Hancock County Grooms


KAMMER, Joseph H HAGARDORN, 1891-Aug-19
KEEL, W S NICAISE, Madeline J 1891-Jul-11
KEENAN, James LESSLIE, Louisa E 1857-Sep-05
KELKER, Antonio BLUNT, Isabella 1876-Jan-04
KELKER, Toney POPE, Chany 1870-Apr-18
KELLAR, James A MCQUEEN, Rebecca A 1888-Jun-21
KELLER, Absalom A MCFADDEN, Georgia C 1873-Sep-25
KELLER, Henry W NELSON, Met 1867-Oct-21
KELLER, Henry W NELSON, Mit 1867-Oct-25
KELLEY, William NEWTON, Ellen Mrs 1877-Dec-24
KELLIER, Timothy MIXON, Susan Mrs 1882-Jul-07
KELLY, Columbus FLEMING, Rebecca J 1874-Nov-28
KELLY, Edward BERTEL, Cloe 1895-May-21
KELLY, Leonard THOMAS, Charlotte 1885-Jul-18
KELLY, Michael CARIGAN, Margaret 1854-Jan-05
KELLY, Reubin MCGRUE, Virginia 1882-Nov-02
KELLY, William COLE, Sarah 1871-Mar-29
KELSEY, Alb Ert MCKEAN, Clara 1865-Nov-20
KELSEY, Albert PORTER, Ellen 1871-Nov-27
KENMAN, Jerry M ROBERTS, Rebecca Jane 1893-May-25
KENMAN, John A Jr CARVER, Mary 1890-Sep-25
KENMAR, John MITCHELL, Mary A 1861-Apr-11
KENMAR, John A LOTT, Milicy Ann 1858-Jan-28
KENNEDY, Alexander SMITH, Zebia O 1877-Sep-13
KENNEDY, John A HOWARD, Margarette 1856-Dec-24
KENNEDY, Joseph TURNER, Eady 1881-Nov-02
KERGOSEN, Adolphe MAUFFREY, Elodie 1859-Aug-18
KEY, Richard PETERS, Harriet 1875-Oct-08
KEYS, Thomas PETERS, Carry 1866-Apr-02
KEYSER, Thomas E CEVASCO, Theresa 1889-Jul-22
KIMBALL, Wm H GILLAM, Lizzie 1892-Oct-27
KING, Joseph DANIELS, Bella 1895-Feb-07
KING, Joseph S KENNEDY, Amanda 1887-May-18
KING, Phillip SMITH, Emeline 1867-Dec-25
KING, Smith POWELL, Isabella 1868-Mar-01
KING, Walter N KOENENN, Paulina 1895-May-31
KINMARE, John HAYS, Elizabeth 1855-Jul-26
KIRKWOOD, Joseph HENRY, Sarah 1885-May-08
KLATTE, Ludwig BOURGEOIS, Anastasie 1893-Jun-15
KLINGER, Joseph I LANGENBACKER, Mary A 1893-Sep-15
KNIGHT, Jesse LADNER, Lillie 1895-Oct-02
KNOX, Jackson HALL, Missy 1867-Feb-09
KNOX, John WINSTON, Mary L 1887-Nov-14
KOCH, Elers NIXON, Rebecca Virgini 1865-Nov-23
KOCH, Frank SUMMERS, Sarah 1875-Oct-09
KOCH, Peter KOCH, Laurentza 1874-Oct-27
KOENENN, Alfred D NICAISE, Eleanor 1894-Aug-01
KOLEKAMP, Franklin LANGSTON, Mary L 1866-Jul-10
KOOPS, Thomas H FINNEGAN, Mary 1881-Aug-31
KORNER, Henry HEIDERHOFF, Magdalena 1870-Jun-20
KRANKEY, William ZERIGERLING, Barbara 1884-Nov-20
KRANKY, Henry Hines GREEN, Caroline 1876-Apr-15
KREENKER, Hines COLVEY, Ellen (Mrs) 1859-Sep-27
KRUEGER, Louis MORENTY, Josephine 1856-Jun-21


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