Hancock County Grooms

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PAGE, Allen BOUNDS, Charlotte 1879-Jan-31
PAGE, Daniel NELSON, Nancy 1868-Dec-28
PAGE, Daniel NELSON, Nancy 1869-Dec-28
PAGE, Robert DECHAMPS, Elizabeth 1869-May-19
PAIRA, Giuseppe COSPOLICH, Catherina 1895-Aug-26
PALMORE, George W FOX, Bertha 1894-Oct-16
PANANSKY, Samuel VANDLET, Eugenie 1891-Dec-21
PAOLI, Lewis BOURGEOIS, Eleanor 1864-Jun-30
PAPOU, Michael BARBIER, Rosalie 1866-Jan-29
PARIES, Peter ROBERTS, Limece 1879-Aug-09
PARKER, Aleck ABRAMS, Amanda 1882-Aug-22
PARKER, Allen HARBARD, Maria 1871-May-18
PARKER, George MILLER, Louisa C 1854-May-10
PARKER, George W BYRD, Eliza 1883-Sep-08
PARKER, James B STOCKSTILL, Jane 1858-Nov-30
PARKER, Jeff D MUNN, Jennie 1890-Oct-11
PARKER, John FAVRE, Emma 1883-Apr-23
PARKER, Julius F CASANOVA, Rosa A 1888-Dec-13
PARKER, Lafayette JOHNSON, Lucretia 1863-Aug-27
PARKER, Peter SEAL, Ardele 1867-Mar-25
PARKER, Scott JOHNSON, Mary 1888-Dec-12
PARKER, Sophia FELDER, Joseph 1875-Apr-05
PARKER, William LEE, Florence 1888-Nov-08
PATCH, John J SMITH, Sarah E 1867-Feb-07
PATCH, John J SMITH, Sarah Elizabeth 1867-Feb-07
PATCH, Levina MITCHELL, Merida J 1857-Jan-24
PATE, Howard BENGARD, Maggie L 1891-Sep-09
PAUL, Ben PAUL, Hortense 1869-May-30
PAYNE, Charles COLLINS, Amanda 1883-Aug-11
PAYNE, William JACKSON, Harriet 1884-Aug-09
PEADEN, John HALL, Cornelia 1876-Apr-24
PEARSON, Harris L BRELAND, Rosa Esy 1858-May-14
PEARSON, Harrison L SPENCE, Louise 1882-Sep-14
PEARSON, John A STEWART, Sarah 1880-Jan-19
PEARSON, Reuben R BERGE, Alveretta 1880-Dec-15
PEEPLES, John HEBLEN, Catherine Eleonora 1890-Jun-04
PENTON, Alfred PERRY, Amaranthe Ann 1853-Dec-25
PENTON, Charles W BURGE, Louisa 1870-Feb-26
PENTON, D N BURGE, Naomi Elizabeth 1883-May-06
PENTON, Daniel SEAL, Emily 1880-Dec-22
PENTON, David SMITH, Sophia 1860-Aug-22
PENTON, George W BILBO, Malissa 1863-Jan-23
PENTON, J D WHITFIELD, Jannie 1883-Oct-03
PENTON, James SMITH, Eliza 1860-Jul-02
PENTON, John J SMITH, Caroline 1868-Jun-07
PENTON, John J SMTIH, Caroline 1868-Jun-07
PENTON, Marnel PERRY, Matilda 1856-Oct-26
PENTON, Monroe P MITCHELL, Mary 1879-May-05
PENTON, Randolph SMITH, Maggie 1890-Jul-27
PENTON, Thomas SMITH, Mary 1888-Sep-13
PENTON, W M SEAL, Burnitt 1875-Jun-18
PENTON, William W HENLEY, Eliza Jane 1889-Apr-19
PERALTA, Robert MUSICH, Josephine 1888-Jun-09
PERAVICH, John TARZETTI, Antoinette 1895-Apr-20
PERKINS, John RESTER, Mary Rozella 1889-Jul-04
PERKINS, John STRAHAN, Sarah M 1885-Oct-14
PERKINS, Joseph R HICKMAN, Melicy Jane 1880-Feb-26
PERRE, Hypolite THOMASICK, Mary 1874-Dec-29
PERRONE, Joseph BOURGEOIS, Mary L 1877-Jan-30
PERRY, Alfred ROCHON, Louise 1894-Feb-20
PERRY, Augustus MEGGS, Josephine 1882-Jul-30
PERRY, Augustus E MOORE, Cora 1890-Sep-07
PERUSSET, Armand LADNER, Lucina 1895-May-29
PETER, March ALLEN, Mary A 1869-Jun-26
PETERS, Allen Washington MAGEHEE, Louisa 1888-Nov-07
PETERS, Charles JAMES, Bettie 1881-Jun-02
PETERS, Eli WINGATE, Agnes Mrs 1884-May-18
PETERS, Green DANIELS, Amanda 1890-May-25
PETERS, Green JENKINS, Louise 1880-Apr-28
PETERS, James DANIELS, Lea 1887-Mar-09
PETERS, James ROSENBERG, Clementine 1891-Apr-18
PETERS, Mack SMITH, Celia 1869-May-31
PETERS, Moses DANIELS, Minnie 1873-Apr-17
PETERS, Moses MIXSON, Mamie 1888-Oct-31
PETERS, Moses SAUCIER, Mary 1891-Aug-01
PETERS, Moses N GILBERT, Rebecca 1883-May-08
PETERS, Steve HARRIS, Ella 1886-Feb-23
PETERS, Warren HENRY, Millie 1880-Mar-26
PETERSON, Alexander FISHER, Virginia 1872-Oct-19
PETERSON, Antoine WILLIAMS, Mary 1864-Dec-11
PETERSON, John LADNER, Theresa 1890-Dec-28
PETERSON, John Edward MORRIS, Laura 1893-Jan-19
PETERSON, Oscar DUBISSON, Louise 1868-Dec-24
PETERSON, Oscar DUBUISSON, Louise 1868-Dec-24
PETERSON, Oscar D DEDEAUX, Agnes V 1895-Dec-19
PETERSON, Seveune MORIN, Alcide 1892-Feb-04
PETERSON, Theophonie LADNER, Alcede 1895-Dec-18
PETIT, Emile LAURENT, Louise 1882-Jan-12
PETRS, Edward H COCHRAN, Lulu 1890-Dec-15
PETTIS, Stephen GEORGE, Racheal 1855-Nov-01
PEYROUX, Alphonse A FAYARD, Laura M 1895-Sep-07
PIERCE, S B BREATH, Eliz. (Mrs) 1853-Aug-12
PIERI, Gino CUEVAS, Mary F A 1869-Jun-22
PIERI, Raymond Clifton DARDENNE, Frances C 1893-Aug-14
PIERNAS, Henry S MALOCHE, Mary E 1883-May-28
PIERNAS, Louis J BARABINO, Mary Louise 1882-Dec-11
PIERRE, Anatole JENKINS, Zelia 1893-Jul-05
PIERROT, Francois HAPGOOD, Mary 1871-Feb-21
PIERSON, Alfred BROWN, Ada F 1886-Jun-08
PIGOT, Eli LADNER, Theodocia 1883-Jan-18
PIGOTT, James F SMITH, Janie 1892-Dec-15
PILSON, William J CUEVAS, Emma 1890-Dec-21
PITMAN, Zacharia WHEAT, Lucy 1867-Mar-16
PITTMAN, Aleck WHEAT, Letheann 1869-Jul-22
PITTMAN, Clem MITCHELL, Sarah 1889-Jan-24
PITTMAN, Frank JACKSON, Kitty 1866-Sep-24
PLEDGER, Hugh SYLVESTER, Kate 1881-Oct-16
PLOUX, Francis FAYARD, Ernestine 1881-May-12
POITEVANT, John TOOMER, Emily I 1864-Sep-13
POLK, A E JORDON, Elizabeth Ann 1871-Aug-27
POLK, Abel WILLIAMS, Mary Jane (Mrs) 1864-Apr-05
POLK, John BROOKS, Catherine 1861-Oct-03
POLK, John HAAS, Mary 1858-Nov-25
POLK, Sidney JORDAN, Ema Ann 1858-Dec-30
POLLARD, Charles STEWART, Elizabeth 1874-Jun-11
POOLSON, William WALLACE, Nannie 1892-Jan-07
POOLSON, William B FAVRE, Alice 1894-Nov-15
PORCE, Antoine GUILLAUME, Alice Mrs 1891-Dec-12
PORTER, Manuel THOMAS, Rachel 1886-Mar-10
POW, Lemuel GEORGE, Rebecca 1875-Sep-16
POWELL, George T JENKINS, Mary E 1883-Dec-21
POWELL, Voltaire THOMPSON, Margaret 1871-Jan-26
POYADON, Andrew CHANDLER, Pauline 1893-Apr-12
PRESTON, Dell BROWN, Mira 1873-Dec-06
PRESTON, Jesse THOMPSON, Clara 1892-Apr-27
PREVAUX, Simon SAUCIER, Emily 1868-Jul-20
PREVOURE, Simon SAUCIER, Emilie 1869-Jul-20
PRICE, George LOFTIN, Eliza 1871-Mar-18
PRICE, George SQUIRES, Ellen 1882-Jul-31
PROCTOR, Henry PROCTOR, Emaline 1866-Dec-25
PROVENCE, George W ELLIS, Soceole Celeste 1870-Sep-17
PRUDEAUX, George COLLINS, Evangeline 1895-Jan-16
PSALMS, Frierson BAGGETT, Ella 1890-Apr-15
PUCHEN, Jacques MAUFFRAY, Prudence E 1872-Feb-03
PULLIAM, John MEGEHEE, Elizabeth 1869-Sep-19
QUAVE, Aubin MORAN, Rosalie 1873-Feb-19


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