Harrison County Brides


GAINES, Ellen A HOBB, Samuel E 1865-Sep-30
GALLAGHER, Mary MURRY, Edward 1882-Apr-25
GAMMILL, Sallie Ann FULCHING, Louis 1867-Aug-16
GANDRON, Emma SILIVESTRICH, Antonio 1887-May-22
GANGLOFF, Ann STONE, James H 1883-Mar-26
GANGLOFF, Anna STONE, James 1883-Apr-14
GANT, Carrie ENGLISH, Sam 1886-Oct-16
GANT, Dorcan MORPHET, Edward 1872-Dec-26
GANT, Eliza MCCLOUD, Austin 1883-Jun-30
GANT, Ellen ALLEN, Peter 1884-May-17
GANT, Emma AUSTANEAU, Paul 1881-Aug-09
GANT, Emma AUSTENEAU, Paul 1881-Aug-09
GARLOT, Hiseogube PEREZ, Peter 1859-Jan-24
GARNER, Mary Jane BOND, Russel 1881-May-04
GARNER, Mary Jane BOND, Russell 1881-May-04
GARSHAW, Josephine JOHNSON, Cyrus 1878-Feb-11
GARSHAW, Josephine JOHNSON, Cyrus 1878-Mar-16
GARSHAW, Josphine JOHNSON, Cyrus 1882-Mar-16
GARY, Jane GODIN, Thomas 1852-Mar-16
GASPOLICK, Harriet GIZO, Frank 1870-Nov-13
GAUZZO, Mary PANDALLA, Mitchell 1877-Jun-12
GAYLOR, Mary BONAL, Thomas 1845-Dec-04
GBERRING, Josephine OHR, George 1886-Sep-15
GEIGHLER, Ann KEMPT, G J 1860-Sep-30
GENTRY, Disa RODGERS, Ben 1871-Nov-30
GERRING, Josephine OBE, George E 1886-Sep-15
GESSNER, Marianne FARIAS, Ramon 1849-May-10
GILL, Almede Ann DESPORTE, Theodore H 1876-Aug-24
GILL, Louellar M BOND, Charles 1885-May-28
GILL, Loueller Madora BOND, Charles F 1884-May-27
GILLMORE, Ella HULSE, Albert 1883-Oct-18
GILLMORE, Ella Ivy HULSE, Albert P 1883-Oct-18
GILLMORE, Lucy C LEOVY, George J 1879-Jun-05
GILMORE, Lucy C LEOVY, George J 1879-Jun-04
GIRAND, Eliza DESPORTE, Victor 1850-Apr-20
GLAIZE, Salida C DOWDLE, Andrew E 1851-Jun-05
GOFF, Elizabeth GAGER, L D 1876-May-28
GOFF, Mary Ann VAUGHAN, Andrew A 1875-Mar-01
GOFF, Nancy WALTMAN, W A 1876-Aug-20
GOFF, Roxie GAGER, George 1881-Jan-14
GOFF, Roxie GAGER, George W 1881-Jan-14
GOLLARD, Victoria MILLER, Jonathan 1861-May-29
GOMES, Mary BAGATELA, Marco 1885-Dec-28
GOOS, Katrina Marguer HERREN, Terre Jan S 1850-Apr-16
GOOZ, Rachel CARROLL, Ottaway 1874-Oct-16
GORDON, Mary Jane TILLMAN, Joseph 1868-Aug-31
GORMANN, Mary Ann LEWIS, William 1854-Apr-30
GORSH, Malurine GOUSKI, Vincent 1858-Jun-20
GOWAN, Lizzie MILLER, Albert 1877-Aug-23
GRACIES, Martha OLLE, Adolphe 1872-Jan-09
GRAHAM, Margha Susan BAKER, Henry 1876-Mar-23
GRAIGSON, Lillian L COWAN, Decatur D 1879-Aug-31
GRAIL, Mary M MCGAHEY, James 1854-Oct-06
GRANT, Carrie ENGLISH, Samuel 1886-Oct-16
GRAS, Mary GREGORY, Edwin 1886-Sep-04
GRAVES, Lizzie BATTLE, John 1885-Mar-21
GRAVES, Lizzie BUTLER, John 1884-Mar-21
GRAYSON, Lillian L COWAN, Decatur D 1879-Aug-27
GREEN, Caroline YOUNG, Truly 1855-Jun-21
GREEN, Charlotte JOHNSON, Niles 1871-Jan-18
GREEN, Edith Jane HUGONIN, John 1868-Jan-04
GREEN, Edith Jane HUGONIN, John F 1868-Jan-04
GREEN, Elenor TARVER, Ira Bird 1848-Apr-06
GREEN, Elizabeth MCGEE, Samuel 1859-Mar-30
GREEN, Margaret C DAVIS, Joseph R 1879-Mar-17
GREEN, Margaret C DAVIS, Joseph R 1879-Mar-18
GREEN, Mary WENTZELL, Charles 1855-Nov-29
GREEN, Mary A (Mrs) SMALL, Richard 1859-Jun-21
GREEN, Mary Edith GRABOT, Stephen 1878-Jul-18
GREEN, Nancy MCGEE, Samuel 1860-Aug-11
GREEN, Pauline MACGEE, Lewis 1883-Jul-12
GREEN, Pauline (Mrs) MAC GEE, Lewis 1883-Jul-12
GREEN, Robertine KNOX, William J 1877-Jun-20
GREG, Nancy STAFFORD, Riley 1884-Apr-18
GRUNTMAN, Fannie BROWAR, Theodore 1873-Jun-23
GSCHEIDLE, Madeline GUYON, Alexis Martin 1856-Mar-11
GUILLAY, Augustine Z BENET, Fredrick 1854-Jul-26
GULLET, Hurley Ann HERREN, Thomas 1885-Feb-01
GULLET, Hurley Ann HERRON, Thomas J 1885-Jan-30
GULLET, Lucinda HERRIN, Albert 1885-Oct-01
GULLOT, Lucinda HERRIN, Albert 1885-Sep-29
GUNT, Ella ALLEN, Peter 1884-May-15
GUY, Margaret BAIRD, William 1880-Jan-10
GUY, Margareta (Mrs) BAIRD, William 1880-Jan-07
GUY, Nancy STAFFORD, Riley 1885-Apr-18


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