Hancock County Grooms

I - J

IAMES, John NEWLES, Harriet 1869-Oct-20
IBOS, Eugene Jr LANABRAS, Celestine 1893-Aug-13
ILDEBRANDO, Britgenti TACONI, Camille J 1893-Jan-10
ILLICH, Vincent PEE, Goussebarthe Marie 1876-Aug-10
ISAAC, Daniel ROBERTSON, N 1894-Apr-18
ISAAC, Henry SHELPIN, Josephine 1892-Apr-14
ISAAC, Saml HOLMES, Josephine 1871-Aug-01
ISADO, Moses WILLIAMS, Missouri 1869-Apr-08
ISADOR, Victor GEORGE, May A 1887-Apr-14
ISHEM, Edward J LANAUX, Philomine E 1891-Jan-10
ISIDORE, John MARTIN, Josephine 1894-Aug-25
ISOM, Murdock DAVIS, Virginia 1882-Mar-17
ISUM, Willie GALLOWAY, Charitie 1894-Oct-11
IVORY, James RICHARDS, Georgie 1889-Apr-19
JACKSON, Andrew PETTERS, Alice 1876-Oct-12
JACKSON, Andrew SANDERS, Sarah 1884-Dec-09
JACKSON, Edward WILSON, Martha Mrs 1884-Jul-23
JACKSON, Frank PETERS, Celia 1878-Mar-28
JACKSON, James BELL, Delia 1884-Sep-29
JACKSON, Jeremiah PARKER, Emma 1880-Jan-10
JACKSON, Jerry BOURGEOIS, Sarah Mrs 1878-Jul-20
JACKSON, John ARMSTRONG, Minerva 1893-Aug-10
JACKSON, John LEWIS, Emily 1874-Nov-30
JACKSON, Sampson LEE, Maria 1892-Mar-03
JACKSON, Sampson D WRIGHT, Martha 1873-Jan-22
JACKSON, William CUNNINGHAM, Lucy 1892-Jul-18
JACKSON, Williams HENLEY, Adeline 1891-Sep-07
JACKSON, Wm B MCCARTY, Ellen L 1891-Jul-09
JACOBS, Emmitt PETERS, Mandy 1877-Feb-22
JACOBS, Jacob NEWTON, Ellen 1887-Sep-26
JACOBS, Newton PETERSON, Dicy 1876-Jun-26
JACOBS, Newton WIGGS, Eliza 1883-Sep-21
JAMES, Jan JORDAN, Lolie 1885-Dec-24
JARRELL, Bradley JONES, Jennie 1872-May-02
JARRELL, James JONES, Elizabeth 1872-Feb-21
JARRELL, John SEAL, Elizabeth 1867-Jan-30
JARRELL, R C SEAL, Martha E 1871-Mar-16
JARRELL, Rodney C HUGHES, Elizabeth 1891-Oct-15
JARRELL, Rodney R JONES, Ida 1885-Apr-02
JARRELL, Samuel L LEE, Susan E 1878-Dec-11
JEFFERSON, Washington HARGE, Clara 1893-May-27
JENKINS, F M SEAL, Ann 1870-Jan-19
JENKINS, Francis M SEAL, Ann 1863-Jul-09
JENKINS, Hamilton ROSS, Lela 1889-Dec-09
JENKINS, Hampton MITCHELL, Mary 1883-Mar-31
JENKINS, Louis LEWIS, Annie 1891-Jul-05
JENKINS, Lumas HAMPTON, Mary Pardue 1868-May-17
JENKINS, Lumas Jr SHEPARD, Elizabeth 1875-Sep-23
JENKINS, Lumas P AUGUSTUS, Josephine 1882-Oct-14
JENKINS, Napoleon JENKINS, Delphia 1870-Feb-11
JENKINS, Peter J GRANTHAM, Heziah 1882-Aug-04
JENKINS, Robert John SIMS, Henrietta 1890-Oct-13
JENKS, William VON GOHREN, Paula 1891-Oct-24
JERVAIS, Ambroise GRANT, Aimie 1888-Oct-19
JESSE, Willie BLOUNT, Mary 1891-Jan-04
JOHN, Elijah JOHNSON, Clara 1894-Aug-15
JOHN, Elijah WADE, Emeline 1886-Sep-07
JOHNS, George H SCHAEDELI, Albertine 1876-Jun-08
JOHNS, Semore AMOS, Martha 1876-Feb-24
JOHNSON, Almo GREEN, Lizzie 1895-May-30
JOHNSON, Charles AVENIUS, Catherine 1873-Oct-13
JOHNSON, Charley ISADORE, Betsy 1894-Mar-29
JOHNSON, Clarence WATKINS, Sarah 1884-Jan-01
JOHNSON, David GILL, Martha 1870-Sep-06
JOHNSON, Edward TURNER, Frances 1891-Nov-16
JOHNSON, George ABRAM, Martha 1890-Jun-12
JOHNSON, George W CALDWELL, V V 1868-May-18
JOHNSON, Henry JOHNSON, Louise 1869-Jun-06
JOHNSON, Henry PIERRE, Beljah 1877-Jun-14
JOHNSON, Henry SCHNEIDER, Canvas Mrs 1885-Dec-10
JOHNSON, J GIBSON, Sarah A 1870-Nov-03
JOHNSON, John WOOD, Sarah Ann 1895-Apr-07
JOHNSON, John C MCALLISTER, Martha E 1860-Apr-18
JOHNSON, Joseph A RUP, Susan 1858-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Lee MINGO, May 1895-Jun-20
JOHNSON, Louis ADAMS, Josephine 1884-Aug-13
JOHNSON, Mars ISAAC, Alice 1875-Oct-19
JOHNSON, Mitchell ROBERTSON, Jane 1876-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Paul Jr PETERS, Laura 1890-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Peter KING, Mary 1869-Apr-30
JOHNSON, Peter KING, Mary 1869-Apr-30
JOHNSON, Robert MORRIS, Emma 1887-Mar-24
JOHNSON, Samuel WINSTON, Louisa 1893-Apr-22
JOHNSON, Terry WILLIAMS, Cloria 1870-May-06
JOHNSON, W J N SEEBOLD, Barbara A 1889-Jul-18
JOHNSON, William MATTISON, Eddy 1866-Jan-10
JOHNSON, William THOMPSON, Madaline 1873-Aug-28
JOHNSOTN, George W CALDWELL, V V 1869-May-18
JOHNSTON, Charles V WARDE, Annie 1873-Apr-31
JOHNSTON, Clement TRAVIREA, Annie 1894-Jun-17
JOHNSTON, Edmund GUERY, Louise 1856-Apr-12
JOHNSTON, George W COLSON, Julia 1892-Feb-29
JOHNSTON, James E SPIERING, Phillipine 1891-Dec-16
JOHNSTON, L C FARVE, Mary F 1856-Apr-03
JOHNSTON, Louis EDMONDSON, Eliza 1871-Sep-30
JOHNSTON, Louis C Jr FAYARD, Leocadie 1883-Dec-23
JOHNSTON, William D KNIGHT, Frances Deller 1893-Oct-12
JOLLY, Charles SCOTT, Emily 1882-Apr-10
JOLLY, William J LANGDON, Jennie R 1890-May-10
JONCE, L Napoleon LADNER, Otesia 1887-Dec-21
JONES, Albert CARVER, Aline 1890-Aug-09
JONES, Baley ATKINSON, Arminda 1868-Mar-05
JONES, Foster R ATTAWAY, Lovenia 1881-Apr-29
JONES, Freeman Jr LEE, Martha Louisa 1877-Mar-06
JONES, Gardner DAVIS, Frances 1870-Dec-29
JONES, Henry HOWARD, Talitha 1868-Apr-30
JONES, Henry MARSON, Harriet 1853-Nov-15
JONES, Jacob WADKINS, Amy 1880-Sep-24
JONES, John ARMSTEAD, Mollie 1888-Mar-24
JONES, John LEE, Hester 1881-Jun-04
JONES, N Hendon BRELAND, Matilda D 1863-Sep-10
JONES, Samuel L HART, Margaret E 1859-Sep-05
JONES, Thomas LIBERTY, Sarah 1876-Jan-19
JONES, Thomas WELLS, Mary 1883-Jan-16
JONES, Z T PEARSON, Sarah J 1881-Aug-12
JONES, Zachariah DAVIS, Rebecca C 1866-Aug-02
JONES, Zachariah T DAVIS, Rebecca C 1866-Aug-02
JOPES, Jefferson D WHITFIELD, Pearl 1893-Apr-06
JOPES, Joseph H S SLAYDON, Mary A 1876-Dec-23
JORDAN, George MONDAY, Lucinda 1888-Mar-28
JORDAN, James MORGAN, Lily 1882-Aug-26
JORDAN, Samuel SAM, Phoebe 1883-Apr-27
JORDEN, Richard ROYALL, Emily 1881-Jun-23
JOSEPH, Louis JOSEPH, Marie Louise 1869-Jun-15
JOSPH, John Louis PERRICH, Eliz. Jane 1859-Oct-31
JOURDAN, Jesse EUKERS, Clarissa 1885-Jan-31
JOYCE, Daniel A MELHERAN, Louisa 1887-Feb-13
JUANNA, Juan BAYARD, Justin Antionet 1856-   -01
JUNIOR, Gid JORDAN, Leidy 1889-May-31
JURESSA, Mathew COSPOLICH, Marie Madeline 1889-May-01


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