Hancock County Brides

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TACONI, Camille J ILDEBRANDO, Britgenti 1893-Jan-10
TARRAND, Mary Alice BARDY, Harry E 1890-Jul-02
TARTAVILLE, Antonia TOURNIE, Albert B 1892-Sep-19
TARUT, Cecile ROLLING, Hubert 1884-Aug-05
TARZETTI, Antoinette PERAVICH, John 1895-Apr-20
TATE, Cora E SMITH, Daniel F 1892-May-18
TATE, Margaret A STOCKSTILL, William W 1882-Sep-28
TATE, Sarah P STOCKSTILL, John M 1883-Jan-30
TAYLOR, Lizzie FAVRE, John 1892-Jan-21
THACKERY, Anna Martha WARREN, Thomas W 1892-Nov-19
THANIEL, Octavia TAYLOR, William 1892-Aug-25
THERRY, Sidonia TACONI, Felix 1858-Apr-26
THIBAL, Marie DUCAMUS, Jean Justin 1890-Jan-27
THIEL, Alaidie DELCAZE, Albert E 1892-Apr-27
THIGPEN, Emily Elizabeth BURKS, Leonard 1893-Jan-26
THIGPEN, Harriet A ALFORD, L B 1888-May-04
THIGPEN, Julian WELCH, James 1882-Feb-09
THIGPEN, Losaney Filoney EGERT, Henry W 1889-Dec-08
THIGPEN, Mary C MITCHELL, B Travis 1891-Dec-31
THIGPEN, Mary I GAMBLE, W A 1886-May-13
THIGPEN, Nancy STEVENSON, W J 1892-Mar-10
THIGPEN, Samantha FLEMING, Wm J 1874-Apr-10
THIGPEN, Semetta BROWN, Reubin 1867-Jul-03
THIGPEN, Semilla BROWN, Reubin 1867-Jul-03
THOMAS, Angelina THOMAS, Archie 1869-Jun-14
THOMAS, Antoine FAYARD, Malanie 1856-Apr-28
THOMAS, Cecilia FAVRE, Joel J 1893-Mar-30
THOMAS, Celeste FARVE, Charles Jr 1854-Aug-22
THOMAS, Charlotte KELLY, Leonard 1885-Jul-18
THOMAS, Cherry LOUIS, Albert 1880-Apr-13
THOMAS, Christianna Mrs SCOTT, William 1877-Mar-08
THOMAS, Ellen GILLEM, Willie 1890-Jun-04
THOMAS, Eunice HOLLEMAN, Jeff 1895-Nov-23
THOMAS, Josephine GEORGE, John H 1887-Dec-31
THOMAS, Lydia GREEN, Jackson 1894-Jun-25
THOMAS, Mary DANIEL, Isaac 1889-Aug-26
THOMAS, Rachel PORTER, Manuel 1886-Mar-10
THOMAS, Rosa GILLEM, Edmond 1875-Aug-02
THOMASICK, Mary PERRE, Hypolite 1874-Dec-29
THOMPSON, Ardel GAINES, Zhilo 1877-May-28
THOMPSON, Carrie GOODWIN, Frank 1877-Aug-21
THOMPSON, Celeste CARVER, Edmond 1874-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Clara PRESTON, Jesse 1892-Apr-27
THOMPSON, Easter SINGLETON, Moses 1880-Apr-13
THOMPSON, Elmira DOUGLAS, Isaac 1890-Sep-06
THOMPSON, Elvina COLEMAN, Samuel 1895-May-02
THOMPSON, Fannie ACKER, Frank 1875-Sep-27
THOMPSON, Francis Mrs WINSTON, Charles 1880-Mar-05
THOMPSON, Louella A STARLING, William 1886-Apr-09
THOMPSON, Louisa HOUSE, Henry 1870-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Louise SQUIRES, Charles 1882-Dec-21
THOMPSON, Madaline JOHNSON, William 1873-Aug-28
THOMPSON, Margaret LAFONTAIN, Aaron 1866-Apr-16
THOMPSON, Margaret POWELL, Voltaire 1871-Jan-26
THOMPSON, Margaret (Mrs) LAFONTAINE, Ramon 1866-Apr-16
THOREN, Nellie Mrs GLOVER, M J 1884-Apr-23
THORN, Lydia Mrs HARVEY, George 1880-May-13
THORNHILL, Nellie SPIERS, Thomas F 1895-Sep-29
TOBEY, Annie LEWIS, James 1893-Nov-22
TODILE, Milly LEONARD, George 1875-Oct-11
TOMASICH, Pauline FRANULECH, Frank 1892-Apr-25
TOOMER, Emily I POITEVANT, John 1864-Sep-13
TOOMER, Eugenia GRAVES, Isaac F 1876-Dec-29
TOOMER, Frances Sarah RUSS, Christian K 1890-Feb-13
TOOMER, Jennie WHICHARD, Hardy J 1887-Dec-27
TOOMER, Louisa FAVRE, Victor 1886-Oct-06
TOROGONO, Mary LABAT, Charles 1893-Sep-16
TOULME, Delphine GARODY, Joseph E 1855-Nov-21
TOULME, Lucy M MITCHELL, Samuel S 1893-Dec-14
TOULME, Virginia GERARD, Louis August 1855-Nov-21
TOUNER, George Lee NOBLE, William Henry 1894-Apr-18
TRACY, Ann MILLER, Jeremiah 1864-Feb-04
TRAIRRCA, Mary E WILLIAMS, John Allen 1892-Feb-25
TRAVIREA, Annie JOHNSTON, Clement 1894-Jun-17
TRAVIS, Bertha COLSON, Charles A 1886-Aug-27
TRAVIS, Sarah CHARLES, Nelson 1894-Oct-04
TRIPLER, Mary A CHAFIN, William R 1893-Dec-11
TRSOSI, Julia MCDONALD, John Thomas 1884-Oct-29
TRULY, Annie L OTT, John C 1893-Dec-21
TUBER, Marguerite MAUFFRAY, Joseph 1867-Jul-04
TUCKER, Amy WADE, Walter 1895-Apr-18
TUDURY, Antoinette DRUHAN, James 1891-Mar-19
TUDURY, M P SAUCIER, Edward 1873-May-31
TUDURY, Marie P DRUHAN, James 1888-Oct-03
TUDURY, Rose Philomene DURHAN, Robert Joseph 1895-Mar-19
TURCK, Annie LAIN, Joseph Leon 1890-Jun-11
TURNBULL, Annie LEWIS, Andrew 1888-Feb-23
TURNER, Eady KENNEDY, Joseph 1881-Nov-02
TURNER, Emma BOYD, J L 1886-Jan-17
TURNER, Eugenie Josephine SAUCIER, Edward Eugene 1895-Jun-05
TURNER, Frances JOHNSON, Edward 1891-Nov-16
TURNER, Hettie VALSIN, Dave 1888-Nov-26
TURSOUF, Pauline TOMARICH, Anthony 1892-Jan-26
TWICHELL, Mary B CLEVELAND, Aaron 1872-Feb-08
TYLER, Fannie BROWN, William 1890-Jul-04
ULMAN, Clara A HENDERSON, W H 1878-May-30
ULMAN, Mary Ellen ANSLEY, M E 1892-Feb-03
ULMAN, Rosabella MCSWAIN, Colin 1873-Nov-27
UNDERWOOD, Harriet EASTMAN, James D 1866-Dec-25
UNDERWOOD, Harriet (Mrs) EASTMAN, James D 1866-Dec-25
UNDERWOOD, Mary SEAL, William H 1876-Jan-07


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