Hancock County Grooms

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NALE, John YARBA, Siss 1891-Sep-30
NECAISE, Casemere COUEVAS, Mary 1860-Jun-28
NECAISE, Cecil NECAISE, Anatol 1866-Dec-21
NECAISE, Charles MORAN, Victoria 1865-Apr-20
NECAISE, Edmund GUERY, Adele 1856-Dec-17
NECAISE, Henry RIDGLEY, Mintoria 1875-Nov-29
NECAISE, Peter BOURGEOIS, Georgianna 1854-May-01
NECAISE, Ramon LADNER, Odeal 1861-May-09
NEELSON, John KOEHLER, Johanna 1891-Jan-02
NELSON, Henry O ALLISON, Edith 1890-Nov-20
NELSON, Henry O MORAN, Mary C 1887-Aug-10
NELSON, Jack SAM, Hester 1878-Apr-29
NELSON, Peter B BEDGOOD, Georgeanna 1874-May-27
NELSON, Peter B SCOPAS, Victoria 1882-Dec-21
NEOLA, Andrew DUBISSON, Amanda 1875-Feb-09
NETTLES, Sharper MILLER, Maggie 1893-Feb-07
NETTO, Francis A BAYARD, Eliz. (Mrsn 1855-Jan-09
NEVERS, J R PERCY, Nellie H 1888-Apr-26
NEWHOUSE, Peter DORSEY, Martha L 1866-Jun-21
NEWMAN, John L WALKER, Uranie L 1879-Feb-05
NEWMAN, Madison HOWARD, Anna Jane 1855-Jan-04
NICAISE, Alcee LADNER, Virginia 1869-Dec-23
NICAISE, Armand HODE, Elvizia 1895-Dec-26
NICAISE, Bernard PETERSON, Irma Elina 1893-Jul-13
NICAISE, Casimire Jr NICAISE, Margeline 1881-Feb-20
NICAISE, Casimire M MARSON, Celina 1892-Feb-17
NICAISE, Cecil NICAISE, Anatol 1866-Dec-21
NICAISE, Charles A LADNER, Mary O 1880-Jul-22
NICAISE, Donation CHAILLOT, Malvina 1894-Jul-26
NICAISE, Enas LADNER, Marie Zelina 1868-Sep-17
NICAISE, Evariste Jr MAUFFREY, Josephine 1869-Jul-27
NICAISE, Felicien NICAISE, Mary Rose 1873-Feb-25
NICAISE, Hermogene E KENOFSHEY, Amelia 1887-Sep-19
NICAISE, John Ambroise DEDEAUX, Marie Louise 1893-Jun-22
NICAISE, Joseph MORAN, Euphrasie 1893-Sep-12
NICAISE, Romain J HOLDEN, Mary Agnes 1894-Jun-07
NICAISE, Romain M PAGE, Louisa 1893-Jan-05
NICAISE, Roman YARBOROUGH, Mary Elizabeth 1892-May-12
NICAISE, Seymour LADNER, Ida 1893-Feb-09
NICAISE, Stanislaus LADNER, V J 1868-May-28
NICAISE, Stanislaus LADNIER, V J 1868-May-28
NICAISE, Theodore MORAN, Louisa 1886-Mar-09
NICASE, Anatole ROW, Mary 1873-Jun-30
NICASIE, Sylvan NICAISE, Angeline 1889-Dec-18
NICHOLAS, Joseph SMITH, Emma 1888-Feb-29
NICHOLAS, Mark BATAILLE, Philomene 1884-Sep-24
NICHOLAS, S A SELF, Jannet 1867-Dec-25
NICOLICH, Marco MORAN, Florantine 1857-Nov-01
NICORICH, Marso GAUDRON, Rosa 1886-May-15
NIOLET, Andre LADNER, Mary 1868-Jan-22
NIXON, George COTRILL, Ellen 1853-Aug-25
NIXON, Joseph H GILL, Nancy Irene 1859-Apr-23
NIXON, Theodore H SEAL, Susan 1863-Jun-11
NOBLE, William Henry TOUNER, George Lee 1894-Apr-18
NOCL, Joseph KING, Laura 1875-Dec-19
NOEL, Valsen DAVIS, Lucinda 1873-Apr-18
NOLAN, Benjamin WILLIAMS, Fanny 1878-Mar-09
NORMAN, James ISADORE, Mary 1890-Dec-11
NOSTELLEE, Joseph MITCHELL, Emaline 1866-Jul-16
NUGENT, Joseph J SMITH, Mary A 1888-Aug-18
OBERST, John NICAISE, Arsene 1894-Apr-26
ODOM, James LENORE, Luciosa 1872-Aug-17
ODOM, John BENNETT, Missouri A 1885-Dec-13
ODOMS, James H LOW, Ally 1856-Jul-08
OLIVARI, Lazarus SPOTORINO, Eugenie 1883-Apr-14
OLIVER, Whitney MARSON, Malinda 1866-Mar-29
ONEAL, Frank BRACKET, Charlotte 1891-Jun-05
ONEILL, B J LACOUR, Sarah 1883-Dec-17
ORME, Gordon S POITEVENT, Mary G 1892-Dec-24
ORR, Alexander BROWNE, Louisa F 1892-Feb-17
ORR, Charles Dudley CHAMPLIN, Ida I 1892-Apr-16
ORR, John A RUSS, Mamie R 1880-Nov-20
ORY, Charles PEVERI, Elizabeth Mrs 1891-Jan-17
OSBORN, Douglas S CRAWFORD, Carrie 1879-Feb-08
OSOINACH, John MEEK, Lou 1889-Nov-28
OTIS, J Sidney CARRE, Viola A 1884-Dec-15
OTT, John C TRULY, Annie L 1893-Dec-21
OURY, William L HANSBROUGH, Cora 1884-Sep-25
OWEN, Daniel D ELLIS, Martha I 1870-Jan-17


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