Hancock County Grooms


AMACA (AMACKER), Enock MOODY, Elizabeth 1856-Jan-24
AMACKER, Charles AMACKER, Annie 1869-May-21
AMACKER, John J MOODY, Margaret 1882-Mar-28
AMACKER, Leonard K WHEAT, Margaret C 1869-Apr-29
AMACKER, Leonard K WHEAT, Margaret Corinne 1869-Apr-29
AMCKER, Charles AMACKER, Annie 1869-May-21
AMES, Hugh O HALE, Josephine Mrs 1869-Oct-02
AMES, Jerry M MONTI, Louise 1876-Jan-14
AMES, William LUX, Mary C 1882-Feb-20
AMOS, George HUNT, Clara 1894-Feb-26
AMOS, Grant GILLAM, Ovelia 1884-Jun-11
AMOS, Wash JACKSON, Sarah 1879-Dec-31
ANDERSON, Edward CLARK, Charisy 1893-Sep-25
ANDERSON, Henry Jackson HOWARD, Annie Jane 1882-May-03
ANDERSON, James R STEWART, Nancy A 1861-Apr-07
ANDERSON, John I NELSON, Meranda 1865-Jan-19
ANDERSON, John William SEAL, Mary Isabellee 1886-Jun-06
ANSLEY, M E ULMAN, Mary Ellen 1892-Feb-03
ANTOINE, Joseph SMITH, Theresa 1876-Dec-18
ANTOINE, Joseph WILLIAMS, Betsie 1880-Dec-15
ANTOINE, Louis WORSHIP, Indiana 1878-Jan-09
AQUILLA, Manuel FAVRE, Madeline 1892-Feb-20
ARBO, George GARDELON, Mary 1870-Jun-20
ARD, Henry PARDUE, Nancy 1868-Jan-20
ARMISTEAD, Monroe HENIARD, Anna Elizabeth 1886-Feb-11
ARMISTEAD, William W BROWN, Mary L 1867-Apr-04
ARMSTEAD, Wm. W BROWN, Mary L 1867-Apr-04
ARMSTRONG, Burton RAYFORD, Amanda 1882-Dec-29
ARMSTRONG, Louis BROOKLYN, Easter (Mrs) 1867-Nov-30
ARMSTRONG, Louis BROOKLYN, Esther Mrs 1867-Nov-30
ARNAUD, Frank MORAN, Leontine 1877-Sep-21
ARNOLD, William CARVER, Justine 1874-Jul-16
ASH, M H DELANGE, Ella 1881-Dec-21
ASHER, Charles WHICHARD, Mary 1883-Jul-31
ASHER, John ZINGERLING, Victoria 1878-Dec-19
ASHER, Michael JOHNSON, Eliza Jane 1893-May-25
ASKEW, Henry H WHEAT, Louisa N 1856-Oct-02
ASSAGNACH, Antoine FAYARD, Caroline 1859-Aug-22
ATHENS, William AMES, Isabella (Mrs) 1854-Apr-11
ATKINS, Charles ABRAMS, Alice 1882-Aug-28
ATTAWAY, Isaac HESTER, Mary Ann Mrs 1866-Oct-26
ATTAWAY, Isac HESTER, Mary Ann (Mrs) 1866-Oct-26
ATTAWAY, Richard MERRITT, Alice 1885-Mar-07
AUGUST, Joseph GRAHAM, Ellen 1894-Apr-11
AUGUSTAN, Pierre SIPPREON, Selestine 1870-Apr-24
AUGUSTUS, Joseph J HENRY, Sarah 1887-Oct-01
AUSTAIN, Charles FULLER, Siss 1893-Jun-14
AUSTIN, Elias E SLINGSBY, Joan 1895-Feb-14
AUSTIN, John NICHOLAS, Jane 1870-Sep-13
AVENIUS, Chas Jr BRAUNNINGER, Lizzie 1879-Dec-01
AVERY, Everett PETERS, Nancy Jane 1895-Mar-30
AVERY, Everitt WILLIAMS, Emily M 1885-Aug-13
AVERY, John LOU, Caroline 1881-Jan-07


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