Hancock County Brides


HAAS, Frances M SCEROLA, Joseph J 1886-Jun-16
HAAS, Mary POLK, John 1858-Nov-25
HADE, Anastasie FAYS, Louis 1882-Dec-20
HAGARDORN, KAMMER, Joseph H 1891-Aug-19
HALE, Josephine Mrs AMES, Hugh O 1869-Oct-02
HALL, Cornelia PEADEN, John 1876-Apr-24
HALL, Hessey ACKER, Henry 1872-May-02
HALL, Lillie May BOONE, Victor V 1889-Oct-30
HALL, Missy KNOX, Jackson 1867-Feb-09
HALL, Pauline MARTIN, George W F 1875-Aug-25
HAMILTON, Mary WILLIAMS, Primus 1869-Nov-24
HAMM, Nellie RIDDLE, David 1890-Apr-28
HAMMON, Laura L WAMACK, A G B 1866-Dec-31
HAMMON, Laura S WAMACK, A G B 1866-Dec-31
HAMMOND, Sarah LARABO, John 1886-Nov-15
HAMPTON, Mary Pardue JENKINS, Lumas 1868-May-17
HAMPTON, Mary Pardue JENKINS, Lumas 1868-May-17
HAMPTON, Melinda WILLIAMS, Philip 1887-Nov-05
HAND, Milly DOBY, Grand Jury 1873-Apr-07
HAND, Olevia LEWIS, William 1883-Dec-06
HANDS, Charisey WILLIAMS, George 1878-Sep-26
HANDY, Josephine HOLLOWAY, Joseph 1882-May-01
HANDY, Rebecca WATSON, John 1893-Sep-28
HANER, Johanna FESKE, Herman 1873-Jul-18
HANO, Nannie C LEDYARD, Thomas A 1883-May-08
HANOLE, Mary ELLIS, Sanville 1871-Feb-09
HANSBROUGH, Cora OURY, William L 1884-Sep-25
HAPGOOD, Mary PIERROT, Francois 1871-Feb-21
HARBARD, Maria PARKER, Allen 1871-May-18
HARGE, Clara JEFFERSON, Washington 1893-May-27
HAROLD, Nancy LEE, Elijah 1861-Feb-20
HARRIEL, Ellender SMITH, Lemuel E 1889-Jan-24
HARRINGTON, Lillie LUXICH, Frank J 1880-Jul-12
HARRIS, Cinthia SELF, Richard 1884-Jan-02
HARRIS, Clara GREEN, Henry 1892-Jun-04
HARRIS, Ella PETERS, Steve 1886-Feb-23
HARRIS, Frances Mrs WHITE, Wellington 1894-Sep-18
HARRIS, Jenny SQUIRES, Charles 1895-Dec-01
HARRIS, Minervia BONNER, Hilliard 1880-Oct-05
HARRISON, Leonie LADNER, John Baptiste 1884-Nov-09
HARRISON, Sarah DUVALL, William 1874-Apr-25
HARRISON, Sarah RICHARDSON, Louis 1884-Jan-02
HART, Josephine MARTIN, Samuel 1890-Dec-23
HART, Margaret E JONES, Samuel L 1859-Sep-05
HARVEY, Mary A I SMITH, Joseph 1865-Jun-18
HASS, Mary J BORDAYES, Joe J 1875-Jun-28
HAVENS, Emeline LADNER, Nathaniel 1853-Aug-06
HAW, Margaret HESLIN, H W 1870-Jan-28
HAW, Victoria M BONTEMPS, D W 1870-Feb-28
HAYES, Hettie COLEMAN, Henry 1895-Nov-25
HAYS, Elizabeth KINMARE, John 1855-Jul-26
HEAD, Charlotte LADNER, Lampkin 1886-Jul-01
HEAD, Jincey DOBSON, John L 1887-Mar-07
HEBLEN, Catherine Eleonora PEEPLES, John 1890-Jun-04
HEIDERHOFF, Magdalena KORNER, Henry 1870-Jun-20
HEIDT, A B Mrs WILLIAMS, C H 1881-May-30
HENDERSON, Caroline CHARLO, Charles 1868-Aug-09
HENDERSON, Mary Mrs BARNES, Thomas 1879-Sep-24
HENDRICKSON, Eliza GRIFFIN, John 1871-Apr-05
HENIARD, Anna Elizabeth ARMISTEAD, Monroe 1886-Feb-11
HENLEY, Adeline JACKSON, Williams 1891-Sep-07
HENLEY, Amanda BILBO, Wm 1879-Apr-08
HENLEY, Antoinette COOPER, G W 1890-Jul-30
HENLEY, Casy Eveline An HAAS, Francois 1856-May-29
HENLEY, Charlotte BURGE, William 1886-Apr-03
HENLEY, Eilcyann MORAN, Zenon 1860-Jan-05
HENLEY, Eliza Jane PENTON, William W 1889-Apr-19
HENLEY, Evangeline SMITH, William 1869-Aug-02
HENLEY, Isabella THOMPSON, Robert 1892-Mar-23
HENLEY, Luraine V MITCHELL, Thomas J 1867-Nov-26
HENLEY, Lurainy MITCHELL, Thomas J 1867-Nov-26
HENLEY, Mary J SEAL, Thomas J 1879-Dec-04
HENLEY, Mary Jane MORAN, Victor Jr 1859-Dec-28
HENLEY, Sarah BURGE, B F 1889-Mar-24
HENLY, Josephine LEWIS, A J 1866-Dec-15
HENLY, Josephine LEWIS, A J 1866-Dec-14
HENRY, Annie CUMMINGS, Jack 1894-Sep-01
HENRY, Caroline ROBERTS, Louis 1870-Jul-24
HENRY, Cecilia BENOIT, Oscar 1891-Aug-22
HENRY, Florence WARMOTH, Henry 1893-Jan-09
HENRY, Manda BAGGETT, Zack 1872-Jun-20
HENRY, Mary CLARK, Paul 1884-Feb-11
HENRY, Millie PETERS, Warren 1880-Mar-26
HENRY, Sarah AUGUSTUS, Joseph J 1887-Oct-01
HENRY, Sarah KIRKWOOD, Joseph 1885-May-08
HENRY, Susan FLEMING, Jules 1888-Feb-11
HERRINGTON, Sarah Justine COSPOLISH, Joseph Peter 1874-Sep-10
HESTER, Mary Ann (Mrs) ATTAWAY, Isac 1866-Oct-26
HESTER, Mary Ann Mrs ATTAWAY, Isaac 1866-Oct-26
HESTER, Matelda Mrs BARTON, James 1872-Jun-18
HESTER, Matilda Mrs BURTON, James 1870-Aug-22
HICKMAN, Melicy Jane PERKINS, Joseph R 1880-Feb-26
HICKS, Elizabeth WOOTON, Mingo 1873-May-15
HICKS, Ellen MONDAY, Mathew 1884-Mar-25
HICKS, Sophronia BENNETT, W R 1870-Dec-30
HIGGINS, Ella P WERTZ, Louis 1874-May-27
HILL, Frances ROBERTS, Louis 1893-Jun-03
HILL, Mary Ann MORAN, John B 1863-May-21
HILL, Melica Jane MORRIN, Peter 1866-May-30
HILL, Melissa J MORRIS, Peter 1866-May-30
HILL, Nancy M E LUMPKIN, Gideon R 1886-Mar-22
HILL, Sarah DILLINGHAM, J H 1884-Nov-24
HILL, Sarah Almena CRAWFORD, Alonzo Dixon 1888-May-10
HINES, Eliza J RAYMOND, Peter 1883-Jan-10
HITCHCOCK, Anna HENSHAW, Richard B 1888-Apr-13
HOAR, Louisa HERLIKY, Timothy 1891-Jun-11
HODE, Elvizia NICAISE, Armand 1895-Dec-26
HODE, Louise Frances Phi LADNER, Leon 1886-Aug-05
HODE, Maturin MALLEY, Olivra 1875-Jun-07
HODGES, Susan BRIDGES, Pinkney 1865-Oct-14
HOFFMAN, Agnes M BASSICH, Louis 1887-Apr-12
HOFFMAN, Alvina HART, Archebold R 1891-Nov-26
HOFFMAN, Annie M RUISECH, Peter 1877-Apr-25
HOFFMAN, Carrie M GUERRA, J Renaldo 1887-Jan-26
HOFFMAN, Louise ADIS, George H 1872-Jan-29
HOLBROOKS, Mary E FRIASON, J A 1867-Dec-25
HOLDEN, Angeline MITCHELL, Rutilous 1871-Aug-02
HOLDEN, Eleonora M LADNER, Dave 1889-Apr-25
HOLDEN, Frances WILLIAMS, Moses 1883-Nov-22
HOLDEN, Mary Agnes NICAISE, Romain J 1894-Jun-07
HOLDRIDGE, Frances HOWZE, James B 1863-Oct-01
HOLLEMAN, Louisa C BENNETT, James H 1887-Mar-03
HOLLEMAN, Mars Mrs SPEARS, Thomas 1867-Jul-27
HOLLEMAN, Petronia LEONARD, John W 1886-Dec-30
HOLLEMON, Lou SMITH, Boyd 1884-Oct-30
HOLLIMAN, Mary SPEARS, Thomas 1867-Jul-27
HOLLOMAN, Elouiza MOYE, David 1853-Dec-06
HOLLOMAN, Filicy Anna BATES, Joseph 1857-Jul-09
HOLMES, Josephine ISAAC, Saml 1871-Aug-01
HOOVER, Sarah MURPHY, James Jr 1858-Feb-22
HOPE, Mary SMITH, Edward 1879-Nov-15
HORSLEY, Mary Mrs MERTHA, Lawrence 1878-Aug-12
HOTE, Mary Ann LAWLER, John J 1892-May-25
HOUSE, Barbary ZANGERLING, John 1855-Nov-14
HOUSR, Margaret E FARVE, Augustin V 1854-Sep-03
HOUZE, Mary CARVER, Henry 1893-Mar-11
HOVE, Amelia LADNER, John T 1880-Dec-03
HOWARD, Ann MONTGOMARY, Martin 1870-Aug-23
HOWARD, Anna Jane NEWMAN, Madison 1855-Jan-04
HOWARD, Annie Jane ANDERSON, Henry Jackson 1882-May-03
HOWARD, Cecilia LEE, Lott 1892-Sep-15
HOWARD, Joana STRAHAN, William 1888-Mar-09
HOWARD, Mamie BURTON, Edward 1888-May-29
HOWARD, Margarette KENNEDY, John A 1856-Dec-24
HOWARD, Talitha JONES, Henry 1868-Apr-30
HOWELL, Mary E (Mrs) MCCARTY, Robert 1865-Feb-12
HOWZE, Mary L MURPHEY, Samuel 1863-Oct-29
HOXSIE, Betsy Ann BRONSON, Ethel V 1885-Mar-28
HUBBARD, Rosa FULEBRON, Louis 1891-Apr-22
HUBER, Elizabeth V MCFADDEN, Milton H 1877-Apr-04
HUBER, Mary HOWZE, Isaac H 1876-Jan-21
HUDSON, Celia YARBA, Thomas 1890-Apr-16
HUGHES, Elizabeth JARRELL, Rodney C 1891-Oct-15
HUMBACK, Mary DILLMAN, George 1886-Apr-28
HUMPHREY, Elizabeth BYRD, Redding 1866-Jan-27
HUMPHRIES, Nancy SEAL, Eli 1882-Feb-09
HUNT, Clara AMOS, George 1894-Feb-26
HURSEY, Adele DOWNS, William M 1859-Nov-29
HURSEY, Emma M MCCARTY, Charles W 1865-Feb-19
HUTCHINS, Lucy HARRIS, Kane 1877-Mar-29


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