Hancock County Brides


KALPE, Josephine HANAWAY, Samuel J 1891-Nov-09
KELLAR, Mary J THIGPEN, Benton 1867-Jan-31
KELLER, Mary J THIGPEN, Benton 1867-Jan-31
KELLER, Sophia RUSS, John A 1863-Jan-26
KELSEY, Ellen Mrs CROCKETT, Merrice 1876-Dec-21
KELSEY, Ellen Mrs CROCKETT, Merrill A 1876-Dec-21
KENARDY, Mary A HENLEY, Samuel H 1876-Jan-20
KENMORE, Melicy Elizabeth CUEVAS, Lucien 1881-Mar-17
KENNEDY, Amanda KING, Joseph S 1887-May-18
KENNEDY, Loretta LIPSCOMB, Wm O 1889-May-01
KENNELL, Laura Agnes SWAN, George R 1892-Oct-10
KENNINGTON, Mary E COLLEY, John G 1864-Sep-01
KENOFSHEY, Amelia NICAISE, Hermogene E 1887-Sep-19
KERGOCIEU, Delphine CURET, Joseph 1884-Nov-02
KERGOSEEM, Eleanor BAKER, Charles 1891-Dec-16
KEYS, Martha FLEMING, Joseph 1894-Apr-18
KID, Elisa MILLER, Hosey 1866-Jul-26
KID, Elisa MILLER, Josey 1866-Jul-26
KILGOAR, Mary A SHANNON, Charles W 1869-Mar-
KILGOAR, Mary A SHANNON, Chas W 1869-Mar-04
KIMMONS, Sarah CLAGGETT, Jerry 1869-Jun-20
KINDALL, Martha SMITH, William 1864-Jul-12
KING, Charlotte HAMPTON, Sword 1886-Jul-16
KING, Laura NOCL, Joseph 1875-Dec-19
KING, Mary JOHNSON, Peter 1869-Apr-30
KING, Mary Isabella THOMPSON, Anderson 1874-Apr-26
KING, Sarah WALLACE, John 1879-Sep-03
KING, Sylinda Mrs VALTZ, Prince Hamilton 1875-Jul-06
KNIGHT, Frances Deller JOHNSTON, William D 1893-Oct-12
KOCH, Emile SUMMERS, Annie 1868-Dec-15
KOCH, Laurentza KOCH, Peter 1874-Oct-27
KOCH, Lucie B LUTKEN, Otto 1890-Jun-09
KOCH, Rebecca V (Mrs) MACKENZIE, John Alexander 1869-Mar-14
KOCH, Rebecca V Mrs MACKENZIE, John Alexander 1869-Mar-14
KOCH, Thomasina E J BIERING, John Richard K 1890-Mar-04
KOEHLER, Bertha CARVER, Aiestide 1887-Mar-12
KOEHLER, Johanna NEELSON, John 1891-Jan-02
KOENENN, Paulina KING, Walter N 1895-May-31
KOHN, Regina GOODPASTOR, Abraham 1889-Aug-13
KRANKEY, Mary Caroline HENDERSON, William A 1881-Nov-15
KRANKEY, Mary V ROBBINS, D B 1891-Nov-22
KREEL, Mary STRAHAN, Noah 1869-Nov-23
KRENBA, Elizabeth COONEY, John 1874-Oct-22
KRISCU, Amelie Mrs BOCH, Antoine 1869-Feb-27
KRISOI, Amelie (Mrs) BOCH, Antonia 1869-Feb-27


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