Hancock County Grooms

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TACONI, Felix THERRY, Sidonia 1858-Apr-26
TACONI, Frank J Jr BARES, Rosa 1889-Oct-07
TANCREDE, John F BENOIT, Ellen 1886-May-04
TANCREY, Robert COLSON, Delphine 1883-Aug-11
TARZETTI, Angelo SAUCIER, Natalie 1892-Feb-29
TATE, Eastman F STOCKSTILL, Ida M 1886-Aug-22
TATE, Eastman R WHEAT, Martha Ann 1855-Jan-18
TATE, Elijah E ALEXANDER, Louisa 1890-Nov-27
TATE, Enoch E SMITH, Sarah L 1885-Jan-14
TATE, James H MITCHELL, Mary V 1891-Jan-29
TATE, William MOODY, Louise 1879-Nov-29
TATE, William Smith STOCKSTILLL, Alif 1887-Jun-25
TAULMI, John V LIST, C W Mrs 1879-Jul-26
TAYLOR, Abe JOHNSON, Louisa 1895-May-05
TAYLOR, Baptiste STOUT, Elizabeth 1895-Oct-31
TAYLOR, Brownlee W BERNE, Mathilde C 1891-Jan-17
TAYLOR, Sandy LEE, Lizzie 1881-Jun-22
TAYLOR, William THANIEL, Octavia 1892-Aug-25
TCHEW, Samuel MORGAN, Percilla Mrs 1880-May-10
TERREBONNE, Horace E PREVOST, Eugenie 1894-May-24
TEXADA, John Augustus PREOT, Annie 1880-Jul-21
THEOPHILE, Auguste BUTLER, Mary Lovenia 1891-Oct-14
THIERY, Charles J B RUISICH, Mary 1877-Apr-18
THIERY, Philomene L FABRE, Frank Nicholas 1880-Jan-20
THIGPEN, Benton KELLAR, Mary J 1867-Jan-31
THIGPEN, Benton KELLER, Mary J 1867-Jan-31
THIGPEN, D J PATCH, Harriet 1888-Dec-31
THIGPEN, Erastus MITCHELL, Mary G 1882-Aug-28
THIGPEN, Geo N MITCHELL, Teulala A 1891-Dec-30
THIGPEN, Geo W ALSOBROOKS, Dora Ann 1883-Aug-13
THIGPEN, Jackson SMITH, Rebecca 1890-Dec-24
THIGPEN, Jasper FRIERSON, Mary C 1870-Jun-05
THIGPEN, John D MITCHELL, Mary D 1867-Nov-25
THIGPEN, John P MITCHELL, Mary D 1867-Nov-21
THIGPEN, Lewis FRIERSON, Eliza E 1861-Apr-17
THIGPEN, Nathan M R STOCKSTILL, Lurinda 1864-Apr-01
THIGPEN, Newton SEAL, Nancy Jane 1872-Jan-02
THIGPEN, Wiley MITCHELL, Alice A 1879-Jul-21
THIGPEN, William MITCHELL, Addie 1886-Sep-26
THILBERGER, Henry GANNON, Catherine 1859-Jun-28
THOMAS, Archie THOMAS, Angelina 1869-Jun-14
THOMAS, Benjamin WILLIAMS, Ellen 1868-Feb-16
THOMAS, Benjamin WILLIAMS, Ellen 1868-Feb-15
THOMAS, Byrd ALLEN, Philis 1887-Nov-19
THOMAS, Frank FARR, Emily 1889-Feb-03
THOMAS, George GILBERT, Silvy 1872-Sep-26
THOMAS, George SMITH, Harriet 1884-Jun-16
THOMAS, George SMITH, Jennette 1872-Oct-13
THOMAS, George SWAIN, Mary 1892-Feb-04
THOMAS, Hanley E CARROLL, Louisa 1868-Nov-05
THOMAS, Hewey GUS, Zylphia 1869-Oct-23
THOMAS, James ARD, Nancy 1872-Feb-16
THOMAS, Milton WASHINGTON, Corena 1886-Feb-07
THOMAS, Richard SHILOH, Margaret 1890-Nov-04
THOMAS, Robert GREEN, Isabella Mrs 1891-Apr-23
THOMAS, Robert Jr MCGEE, Mintonia 1893-Aug-31
THOMAS, Stanley O CARROLL, Louisa 1869-Nov-05
THOMAS, William SWIFT, Mary 1893-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Alexander DOUGLAS, Edith 1888-Jun-19
THOMPSON, Anderson KING, Mary Isabella 1874-Apr-26
THOMPSON, Dock PHELPS, Ely 1887-Apr-25
THOMPSON, George H BROWN, Ella M 1870-Apr-27
THOMPSON, James JACKSON, Selia 1888-May-20
THOMPSON, Joe MOYE, Rebeca Mrs 1876-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Oloff E SWANZEY, Mattie 1895-Nov-06
THOMPSON, R W STOCKSTILL, Louginia 1888-Dec-16
THOMPSON, Robert HENLEY, Isabella 1892-Mar-23
THOMPSON, Stanford MAXON, Francis 1877-Mar-03
THOMSON, Chemley FARVE, Margaret 1856-Feb-11
THORN, William MILES, Lydia 1870-Apr-04
THORN, William P SEUBE, Jennie 1893-Feb-08
THORNHILL, J J SPIERS, Christina 1890-Dec-20
TIGHLMAN, John F SEALS, Rebecca 1865-Mar-20
TILLMAN, William JOHNSON, Melinda 1895-May-05
TOMARICH, Anthony TURSOUF, Pauline 1892-Jan-26
TOMASI, Antonia GRAVES, Adelaide 1880-Jul-20
TOMASICH, Antonio PERRE, Fannie Frances 1886-Dec-11
TONY, Willis LEWIS, Melisy 1885-May-22
TOOMER, David LEONARD, Virginia 1881-Nov-06
TOOMER, Isaac BUCKINGHAM, Cora D 1873-Oct-01
TOOMER, John BURNETT, Mariah 1866-Oct-06
TOQUAT, Henry DEFRENEUX, M A 1873-Aug-12
TOULINE, John V SHANSY, Maria Theresa 1894-Feb-15
TOULINE, Robert W ESTAPA, Antoinette 1882-Feb-21
TOURNIE, Albert B TARTAVILLE, Antonia 1892-Sep-19
TRAVIRKA, Mariano FAVRE, Diana 1869-Oct-30
TRAYLOR, Robert BROOM, Lethia 1872-Aug-10
TRULY, J B MITCHELL, Josephine Mrs 1876-Jan-20
TRULY, James B MURPHY, Mary 1882-Apr-06
TRUSS, John BYRD, Hester 1887-Aug-02
TUBZEJESAL, Nelson JACKSON, Julia 1872-Oct-22
TUDURY, Carmel VILLARS, Chalmette J 1891-Jan-14
TUDURY, Peter SAUCIER, Ida D 1884-Dec-30
TURCOTT, Robert CARRES, Margaret 1872-Sep-11
TURNER, Eddy ISAAC, Eliza 1894-Jan-17
TURNER, Thomas B SYLVESTER, Emma 1891-Dec-01
TYLER, Dillan T WARREN, Harriet 1888-Sep-06
U,KOLEE, Charles PAINTER, Aby 1009-Oct-
URESTER, William BILBO, Anna 5186-Jan-11


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