Harrison County Brides


ABLI, Catherine MORAN, Joseph 1868-Aug-17
ABLI, Mary BERTARD, Benjamin 1858-Oct-23
ABRAHAUT, Josephine SEDOLE, Joseph 1855-Feb-17
ABRAHAUT, Terresse MELLON, Joseph 1855-Feb-17
ADAM, Bella COWAN, Robert 1881-Dec-21
ADAM, Mary A ADAM, George B 1879-Feb-24
ADAMS, Amanda C MORGAN, Francis A 1867-Aug-01
ADAMS, Fannie M LAUN, George F 1877-Jun-19
ADAMS, Louisa MARSHALL, J 1886-Aug-25
ADAMS, Louise MARSHALL, J 1886-Aug-25
ADAMS, Lucy MARSHALL, John 1877-Oct-18
ADAMS, Victoria BERNARD, Alex 1875-Jun-07
AIKEN, Fanny WHITE, Jefferson 1867-Jul-05
AIKENS, Sarah Augusta HAWKINS, Hep 1851-Jul-21
AINSWORTH, Caroline CRANE, Joseph 1883-Dec-26
AINSWORTH, Caroline CRANE, Joseph 1883-Dec-27
AIREY, Emma W MARCHALL, John F 1857-Nov-18
AKEN, Prudence BRASHER, John C 1860-Mar-22
ALEGRATE, Francis CUNE, Frank 1877-Oct-15
ALEXANDER, Emeliza CHANSON, Frederick H 1878-Nov-05
ALEXANDER, Lucy Jane WHITE, James Andrew 1879-May-14
ALEXANDER, Margaret BONDS, Ernest 1868-May-28
ALEXANDER, Mary CARTER, William 1886-Feb-25
ALEXANDER, Mary Marcella CARTER, William B 1886-Feb-23
ALEXANDER, Mildridge WILLIS, Frank 1879-Jul-20
ALEXANDER, Mildridge (Mrs) WILLIS, Frank 1879-Jul-12
ALLEN, Arabeler KOHLER, Charles 1877-Feb-22
ALLEN, Emily A WHEELER, Pleasant H 1860-May-08
ALLEN, Emma WINTERS, Daniel 1887-May-18
ALLEN, Glanah HENDERSON, William 1876-Jan-15
ALLEN, Lizzie SAUCIER, J M 1887-Apr-17
ALLEN, Mary JOHNSON, George 1887-May-08
ALLEN, Nancy SMITH, Thomas A 1865-Apr-06
ALLEN, Roberta WILLIAMS, T T 1862-Dec-28
ALLEN, Sarah JOHNSON, James 1885-Jan-04
ALLEN, Sarah M JOHNSON, James T 1885-Jan-01
ALLEN, Tempe EVANS, Robert 1872-Dec-15
ALLEN, Tempy BOLTON, Alexander 1886-Dec-30
ANDERSON, Pattie MEYERS, Charles 1879-Nov-06
ANDERSON, Pattie MEYERS, Charles 1879-Nov-16
ANGILO, Malvina CANADY, Sandy 1885-Sep-08
ANGILO, Melvina CANADY, Sandy 1885-Sep-10
ANTOINE, Margaret SAUCIER, Gustave 1886-Sep-18
ANTOINE, Margaret SAUCIER, Gustave 1886-Oct-07
ARGUELLES, Augustine LANG, Dudley H 1880-Apr-28
ARMSTRONG, Mary WELLS, Jefferson 1878-Feb-21
ARMSTRONG, Sarah FELL, Peter R 1858-Jul-29
ARTHUR, Mary SAUCIER, Thomas 1879-May-21
ASHE, Jeanny L MASSIE, R D 1871-Sep-13
ATES, Francis CUZZIE, Frank 1877-May-22
ATES, Josephine SEAL, Marshall 1877-Jun-05
ATKINSON, Nelly SMITH, Jupiter 1868-Mar-18
AUGUSTE, Julia NORRIS, Henry 1882-Dec-25
AUTHOR, Mary SAUCIER, Thomas 1880-Aug-15
AVERY, Charlotte WHITTLE, Robert 1869-Jan-16
AVERY, Julia F HARVEY, Madison 1869-Feb-11
AVERY, Mary JOHNSON, Daniel 1885-Sep-15
AVERY, Mary JOHNSON, Daniel 1885-Sep-17
AVERY, Minerva BATSON, Peter 1875-Jan-28
AVERY, Teressa DECONDREAUX, Victor 1875-Dec-30


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