Hancock County Grooms


RABATEAU, Narcisse DIDEAUX, Victoria 1875-May-27
RABOTEAU, Etienne JASON, Louisa 1894-Mar-26
RABOTEAUX, Joseph BENOIT, Norinne 1894-Aug-30
RAINER, George WILLIAMS, Ellen 1890-Oct-16
RAMOND, Ferdinand PATENOTTE, Matilda V 1888-May-20
RAMOND, Pierre GANNELEN, Anna 1859-Jun-29
RANDALL, P P GAUSE, Sarah A 1868-Jun-04
RANDALL, Putnam P GAUSE, Sarah A 1868-Jun-04
RARES, Louis STRAHAN, Charlotte 1870-Apr-28
RAUS, Rosalie BEXANSON, Pierre 1872-Mar-09
RAW, Alfred ROGERS, Mary A 1869-Aug-25
RAWLINGS, Thomas REEL, Lizzie 1853-Sep-22
RAY, Angus C GEIGER, Martha C 1894-Sep-05
RAY, Eugene GREGORY, Elizabeth 1873-Jun-07
RAY, Joseph GUILLOTE, Louise 1881-Jul-30
RAYER, Christopher DESCHAMP, Malvina 1862-May-12
RAYMOND, Peter HINES, Eliza J 1883-Jan-10
RAYMOND, Peter Jr CARVER, Ida 1889-Oct-20
RAYMOND, Wm L EDMONDS, Annie Mrs 1887-Feb-21
REDANOSAGA, Aniseto NICAISE, Louise 1887-Apr-05
REDMOND, Albert MILLER, Allie 1893-Jul-26
REGAN, George SIMMONDS, Philis 1883-Sep-27
REISS, Samuel P OKIEF, Ellen 1876-Jan-12
RENES, Joseph DAMERINE, Philomene 1890-May-14
RERENICH, Casinice A BUSSANICH, Antonie E 1892-May-23
RESTER, Frederick BILBO, Percilla 1862-Sep-20
RESTER, John BREWER, Orzetta 1861-Dec-19
REYER, Charles GRANTHAM, Prudence 1854-Apr-25
RHODES, John GREEN, Samantha 1869-Feb-25
RHODES, John GREEN, Sermantha (Mrs) 1869-Feb-25
RICE, Spencer L GARCIA, Mathilde 1880-May-10
RICHARDS, Dempsey ISAAC, Angeline 1894-Aug-14
RICHARDS, Georgie IVORY, James 1889-Apr-19
RICHARDS, James Thomas BAYARD, Theresa 1875-Apr-23
RICHARDS, William GUERRY, Hester Ann 1875-Nov-18
RICHARDSON, Benjamin BENJAMIN, Mary Ann 1892-Jul-28
RICHARDSON, Benjamin YOUNG, Mary Ann 1888-Jun-21
RICHARDSON, Frederick SANDERS, Millie Mrs 1884-May-14
RICHARDSON, Friday MARTIN, Pernelaby 1871-Jun-14
RICHARDSON, John BURTON, Francis 1891-May-01
RICHARDSON, John BURTON, Laura F 1883-Aug-18
RICHARDSON, Louis HARRISON, Sarah 1884-Jan-02
RICHARDSON, Wilson COLLINS, Celeste 1881-Jul-06
RICHOUX, Usidon BLASCOE, Clotilde 1858-May-08
RICULFE, Randolph JARVIS, Lulu 1889-Jun-26
RIDDLE, David HAMM, Nellie 1890-Apr-28
RIGGINS, Isaac WASHINGTON, Katy 1877-Sep-11
RIGGS, Richard BENNETT, Mary Jane 1893-Feb-10
RILEY, Jessie C VAIL, Walter B 1892-Oct-09
RING, John DOUGHERTY, Maggie 1883-Sep-08
RIVRA, Joseph Antoio CARRE, Rosallie 1857-Jun-11
ROACH, James A GLOVER, Catherine 1869-Apr-08
ROACH, Zack LEE, Julia Ann 1869-Jul-17
ROBBINS, D B KRANKEY, Mary V 1891-Nov-22
ROBERTS, Andrew PLUNKETT, Katie 1892-Sep-14
ROBERTS, James W BATTE, Artimisia A 1855-Oct-24
ROBERTS, Joseph Quitman ORR, Rebecca 1888-Jun-12
ROBERTS, Louis HENRY, Caroline 1870-Jul-24
ROBERTS, Louis HILL, Frances 1893-Jun-03
ROBERTS, Robert R GRIFFIN, Lainey (Mrs) 1859-Aug-08
ROBERTS, Seaborn FITZGERALD, Carry 1880-Mar-12
ROBERTSON, N ISAAC, Daniel 1894-Apr-18
ROBIN, Isadore LOGRANDA, Adele Mary 1871-Apr-18
ROBINSON, Christopher WILLIS, Annie 1895-Mar-11
ROBINSON, Simon BAYARD, Jennie 1888-Sep-20
ROBOTEAU, Edward WILLIAMS, Alice 1891-Nov-07
ROCHON, Augustin RODRICK, Mary 1882-Jan-04
ROCHON, Charles LADNER, Mary 1888-Nov-10
ROCHON, Charles PIERNAS, Louisa 1884-Jul-17
ROCHON, Louis GOVAN, Fanny 1887-May-04
ROCHON, Martin PEYTON, Beulah 1894-Jul-18
ROCHON, Ovrlle BAULES, Elizabeth Charley 1872-Nov-21
RODOLPHO, George MCDONALD, Annie 1883-Aug-04
ROE, Alfred ODOM, Ella 1873-Jul-03
ROE, J H SEAL, Mary Ann 1885-May-14
ROGERS, Henry DELANERY, Ann Eliza 1895-Jan-07
ROLLA, James H CORSO, Mary Ann 1872-Oct-09
ROLLING, Hubert TARUT, Cecile 1884-Aug-05
ROLLING, William H SCHILLER, Ophelia E 1881-Sep-16
ROSEMORE, William PARIE, Marie 1895-Apr-15
ROSETTO, Peter Jr RICHARDSON, Mary Celestine 1889-Oct-31
ROSSE, Antonio SANCHEZ, Sedelasa 1875-May-03
ROTH, Armand BEALL, M L 1885-Jun-04
ROTH, Philo BAKER, Augusta 1894-Jan-31
ROUSE, Daniel WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth 1853-Oct-21
ROUSSEAU, Edward E COX, Belle 1892-Mar-02
RUDOLPH, John LASSABE, Louise 1892-Sep-06
RUFS, E H JOHNSON, Lorane A 1870-Apr-07
RUHR, Wilhelm H JOHNS, Ella 1876-Dec-09
RUISECH, Peter HOFFMAN, Annie M 1877-Apr-25
RUSS, Archie DUNHAM, Ida 1881-Jun-16
RUSS, Asa BOARDMAN, Harriet L 1879-Nov-19
RUSS, Benjamin MULLER, Mary E 1891-Nov-11
RUSS, Christian K TOOMER, Frances Sarah 1890-Feb-13
RUSS, Ernest MAYS, Elizabeth 1873-Jul-31
RUSS, Jasper L ARMISTEAD, Mary E 1873-Aug-14
RUSS, Jimmie P SWETMAN, Viola C 1892-Mar-10
RUSS, John A KELLER, Sophia 1863-Jan-26
RUSS, Richard DAMPIER, Eveline 1866-Oct-04
RUSSEL, James JANE, Mary Waters 1870-Aug-21
RUSSELL, Thomas O OCONER, Margaret 1893-Aug-01
RUTHERFORD, William B SPINKS, Mary Mathilda 1884-Jun-26


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