Grenada County Brides


CAFFEY, Achsa CLARK, J T 1884-Nov-27
CAFFEY, Addie LEVERETT, J E 1886-Jan-28
CAFFEY, Angie TINDAL, G W 1873-Nov-11
CAFFEY, Beauanna L DALE, J W 1882-Oct-28
CAFFEY, Belle RATTLIFF, James 1888-Aug-16
CAFFEY, L E Miss BOWEN, J W 1885-Dec-26
CAFFEY, L E Miss ROSS, William L 1881-Jan-15
CALDWELL, Mary E TRIBBLE, T F 1871-Feb-13
CALDWELL, Mary S BROWN, A M 1874-Mar-10
CAPSHAW, Sarah Mrs SPEARS, William A J 1887-Feb-19
CARPENTER, Annie HARRIS, B L 1885-Dec-22
CARROLL, Allie CASTLE, W M 1887-Dec-01
CARROLL, Fannie E CARL, Jonathan A 1875-Mar-27
CARROLL, Pocahontas P ADAMS, Edmund S 1870-Jul-11
CASTLE, Lou CARROLL, T C 1887-Dec-01
CASTLES, Ally LINZY, Thomas 1881-Dec-19
CHAMBERLAIN, Cora TROTTER, Walter 1888-Jul-18
CHAMBERLAIN, D A Miss ADAMS, B C Jr 1879-Jul-15
CHAMBERLAIN, S P Miss BRADFORD, John S 1872-Mar-19
CHANDLER, Offie E MCCAN, John H 1883-Apr-03
CHAPMAN, Louella LYLES, Robert 1880-Nov-24
CHAPMAN, R I Miss BARDWELL, E E 1887-Sep-22
CHAPMAN, S E Miss NORWOOD, J G 1879-Jan-11
CHILDERS, Mary E Mrs DICKSON, John F 1884-Oct-03
CHILDS, Corrie SHEWMAKE, Kearney 1886-Jun-18
CHILDS, D A Miss MARTER, J C 1873-Jan-01
CHRISMOND, Amanda N BAYS, E D 1875-Jul-26
CHRISTOPHERSON, Wilhelm Min JONES, Thomas 1873-Dec-23
CLARK, Ada CARVER, Henderson 1885-Nov-30
CLARK, Laura E PARKER, J T 1884-Dec-17
CLARK, Lish H HADEN, Hulda 1884-Feb-11
CLARK, Lula TOWNSEND, B F 1875-Jan-27
CLARK, Mary Jane Mrs HADEN, D P 1876-Sep-09
CLARK, Nannie Mrs WOOD, George W 1884-Jul-17
COFFEY, Ella LEVERETT, J T 1888-Sep-19
COFFMAN, Eliza R HUGHES, John E 1873-Apr-21
COHEA, Clara B ROBERTS, J N 1889-Jan-29
COHEA, Julia A HILL, J H 1872-Jan-09
COHN, Bertha C KOSMINSKY, Charles W 1884-Jan-15
COHRAN, Martha SALLEY, John A 1871-Nov-08
COLEY, A Miss UPTEGROVE, G W 1873-Apr-09
COLLINS, Lizzie Mrs TURNER, Robert 1887-Dec-30
COLLINS, Susie MCLEAN, William C 1882-Aug-21
COOK, Dorcas A DEWENT, Reuben A 1884-Sep-24
COOLEY, Sallie Mrs DANIELS, A F 1883-Dec-18
COTTON, Henrietta V YEAGER, W R 1884-Nov-20
COTTON, Mary Fmrs SEALE, Andrew J 1875-Oct-29
COWLES, E Amiss HORTON, R Jr 1878-Apr-16
CRAWFORD, M J Miss LEE, S R 1879-Jul-15
CRAWFORD, Mary MORGAN, J W 1878-Dec-16
CRAWFORD, Missouria GOLDEN, E W 1885-Dec-17
CRAWFORD, Victoria WILLIAMS, R H 1878-Jul-15
CRENSHAW, Cordelia JONES, John Walter 1871-Jan-05
CRENSHAW, M E Miss JACKSON, Joseph R 1873-Jul-08
CRESSWELL, M A Miss KELLY, Thomas 1880-Jan-21
CRESSWELL, Mollie MADDEN, Stephen B 1875-Dec-20
CROWDER, Mary H Mrs MCRAE, J D 1872-Jan-09
CROWDER, N E Miss LEIGH, J Lane 1870-Jul-18
CROWDER, Sarah ARMSTRONG, Samuel 1872-Feb-23
CRUMP, Mary KENDALL, John E 1870-Dec-20
CURREY, Ellen A ARNOLD, J P 1888-Feb-10
CUSHMAN, E A Mrs COLLINS, R A 1876-May-29


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