Hancock County Brides

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NARBER, Eleonora GARCIA, Henry 1882-Dec-05
NAROIS, Elizabeth BURRELL, Charles 1891-Nov-21
NECAISE, Adele DEDAUX, Apolinaive 1856-Jul-13
NECAISE, Anatol NECAISE, Cecil 1866-Dec-21
NECAISE, Celina LANDER, Christopher 1865-Dec-08
NECAISE, Claire BOURGEOIS, John B 1867-Dec-12
NECAISE, Georgina LADNER, Julian 1859-May-05
NECAISE, Josephone DEDEAUX, B C 1854-Jan-24
NECAISE, Louise LADNER, Eugene 1859-Feb-19
NECAISE, Marie Celestine CARVER, John B 1858-Apr-05
NECAISE, Mary LIND, Gustave 1877-Oct-24
NEELY, Mary Jane HOUSE, Richard 1882-Dec-09
NEFF, Emma MILLER, Joseph F 1890-Apr-12
NELSON, Casandra HOLDEN, James M 1893-Aug-10
NELSON, Luraney MILLER, John 1862-Aug-14
NELSON, Meranda ANDERSON, John I 1865-Jan-19
NELSON, Met KELLER, Henry W 1867-Oct-21
NELSON, Mit KELLER, Henry W 1867-Oct-25
NELSON, Nancy PAGE, Daniel 1868-Dec-28
NELSON, Nancy PAGE, Daniel 1869-Dec-28
NEOLET, Adelina BONJEZ, Theodore 1872-Feb-05
NETTO, Azalie SAUCIER, Marcelino 1882-Mar-20
NETTO, Caroline WILLIAMS, Gipson 1857-Jul-20
NEWHOUSE, Martha HILL, John W 1871-Jun-25
NEWLES, Harriet IAMES, John 1869-Oct-20
NEWMAN, Susie GREEN, Daniel 1882-Feb-07
NEWTON, Ellen JACOBS, Jacob 1887-Sep-26
NEWTON, Ellen Mrs KELLEY, William 1877-Dec-24
NEWTON, Elvisa MEGGS, Peter 1895-Sep-12
NEWTON, Mary G GILBERT, Walter 1885-Aug-25
NICAISE, Adele COSPILICH, Peter 1871-Feb-26
NICAISE, Adele E SAUCIER, Joseph E 1884-Oct-26
NICAISE, Aimee Sidonia LADNER, Severin 1879-Dec-24
NICAISE, Alice FAVRE, Beauregard 1881-Oct-04
NICAISE, Amelia LADNER, Etienne 1890-Aug-04
NICAISE, Ameline GIVEANS, Samuel S 1888-Nov-07
NICAISE, Anastasie BOURGEOIS, Henry 1877-Jun-28
NICAISE, Anatol NICAISE, Cecil 1866-Dec-21
NICAISE, Angeline NICASIE, Sylvan 1889-Dec-18
NICAISE, Annie FAYARD, Emile 1892-Mar-03
NICAISE, Arsene OBERST, John 1894-Apr-26
NICAISE, Azemia LADNER, Leon 1889-Jun-19
NICAISE, Celina LADNER, Sylvain 1883-Mar-06
NICAISE, Clara BOURGEOIS, John B 1867-Dec-12
NICAISE, Delphine MOREL, Pierre Marie 1887-Dec-29
NICAISE, Eleanor DAVIS, Joseph 1889-Sep-26
NICAISE, Eleanor KOENENN, Alfred D 1894-Aug-01
NICAISE, Eleanor LADNER, Lucan 1892-Jul-14
NICAISE, Felicy FAVRE, John B 1882-Feb-20
NICAISE, Laura LADNER, Samuel C 1895-Apr-25
NICAISE, Louisa LUXICH, Hermogine 1867-Dec-18
NICAISE, Louise LUXICH, Hermgine 1867-Dec-18
NICAISE, Louise REDANOSAGA, Aniseto 1887-Apr-05
NICAISE, Madeline J KEEL, W S 1891-Jul-11
NICAISE, Margeline NICAISE, Casimire Jr 1881-Feb-20
NICAISE, Mary SAUCIER, Pierre 1888-Aug-22
NICAISE, Mary A FAVRE, Samuel L 1877-Sep-05
NICAISE, Mary Rose NICAISE, Felicien 1873-Feb-25
NICAISE, Odina Mrs LADNER, Valery 1887-Nov-25
NICAISE, Ortanse CUEVAS, Mortimer 1891-Nov-05
NICAISE, Victoire MORAN, Francois 1876-May-09
NICAISE, Victoria GONZALES, Louis 1885-Jan-16
NICASE, Velina CUEVAS, Arman 1871-Dec-26
NICHOLAS, Agnes Jane SINCLAIR, William 1868-Sep-02
NICHOLAS, Jane AUSTIN, John 1870-Sep-13
NICHOLAS, Josephine DONAVILLE, Louis 1888-Feb-29
NIXON, Lottie SHUBERT, William M 1891-Dec-25
NIXON, Melina SEAL, Charles 1862-Mar-31
NIXON, Rebecca Virgini KOCH, Elers 1865-Nov-23
NOEL, Francis DUNMORE, Jacob 1883-Dec-26
NORY, Sarah MORGAN, Zedore 1873-May-24
NUAISE, Delphine LADNER, Etienne 1871-Oct-23
NUNEZ, Azelie ABADIE, Hippolyte 1859-Jun-03
OCONER, Margaret RUSSELL, Thomas O 1893-Aug-01
ODAM, Rebecca Jane SMITH, John 1863-Jul-22
ODOM, Ella ROE, Alfred 1873-Jul-03
ODOM, Nancy CAMERON, Livingston 1854-Jun-18
ODOM, Virginia FRY, C F 1880-Jan-23
ODOMS, Semanthy CARTER, Caleb 1854-Aug-31
OGDEN, Fannie E MANN, William Grayson 1860-Aug-07
OKIEF, Ellen REISS, Samuel P 1876-Jan-12
OLAY, Annie ALEXANDER, Daniel 1875-Jun-25
ORCHARD, Lucy M LANKSTON, John 1890-Sep-15
OROUKE, Ellen DONOVAN, R J 1876-Oct-26
ORR, Agnes HINCKLE, William H 1889-Apr-13
ORR, Elizabeth STOCKER, William T 1880-Jul-26
ORR, Laura J HURSEY, Asa 1873-Mar-22
ORR, Mary F BOYDEN, Oscar M 1868-May-25
ORR, Rebecca ROBERTS, Joseph Quitman 1888-Jun-12
OSBORN, Elizabeth M BAXTER, Marion 1870-Apr-11
OSBORN, Emeline FRIERSON, William 1870-Jun-09
OTIS, Jennie V MCFARLAND, Charles W 1886-Apr-20
OTIS, Marion E WESTON, Asa S 1882-Sep-04
OTTE, Augusta FREITAG, Emile 1892-Jun-08
OWENS, Berthia Mrs BASSET, Alexander 1879-Sep-26


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