Hancock County Brides


RABATEAU, Eugenie VANTOUR, Charles 1881-Feb-26
RABON, Margaret Mrs DANIELS, Allen 1880-Dec-27
RABOTEAU, Catherine LADNER, Hermogene 1887-Jun-25
RABOTEAUX, Margarite FAVRE, Peter 1885-May-09
RABOTEAUX, Marie FREMONT, Emile 1891-Jan-10
RAMOND, Hannah Mrs FAYARD, Ernest 1875-Jun-17
RANDALL, Dorcus BRAKEFIELD, David 1880-Jan-07
RANDALL, Emily WHITE, Joseph 1869-Jul-10
RANDALL, Missouri A MILLER, Jerrymiah 1874-Apr-08
RAWLINS, Luvinia DAVIS, Johnson 1882-Nov-13
RAY, Mary R BARABINO, Oscar 1882-Oct-14
RAYFORD, Amanda ARMSTRONG, Burton 1882-Dec-29
REDDING, Jennie LADNER, Cherrie 1868-Feb-17
REDDING, Jennie LADNER, Cherrie 1868-Jan-17
REDMAN, Viloni SAUCIER, William 1879-Nov-27
REEL, Lizzie RAWLINGS, Thomas 1853-Sep-22
REES, Mary Theodocia BELT, Horatio Percy 1894-Apr-29
REESE, Sophia E WILLIS, Thomas E 1872-May-18
RENANDINE, Margaretha Mulle FOERSTER, John 1888-Oct-02
RESTER, Aseline BURGE, G W 1868-Jul-13
RESTER, Betsey Ann LEE, Littleton 1859-Oct-20
RESTER, Isaline BURGE, G W 1868-Jul-13
RESTER, Martah A SMITH, Jeremiah 1865-Nov-02
RESTER, Mary Rozella PERKINS, John 1889-Jul-04
RESTER, Melvina BRELAND, Dawson V 1859-Apr-14
RHODUS, Agnes LUC, Oscar 1891-May-05
RICHARD, Eliza MAJANCE, Joseph C 1890-Jun-28
RICHARD, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Joseph 1891-Aug-01
RICHARDSON, Annie DONAVENT, Louis 1893-May-01
RICHARDSON, Margaret WILLIAMS, Harrison 1888-Jan-12
RICHARDSON, Mary BOSCH, Charles 1890-Jun-03
RICHARDSON, Mary Celestine ROSETTO, Peter Jr 1889-Oct-31
RIDGLEY, Mintoria NECAISE, Henry 1875-Nov-29
RIELLY, Maggie C BULLARD, Edwin C 1890-Aug-17
RIGGANS, Katie Mrs WILSON, Frederick 1879-Oct-25
RILEY, Elizabeth B FRICKE, John J 1890-Aug-05
RILEY, Mary Jane MILLER, Sylvester 1867-Jan-05
RILEY, Mary Jane MILLER, Sylvester 1867-Jan-06
ROACH, Maria GALLOWAY, May 1869-Jul-16
ROBBINS, Mary V SCOTT, Robert Louis 1894-Jul-24
ROBERDS, Peliney Mrs WILSON, Charles 1877-Aug-04
ROBERTS, Ann CARTER, Tyler 1872-Jul-29
ROBERTS, Limece PARIES, Peter 1879-Aug-09
ROBERTS, Margaret Annie BENN, William A 1891-Oct-09
ROBERTS, Margaret W Mrs HAM, Charles E 1893-Jan-30
ROBERTS, Rebecca Jane KENMAN, Jerry M 1893-May-25
ROBERTSON, Jane JOHNSON, Mitchell 1876-Feb-02
ROBERTSON, Ora WEARY, Tapley 1881-Jul-07
ROBIN, Mary Rosa BAYARD, John B 1869-Jul-06
ROBINA, Isabella SHERGES, Pierre 1870-Apr-25
ROBINSON, Katie BUTLER, Samuel 1886-Mar-04
ROBINSON, Laura BROOKTER, William 1894-Jun-15
ROBIRA, Mary DWONSHIRE, John 1872-Jan-06
ROBOTEAUX, Louise VANTOUR, Thomas 1887-Jan-01
ROCHEN, Louise DEMENY, Philippe 1871-Jan-03
ROCHON, Louise GEMINI, Philippe 1871-Jan-03
ROCHON, Louise PERRY, Alfred 1894-Feb-20
ROCHON, Mary Augustine LEWIS, Simon 1892-Sep-27
RODDIS, Carrie M CAPERS, Samuel W 1890-May-31
RODRICK, Mary ROCHON, Augustin 1882-Jan-04
ROGERNUSER, Gabriel Mrs DEBENEDITTE, Paul 1894-Dec-05
ROGERS, Mary A RAW, Alfred 1869-Aug-25
ROSEMOND, Lizzie BURKS, T B 1873-Nov-05
ROSENBERG, Clementine PETERS, James 1891-Apr-18
ROSENBERG, Hortense SMITH, Aaron 1885-Apr-08
ROSENBURG, Eliza GRAVES, Edward 1876-May-02
ROSS, Lela JENKINS, Hamilton 1889-Dec-09
ROW, Mary NICASE, Anatole 1873-Jun-30
ROYAL, Ninia WINSTON, J W 1883-Nov-12
ROYALL, Emily JORDEN, Richard 1881-Jun-23
ROYALL, Lucretia WOOTON, Isiah 1877-Oct-16
ROYMORE, Alice WILLIAMS, Charles 1892-Jan-02
RUDOLPH, Josephine CAPDEPON, Peter C 1889-Jun-04
RUISECH, Annie M CONWAY, Thomas J 1889-Feb-04
RUISECH, Catharine HOFFMANN, Emile Hugo 1881-Feb-26
RUISICH, Mary THIERY, Charles J B 1877-Apr-18
RUP, Susan JOHNSON, Joseph A 1858-Feb-04
RUSS, Clara B SUMMERS, George W 1888-Dec-27
RUSS, Effie BROWN, Alex 1881-Apr-03
RUSS, Emily MCQUEEN, Frank 1882-Dec-21
RUSS, Janie K WARD, William G 1885-Oct-27
RUSS, Julia A GRIFFIN, E F 1862-Jun-24
RUSS, Louisa C SUMMERS, William M 1884-Apr-17
RUSS, Mamie R ORR, John A 1880-Nov-20
RUSS, Maudlano WILLIAMS, Dennis 1883-Oct-04
RUSS, Rosa BLUNT, Corbit 1873-May-13
RUSTER, Lizzie BETSON, Timothy 1882-Oct-19


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