Hancock County Brides


ALSOBROOK, Margaret WILLIS, E J 1884-Jan-10
ALSOBROOKS, Dora Ann THIGPEN, Geo W 1883-Aug-13
AMACKER, Angeline L SMITH, Henry 1869-Nov-18
AMACKER, Annie AMACKER, Charles 1869-May-21
AMACKER, Annie AMCKER, Charles 1869-May-21
AMACKER, Emma C HOWARD, Elijah 1886-Aug-20
AMES, Eliza P COWARD, Jesse 1874-Feb-16
AMES, Isabella (Mrs) ATHENS, William 1854-Apr-11
AMOS, Martha ELLIS, Preston 1880-Nov-07
AMOS, Martha JOHNS, Semore 1876-Feb-24
AMOST, Jane MONDAY, George 1870-Sep-08
ANDERSON, Caroline G STOCKSTILLL, H M 1883-Jun-04
ANN, Cloey BURTON, Aaron 1868-Mar-01
ANTHONY, Elizabeth HOLDEN, Wm 1873-Jul-12
ANTHONY, Hester SAM, Edmon 1870-May-12
ANTOINE, Esperine LOTT, A J 1866-Jul-16
ANTONIE, Gasperine LOTT, A J 1866-Jul-16
ARD, Nancy THOMAS, James 1872-Feb-16
ARMISTEAD, Mary E RUSS, Jasper L 1873-Aug-14
ARMSTEAD, Mollie JONES, John 1888-Mar-24
ARMSTRONG, Jane FANTLER, Florian 1855-Sep-15
ARMSTRONG, Minerva JACKSON, John 1893-Aug-10
ARNOLD, Mary Ward MILLER, Ebenezar 1880-Mar-15
ASCHER, Margaret G CASANOVA, Joseph A 1877-Sep-14
ATKINSON, Arminda JONES, Baley 1868-Mar-05
ATKINSON, Mary Susanna CROWFORD, Thomas H 1859-Jan-01
ATKINSON, Sarah Jane DAVIS, Richard M 1863-Jun-16
ATTAWAY, Carre LEMARSHON, Lucy 1859-Jan-11
ATTAWAY, Lovenia JONES, Foster R 1881-Apr-29
ATTAWAY, Sarah A WATSON, J N 1866-Nov-10
ATTAWAY, Sarah R WATSON, J W 1866-Nov-10
AUGUSTE, Mary BOWMAN, David 1869-Jun-22
AUGUSTINE, Agathe WILSON, Ben 1869-May-15
AUGUSTUS, Josephine JENKINS, Lumas P 1882-Oct-14
AURICH, Tillie ERNST, Charles R 1891-May-31
AUSTIN, Margaret COLSON, John William 1885-Oct-29
AUSTIN, Mary BENNETT, Leon 1886-May-10
AVENIUS, Catherine JOHNSON, Charles 1873-Oct-13
AVERY, Jane BURTON, Jesse 1879-Oct-23
AVERY, Mattie Francis BERTHELOT, Joseph A 1889-Jun-15
AVET, Sarah BROWN, Frederick 1869-Aug-31


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