, Allen 1877-Jun-07
JACKSON, Emma BURNEY, Homer 1875-Jun-16
JACKSON, Mary HEMINGS, George 1885-Dec-23
JACKSON, Mary HEMINGS, George 1885-Dec-26
JACKSON, Mary JOHNSON, David 1878-Feb-21
JAMES, Elizabeth MILLER, Joseph 1859-Jun-09
JAMES, Martha MARSHALL, Abram 1873-Feb-25
JAMES, Sarah WILLIAMS, James 1875-Feb-06
JEANNIN, Ceclia LABORY, J Asmand 1848-Sep-15
JEBENS, Agnes DOERRIES, Charles 1886-Nov-29
JEBENS, Agnes DOERRIES, Charles 1886-Nov-30
JEBENS, Margaret KESTNER, A 1879-Apr-14
JEBENS, Margaret KESTNER, Adolph 1879-Apr-15
JENKINS, Ann Elizabeth JACKSON, David 1868-Jun-04
JENKINS, Elizabeth PERSON, Francis 1882-Feb-23
JENKINS, Elizabeth (Mrs) PIERSON, Francis 1882-Feb-23
JENKINS, Jane ROBINSON, Duncan 1875-Feb-05
JOHN, Rosa DEDEAUX, Nicholas Jr 1884-Jul-24
JOHNS, Adora RITTER, George 1855-Jul-05
JOHNSON, Alize HATCHER, Jacob 1872-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Annie ALEXANDER, Henry 1887-Jul-02
JOHNSON, Annie WILLIAMS, John 1886-Feb-09
JOHNSON, Annie WILLIAMS, John 1886-Feb-22
JOHNSON, Antoinette BOND, Davis 1873-Jan-15
JOHNSON, Bettie HOBBS, Joseph 1883-Oct-12
JOHNSON, Cordelia PATTON, Philip S 1885-Jan-22
JOHNSON, Cordelia PATTON, Phillip 1885-Jan-25
JOHNSON, Elenor WALKER, Harrison 1885-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Elenor WALKER, Harrison 1886-May-05
JOHNSON, Ella DAVIS, Andrew 1882-Jan-30
JOHNSON, Ellen JOHNSON, Andrew 1878-May-08
JOHNSON, Emma DENNY, John 1873-Jan-11
JOHNSON, Hannah MORGAN, Moses 1879-Sep-04
JOHNSON, Hannah (Mrs) MORGAN, Moses 1879-Aug-26
JOHNSON, Harriet TAYLOR, Abraham 1881-Feb-28
JOHNSON, Jane BAYER, William 1883-Jul-21
JOHNSON, Jane BOYER, William 1883-Jul-21
JOHNSON, Jane MARSHAL, Joseph 1884-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Jane MARSHALL, Joseph 1884-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Jane TURNER, Henry 1882-Dec-02
JOHNSON, Laura DARROES, August 1886-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Levina HUDSON, William 1886-Oct-08
JOHNSON, Levina HUDSON, William 1886-Oct-11
JOHNSON, Levina WILLIAMS, Rufus 1879-Apr-11
JOHNSON, Livina WILLIAMS, Rufus 1879-May-01
JOHNSON, Lottie CAMPBELL, David 1867-Aug-18
JOHNSON, Louisa DORRIES, August 1886-Apr-28
JOHNSON, Marie WATSON, William 1878-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Mary SCARBORGH, Peter 1884-Oct-05
JOHNSON, Mary Jane SCARBOROUGH, Peter M 1884-Sep-24
JOHNSON, Nancy HART, William 1869-Jun-24
JOHNSON, Nettie AUSTIN, Harman 1878-Oct-25
JOHNSON, Pheby HORN, Moses 1886-Feb-13
JOHNSON, Pheby HORN, Moses 1886-Feb-18
JOHNSON, Roxy Ann (Mrs) WHITE, Henry 1882-Jul-23
JOHNSON, Violet GILLENDER, Daniel 1875-Jan-28
JOHNSTON, Anna JACKSON, Alexander 1870-Oct-13
JOHNSTON, Lottie CAMPBELL, David 1867-Aug-28
JOHNSTON, Martha FLINCKTON, Andrew 1870-Jul-26
JOHNSTON, Mary GOLMAN, Henry 1854-Nov-27
JOHNSTON, Rebecca AUGUSTE, Peter 1870-Oct-13
JOICE, Mary C MCCALEB, Frederick H 1867-May-07
JONAS, Julie NIXON, J O Jr 1878-Apr-04
JONES, Ann CARTER, Adam 1875-Jan-28
JONES, Frances CONDEIA, R G 1854-Apr-24
JONES, Jane LOFFICIAL, Joseph 1879-Jan-29
JONES, Jane LOFFICIAL, Joseph 1879-Jan-30
JONES, Julia DEDEAUX, Nicola 1871-Jul-29
JONES, Maria SIMPSON, Albert 1872-May-02
JONES, Martha BELL, August 1886-Aug-05
JONES, Martha BELL, August 1886-Aug-07
JONES, Mary Ann ACOSTE, George 1843-Jun-04
JONES, Melinda JONES, Nick 1869-Jun-24
JONES, Nancy SAUCIER, William 1882-Jul-20
JONES, Nancy E SAUCIER, William J 1882-Jul-20
JONES, Sally WATSON, Daniel 1859-Mar-03
JONES, Sarah Ann Eliz. SMITH, Salathiel 1852-Jul-22
JORDAN, Irene HARKNESS, John R 1868-Nov-19
JORDAN, Mary E PARK, George 1879-Nov-29
JORDAN, Mary E PARK, George E 1879-Nov-24
JUILLERET, Josephine BLANC, T Louis 1859-Aug-13


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