Grenada County Brides

H - I

HADEN, Hulda CLARK, Lish H 1884-Feb-11
HADEN, M J Mrs OAKES, J T 1885-Mar-28
HAIDEN, Josephine COLEMAN, Robert F 1874-Oct-20
HALL, Evie L WHITAKER, W H 1887-Nov-30
HALL, M B Mrs DUKE, W E 1882-Sep-09
HAMMONDS, Maggie M CURLE, Samuel J 1884-Jan-28
HANKS, F Augusta Mrs MARGARET, G Marion 1876-Aug-22
HARDWICK, Lou Mrs MCKIEGNEY, James E 1874-Mar-24
HARPER, Retha Jane WEEMS, D A 1874-Dec-14
HARRELL, L A Miss FRASER, L L 1873-Nov-19
HARRELSON, Emily Mrs MINGA, John P 1874-Jan-26
HARRIS, Ella E DENHAM, L F 1889-Jan-11
HARRIS, Louvenia HURD, Allen 1886-Feb-17
HARRIS, Lucinda MCLURE, R A 1875-Oct-25
HARRIS, M A Miss TURNER, J H 1886-Oct-09
HARRIS, Nancy HUDSON, T H 1877-Oct-23
HARRIS, Z A Mrs GREENHILL, R H 1871-Dec-13
HARRISON, Dora SMITH, James B 1876-Nov-15
HARRISON, F M Miss HUDSON, W O 1884-Feb-13
HATCHETT, Delila DAWKINS, Felix 1873-Mar-17
HAYDEN, Lizzie ROSS, David 1879-Dec-22
HAYDEN, Willie Miss ATKINSON, S E 1887-Mar-01
HAYDEN, Willie Miss HUFFMAN, H H 1887-Mar-23
HEARD, S Mrs HINMAN, H S 1885-Feb-10
HEARN, Sallie L KING, John S 1884-Jan-19
HEATH, Casey FERGUSON, Jimmie 1887-Jan-03
HEATH, L H Miss COOK, William 1879-Aug-27
HEFFNER, L M Mrs ELLER, H C 1883-Nov-29
HENDERSON, Sissa REDDICK, John 1871-May-13
HENDRICKS, Sarah J ELMORE, L R 1881-Feb-03
HENSON, Fannie DUNN, Hiram 1873-Oct-11
HERNDON, Mattie LEVY, C P 1871-May-15
HIGHGATE, Annie DUBARD, A G 1882-Sep-16
HIGHGATE, Falba J HUFFINGTON, John E 1889-Feb-13
HIGHGATE, Jeanie G WRIGHT, W B 1889-Feb-13
HIGHGATE, Margaret B WEIGERT, A S 1876-Dec-21
HIGHTOWER, Adelia JONES, Steven 1887-Dec-14
HIGHTOWER, Lizzie H WINDHAM, H L 1889-Jan-08
HIGHTOWER, Mattie MULLEN, F L 1886-Oct-15
HIGHTOWER, Tinnie LONG, S B 1873-Jan-03
HILL, E H Miss BUTLER, J M 1883-Feb-27
HILL, Martha KENDALL, S G 1871-Dec-19
HILL, Susie A LONG, A J 1883-Mar-27
HISAW, Dosia WEDGEWORTH, G W 1886-Dec-29
HOFFA, May READ, George 1888-Nov-12
HOFFA, Stella M LAKE, Richard P 1878-Jan-21
HOLDER, E J Mrs RODGERS, A L 1880-Feb-04
HOLLAND, Ellen A COX, M D 1886-Jan-26
HOLLAND, Martha Ann THOMPSON, W A 1873-Jul-05
HOLLAND, S A Miss SMITH, C A 1880-May-09
HOLLEY, A L Miss TATUM, S T 1880-Jan-19
HOLLEY, Victoria LILLEY, J J 1877-Jan-13
HOLMES, M L Miss BRISTER, J W 1888-Feb-23
HOOKER, Florence PORTER, James 1884-Nov-22
HOOKER, Georgia A TRUSSELL, William M 1873-Dec-01
HOOKER, R Miss HOOKER, B J 1879-Mar-07
HOOPER, E E Mrs TRAYLOR, J W 1878-Apr-15
HORTON, Lou E Mrs PRITCHARD, James 1883-Dec-31
HOWARD, Lida Lake Mrs OWEN, R N 1877-Dec-24
HOWELL, E J Miss STREATER, E G 1871-Jul-05
HOWIE, Mary E SUGGETT, Walter W 1884-Sep-30
HOWLE, Elizabeth HOWELL, George T 1872-Feb-27
HOWLE, M A Mrs SHANKLE, J F 1879-Feb-19
HUDSON, Annie CARPENTER, H C 1883-Aug-16
HUDSON, Jane BOATNER, Claiborn 1872-Jan-21
HUFFINGTON, Annie KEENE, James E 1881-Jan-12
HUFFINGTON, Nettie C HERBERT, George A 1881-Aug-25
HUFFMAN, M F Miss LEWIS, J W 1879-Dec-20
HUGHES, Isabella G GWIN, J E 1881-Jun-09
HUGHES, Jane Mrs ROUNSAVILLE, Joseph 1883-Jan-02
HUGHES, M F Miss COFFMAN, C M 1871-Feb-08
HUGHES, Sarah R KNOX, James Mcree 1871-Jul-11
HYNSON, Creesy DUNN, Nathan 1870-Aug-02
INGRAM, Alice R MCAFEE, R W 1886-Dec-09
INGRAM, Mary W WILLIS, P P 1884-Jun-25
INMAN, L E Mrs WEDGEWORTH, Wesley 1873-Mar-17


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