Grenada County Brides


BAILEY, Manerva J BATES, G W 1872-Dec-13
BALLARD, B Lulu EVRITT, W F 1887-Sep-27
BALLETT, Ann Mrs THOMAS, William 1887-May-25
BARDWELL, C A Miss HOWELL, W R 1879-Mar-22
BARDWELL, Clemmentine C CLARK, Robert G 1882-Sep-05
BARDWELL, M E Miss HOWELL, R B 1878-Dec-29
BARKSDALE, Annie Z COLLINS, F P 1888-Jun-18
BARKSDALE, Mary S CONWAY, George W 1882-Nov-01
BARNES, Margaret W MARKHAM, John F 1881-Jan-04
BARTON, Martha C Mrs LONG, Benjamin M 1876-Jan-28
BATES, Mary J PHILLIPS, James M 1874-Feb-09
BATY, Laura J BAILEY, W R 1873-Sep-18
BEARD, Ada NASON, Richard H 1876-Dec-16
BEARD, Anna Jones DUBARD, W M 1872-Oct-23
BEARD, Hellen HANKS, F M 1888-Dec-31
BEARD, Mary A GORDON, Thomas H 1876-Jan-07
BEATTY, E P Miss MORRIS, P M 1880-Jun-10
BECK, Ada PEACOCK, H B 1879-Nov-12
BECK, Eliza R ODOM, M M 1872-Dec-18
BECK, Florrie MOSS, W K 1885-Jun-03
BELL, Lucretia SHIPP, T F 1878-May-03
BELL, Narcissa MOORE, J A 1874-Jan-07
BELLOWS, Elizabeth KETTLE, Jacob Sidney 1875-Dec-03
BENNETT, Delilah M TONEY, David C 1882-Feb-23
BERKHALTER, Hattie HOWARD, J M 1883-Dec-19
BERNHARD, Anna PATTERSON, Charles 1871-Mar-05
BERRY, Annie Mrs GORDON, Will D 1888-Apr-10
BERRY, J Sillia SHITTAKER, L 1831-Dec-10
BERRYHILL, Florence NABORS, J D 1887-Feb-24
BIRHAN, N Cmiss SIMPSON, J W 1874-Mar-25
BLACK, Alice HAILE, David S 1870-Dec-23
BLACK, Ellen ARCHER, David B 1875-May-04
BLAKELY, E V Miss STEWART, J R 1887-Dec-20
BLAKELY, Hattie FRAZIER, Edgar G 1887-Jan-08
BOLTON, E J Miss WILKINSON, C J 1879-Nov-25
BOND, Ann Mrs MOFFATT, J S 1872-Feb-03
BOWEN, A Anna MITCHELL, J A 1872-Aug-23
BOWEN, Bell STEVENS, J R 1878-Dec-20
BOWEN, Henrietta SMITH, J R 1875-Oct-16
BOWEN, Maggie CAFFEY, Henry N 1883-Mar-31
BOWEN, Melissa A Mrs CROWDER, Hamlet L 1875-Apr-15
BOWLES, Ida PHELAN, Thomas 1883-Sep-17
BOWLES, Pink WOOD, William 1889-Feb-28
BOYETT, Annie SIMPSON, John T 1889-Feb-07
BRANAGHAN, A M Miss SPENCER, C S 1882-Apr-24
BREWER, Manerva BELL, Thomas 1871-Dec-04
BREWER, S W Miss SPENCER, C S 1887-Dec-19
BROWN, Eliza Mrs MCCANN, J M 1874-Mar-12
BROWNING, Ellen Mrs HARDIN, J B 1880-Jan-31
BUFFALOE, Isadore WHITFIELD, Albert H 1876-Dec-13
BURNAM, Jennie HARRIS, W C 1883-Nov-27
BURNHAM, C E Miss DUBARD, C R 1878-Dec-17
BURT, Cherrie O BAILEY, J R 1882-Oct-18
BUSBY, Carrie MULLIGAN, William 1876-Dec-30
BUSBY, Catharine WEEKS, Edward S 1877-Jun-28
BUTLER, Addie B MITCHELL, J W 1884-Nov-12
BUTLER, Fannie M MARTIN, Robert T 1881-Oct-25



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