Grenada County Brides

L - M

LACOCK, Annie R WOLFE, Walter B 1888-Jan-25
LADD, Mary A Mrs WOOD, W H 1875-Apr-12
LADD, Mollie E WILLIAMS, Van W 1880-Apr-05
LAKE, Emma AUSTIN, E L 1878-Feb-19
LAKE, Hellen BELEW, W A 1871-Jul-17
LANGFORD, Eliza UPTEGROVE, George W 1873-Jul-05
LANGFORD, Susy Ann HARRISON, W J 1871-Oct-23
LANKFORD, Mary M HARRISON, John N 1871-May-10
LAY, M A Mrs AVEN, F C 1880-Mar-12
LEE, Laura W JOHNSON, Hiram B 1875-Jan-29
LEE, Ollie CRAWFORD, W A 1882-Sep-05
LEFLORE, Fannie TRIMBLE, Charles 1886-Jan-19
LEFLORE, Rosa D WEST, F E 1880-Oct-20
LEMON, N C Miss THOMAS, Newton 1876-Sep-19
LEMONS, A F Miss CREEKMORE, W R 1872-Jan-27
LEMONS, Dora ROOK, W B 1886-Dec-27
LEVERETT, Alice PATTERSON, H C 1885-Oct-02
LILES, Hannah OBRIEN, C F 1888-Apr-24
LILLY, Lucy D Mrs NASON, R J 1881-Aug-20
LILLY, V Mrs FOSTER, J A 1889-Feb-01
LINDSAY, Fannie M WIMBERLY, R E 1884-Sep-30
LIPE, Emma KEEVER, J M 1875-Dec-28
LIPE, Maggie WOODS, J H 1884-Jan-01
LIPE, S I Miss STEVENS, John T 1880-Feb-20
LITTLE, Eliza BERKHALTER, George 1883-Dec-19
LLOYD, Susanna JENNINGS, M D L 1882-Oct-20
LONG, Alice CAFFEY, Robert W 1882-Feb-07
LONG, L J Miss ANDREWS, L W 1879-Nov-22
LONG, R S Miss ATKINSON, W S 1872-Jan-19
LUCAS, Julia A Mrs BROSINS, W K 1880-Oct-11
LYLES, Sallie DURBIN, James D 1887-Sep-28
MARSHALL, Sallie H Mrs WITHERS, Charles A 1881-Apr-26
MARTER, F C Miss SINGLETON, W F 1888-Dec-25
MARTIN, Belle TRUSSELL, L M 1884-Jan-05
MARTIN, Emma C EPPERSON, John H 1881-Nov-29
MATSON, Benda BERNHARDT, Louis 1870-Sep-15
MAXEY, Elvina T OAKES, J T 1873-Jul-24
MAY, Mary M ABLES, E Green 1882-Jan-28
MAYHEW, Allice E YOUNG, R A 1877-Dec-20
MAYS, L F Miss PARKER, W J 1879-Apr-04
MCAFEE, Mary Mrs LEE, S C Dr 1871-Apr-17
MCAFFEE, Rebecca S MOSS, J F 1884-Dec-08
MCCALL, Susan L Mrs MCCLAFFERTY, W 1880-Mar-05
MCCAN, O E Mrs JORDAN, J E 1887-Jan-09
MCCARVER, Laura T HENDERSON, Charlie A 1870-Dec-28
MCCASHIR, Millie L MARTIN, Lewis A 1876-Nov-23
MCCASLIN, Ella H KEETON, N R 1876-Dec-21
MCCLELLAN, Isabell SINKLER, L 1878-May-22
MCCOY, Emily L BUZBEE, Ira T 1872-Nov-07
MCCRARY, Amanda E CARPENTER, Henry 1870-Dec-31
MCCROSKEY, Mary E PURCELL, George 1870-Sep-20
MCELRATH, Idella L BAKER, William R 1880-Sep-22
MCFARLAND, Ida T Mrs SAUNDERS, Lucian L 1882-Jan-12
MCLEAN, Carrie GOODWIN, Charles E 1884-Sep-11
MCMATH, Georgia W COOLEY, J M 1875-Apr-02
MCMATH, Laura RICHARDSON, W G 1879-Mar-15
MCNAMARA, M Miss WIGGINS, W J 1886-Jan-13
MCSWINE, A Mrs WILSON, J B 1873-Jan-08
MEEK, Mary E Mrs WEBB, Samuel 1871-Oct-26
MERITT, M C Miss BARTON, John B 1873-Jan-02
MERRITT, Adeline M Mrs GIBBS, William 1881-Nov-14
MERRITT, T A J Miss WYATT, William S 1878-May-21
MILLER, D C Miss BUTT, C C 1878-Nov-30
MILLER, D V Miss BUTT, C C 1871-Feb-06
MILLER, Hattie SIMPSON, R R 1885-Jan-29
MILLER, Mary DEVANEY, R D 1871-Mar-18
MILLER, Mary MCCORKLE, J W 1882-Jan-19
MITCHELL, Johana ROSS, J H 1870-Sep-12
MITCHELL, Sallie G NOWELL, John P 1870-Nov-14
MONDAY, Ella E BAKER, S D 1875-Feb-19
MOORE, Alice V GREENHAW, George W 1876-Mar-15
MOORE, Ella DYCHE, K P 1876-Dec-07
MOORE, Mary J THOMPSON, William 1873-Jan-29
MOORE, Mollie F GABLE, H W 1880-Mar-09
MOSELY, M F Mrs GAINS, Henry 1879-Nov-11
MOSS, S A Miss OXLEY, R P 1875-Oct-13
MULLIN, Lelia WINN, F G 1885-Aug-31
MUSSELWHITE, Jane MORGAN, Samuel 1873-Feb-17
MUSSELWHITE, Laura NALL, Charles M 1883-Feb-26
MUSSELWHITE, S A M Miss MEEKS, B W 1876-Jan-03


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