Greene County Grooms


SALTER, Albert BEARDSLEE, Retha Bell Mrs 1906-Dec-21
SALTER, Wilber Mitchel Dr YOUNG, Roberta P 1908-Apr-22
SANDEFUR, Treeby L GODWIN, B C 1904-Nov-14
SANDERS, G L SLUTTS, Mary 1906-Jul-16
SANFORD, Robert HOWARD, Sarah 1884-Jun-02
SCARBOROUGH, Alex LANKFORD, Mary E 1892-Nov-07
SCARBROUGH, James WALLEY, M N 1883-Mar-04
SCOTT, James MILLEY, Caroline 1888-Apr-15
SCOTT, James WILLIAMS, Mandy 1900-Dec-23
SCOTT, Mack SANDS, Pearl 1907-Jul-21
SCOTT, W V MILLS, Bessie 1900-Apr-26
SCOTT, William SHEPHERD, Minnie 1900-Apr-04
SHEEHY, R E WESTERFIELD, Rebecca 1900-Aug-06
SHEPARD, Ben HAVARD, Betsy 1905-Apr-28
SHEPARD, Frank P HOLLAND, Minnie L 1895-Dec-25
SHEPARD, John T ADAMS, Sarah 1880-Dec-15
SHEPARD, L J BRUCE, Eliza M Mrs 1887-Mar-19
SHEPARD, M F HOLIMAN, Georgianne 1890-Feb-05
SHEPARD, R L ADAMS, Nancy C 1888-Dec-19
SHEPARD, Theodore SMITH, Genie 1908-Sep-13
SHEPHARD, W M PARKER, Ollie 1901-Apr-14
SHEPHEARD, Robert HAVARD, Lucy 1904-Feb-27
SHINE, Will MCDONALD, Pearl 1904-Apr-16
SHUMAN, J M COLEMAN, Georgia Mrs 1906-Aug-09
SIMMONS, Joseph TERREL, Nancy 1907-Jun-12
SIMMONS, Shed CHATMAN, Emma Mrs 1906-Oct-18
SIMPSON, Albert BOND, Willie Ann 1901-Jun-26
SIMPSON, George GAINES, Annie 1891-Mar-22
SIMPSON, Toney MCINIS, Mary 1876-Oct-19
SIMPSON, Tony PIERCE, Betty 1897-Sep-15
SINGLETON, A J SINGLETON, Olivia N 1882-Dec-21
SINGLETON, John LOPER, Sarah J 1879-May-10
SISTRUNK, Walter PHAFRIS, Susie 1902-Aug-18
SLATHAM, William HAYS, Annie 1893-Oct-05
SLAUGHTER, John STRING, Minnie 1904-Dec-17
SMALLWOOD, Frank MARSHALL, Anna 1899-Jul-03
SMALLWOOD, Matt SHUMAKE, 1897-Apr-10
SMITH, A J DURMAN, Nancy A 1899-Jul-04
SMITH, Abraham WEST, M E 1901-Aug-25
SMITH, Abram Hadley GREEN, Bessie 1908-Oct-07
SMITH, Alex BRELAND, Louvenia 1896-Sep-25
SMITH, Alfred COCHRAN, L E 1908-Aug-26
SMITH, Alfred DAWSON, Nancy 1899-Mar-08
SMITH, Alfred J DUNNAM, Nancy A 1899-Mar-09
SMITH, Andrew F DYE, Willie M 1909-Feb-03
SMITH, D Y BRANNON, M Mrs 1909-Nov-14
SMITH, I A MEADOWS, Lizzie 1904-Oct-10
SMITH, J M BOYKIN, M S 1878-Jun-22
SMITH, James WALLEY, Martha Almeta 1902-Jun-19
SMITH, Joe MONYER, Rose Mrs 1903-Nov-17
SMITH, John JOHNSON, Fannie 1905-Nov-17
SMITH, Jonas SIMPSON, Amanda 1883-Nov-02
SMITH, Martin GUNN, Epsy 1909-Jul-11
SMITH, P W MCLEOD, Harriet M 1906-Apr-28
SMITH, R C MOODY, Odelia 1910-May-18
SMITH, S A BAXTER, J W 1901-Dec-23
SMITH, S A TANNER, Hattie V 1905-Dec-20
SMITH, S J WALLEY, Martha 1903-Nov-03
SMITH, Sye WILLIAMSON, Clara 1905-Sep-22
SMITH, Thomas ESTELLE, Patton 1888-Dec-27
SMITH, W C BURCH, Gemma 1892-Oct-05
SMITH, W C LANKFORD, Thursia 1906-Feb-12
SMITH, W I HENDERSON, Evalina 1897-May-30
SMITH, W P COCHRAN, E J 1891-Nov-06
SMITH, W S JOHNSON, Lark 1903-Apr-09
SMITH, Will MCCANN, Sarah 1892-Aug-25
SMITH, William CHARLIE, Rebecca 1908-Jun-09
SMITH, William KITTRELL, Ella 1902-Aug-13
SMITH, William ROBERTS, Lucile 1903-Nov-20
SNELGROVE, J N DAVIS, Mary M 1879-Jan-16
SNELLGROVE, E D MILLS, Sallie 1904-Oct-04
SNYDER, Lee WILLIAMS, Eliza L 1905-Apr-21
SOLOMON, Andrew TRIBBETT, Keziah 1897-Jan-28
SORSBURY, Ike BUTLER, Hattie 1909-Jun-21
SMITY, Alice L ROBERTS, John C 1875-Oct-19
SNOW, Lillie MILTON, Rufus 1903-Dec-08
SOLOMON, Kizzie MARTIN, Anderson 1909-Sep-08
SOMERLIN, Rose DANTZLER, M C 1901-Apr-18
SONES, Betty D WILLIAMS, Chas F 1897-Feb-25
SOWELL, Happy CARTER, J B 1893-Jun-03
SOWELL, Ira WADE, Eller 1895-Jan-15
SOWELL, James BRADLEY, Annie 1902-May-28
SPEARS, Lonie BALL, Lelia 1908-Aug-09
SPITZER, W C WILLIAMS, Nola 1907-Jul-16
STEED, Ples KEMP, Julia 1901-Feb-14
STEEL, Alex MCBERRY, A C Mrs 1888-Feb-18
STEEL, J W MARTIN, Eliza 1909-Sep-26
STEPHEN, Birk CRAWFORD, Emma 1903-Mar-17
STEPHENS, John LOVETT, Anna 1909-Jul-30
STEPHENSON, George WILLIS, Mariah Mrs 1903-Sep-11
STEVENS, H Edgar BLOWE, Inez 1903-Aug-29
STEVENS, Samuel O GIBSON, Pearl 1907-Oct-06
STEVENS, W H STEARNS, Ada O 1901-Apr-06
STEWART, James S POKE, Alice R 1884-Jan-05
STEWART, Shadrick BROCKSTON, Rubbie 1909-Dec-10
STILES, Slater THOMSON, Mary 1903-Jan-27
STILL, Al WARD, Mary 1907-Sep-21
STINSON, B F PRINE, Jane 1888-Dec-17
STINSON, Lee WALLEY, Lizzie 1910-Dec-15
STINSON, Lewis H HEATHCOCK, Georgiana 1882-Jan-06
STOLWOTHS, H HILL, Lula 1907-Aug-27
STONE, John Woodie DESHA, Julia D 1900-Nov-05
STOVALL, William Shirley BOYKIN, Dovie Maie 1906-Oct-04
STRAHAN, W HYATT, Martha 1896-Feb-21
STRICKLAND, Eugene ELLIOT, Paralee 1899-Feb-05
STRICKLAND, J W GOFF, Sarah Ann Victoria 1881-Mar-03
STRICKLAND, Layford S BREWER, Elizabeth 1901-Jul-18
STRICKLAND, S W DEARMAN, Adline 1877-Jul-09
STRICKLAND, Thomas ODOM, Margaret Isabel 1904-Dec-16
STRING, Minnie SLAUGHTER, John 1904-Dec-17
STRINGER, C H WELFORD, Eveline 1888-Feb-02
STRINGER, Lelia BRANNAN, C H 1889-May-30
STRINGER, Walter C KINCH, Gracie N 1907-Feb-28
STRONG, Lin BRADLEY, Emily 1907-May-19
SULLIVAN, D S FOWLER, Rose 1898-Jul-25
SULLIVAN, G W MIZELL, Ester 1883-Feb-15
SULLIVAN, G W MIZELL, Mary 1882-Sep-19
SULLIVAN, Isham COLIN, Amanda M 1876-Oct-06
SULLIVAN, W H LEWIS, M L 1890-Apr-28
SULLIVAN, Walter EZELL, N B 1876-Nov-14
SULLIVAN, William CHURCHWELL, Margaret A 1893-May-24
SUMERLIN, Theodore STINSON, Emma 1910-Sep-07
SUMLIN, Blunt HARTFIELD, Maggie 1906-Jan-18
SUMLIN, Joe ESTUS, Azaline 1898-Mar-08
SUMLIN, John HUNTER, Willie 1900-Aug-25
SUMMERLIN, Blunt BANKS, Rhoda 1896-Dec-22
SUMMERLIN, Blunt GAINES, Martha 1890-Oct-13
SUMMERS, J W FREMAN, Julia 1899-Oct-12
SUMMERS, S P BYRD, Martha 1907-Apr-14
SUMRALL, G W MOFFETT, Cora 1904-Aug-09
SUMRALL, N M BAILEY, Nora 1887-Apr-11
SUMROLL, James CANFIELD, Jannie 1896-Oct-25
SUTHOFF, E A B ROBERTS, Elvina 1878-Aug-05
SWEENEY, Dan SHMISS, 1891-Dec-23
SWETMAN, D W KNOBLES, Susan J 1877-Mar-07
SWINDLE, Samuel BREWER, Delia 1909-Dec-29
SWINDLE, W M BRESSIER, Mary 1905-Apr-10
SWING, Jim MOSE, Emma 1902-Dec-25


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