Greene County Grooms


RAINWATER, Charley STILL, Julia H 1894-Sep-06
RANDLE, Henry HOOD, Sallie 1902-Nov-14
RANSEFER, J W WILLIAMS, Martha 1903-Nov-23
RANSIER, E F LANGLEY, Anna Bell 1909-May-01
RASBERRY, D B REECE, Elizabeth 1882-Apr-15
RASBERRY, J FILLINGIM, Perlina 1879-Oct-23
RATLIFF, R F Dr KENNEDY, Josie M 1903-Aug-07
RAULS, Henry JOHNSON, Alis 1900-Jan-07
READ, Will MCCARTY, Minnie 1907-Jan-01
REDICK, A B SELDON, Bertha 1901-Jun-20
REDICK, Will BURLEY, Sarah 1900-Mar-01
REECE, William PRITCHET, Matilda 1904-Sep-06
REED, J M MILLS, Ida M 1897-Jan-24
REED, James GORDON, Jennie 1887-May-15
REED, Pleas LOTT, Leathie 1903-May-04
REESE, J E ROCKWELL, Malinda 1908-Jan-26
REESE, John LONG, Carrie A 1882-Oct-26
REEVES, Titus DORSETT, Annie 1905-Oct-05
RENNELS, J R SOWELL, Annie Mrs 1907-Dec-03
REYNOLDS, A N BOYKIN, German 1878-Jun-22
REYNOLDS, Albert DOVE, Sallie 1890-Nov-26
REYNOLDS, Dolphin PIERCE, Hattie 1894-Oct-24
RHINEHART, W P TURNER, Margarett M 1903-Feb-12
RHODES, James WALLEY, Silva 1878-Oct-21
RHODES, Jessie HUFF, Will 1909-Aug-22
RICH, Edward MEADOWS, Margaret J 1879-May-12
RICH, S B COCHRAN, M E 1898-Dec-15
RICHARDSON, C C WALKER, Willimina 1881-Jul-21
RICHARDSON, Joseph S ALSTON, Pauline 1890-Dec-29
RIDLEY, Moses WILLIAMS, Julia 1903-Aug-11
RIGNEY, Rolly BROWN, Philophene 1897-Dec-12
RILEY, George POPE, Mary 1893-Sep-27
ROBBINS, E L EUBANKS, Rusha 1902-Jun-25
ROBERSON, Joe SMITH, Fannie 1909-Apr-14
ROBERTS, Andrew LANDRUM, Ella 1906-Aug-08
ROBERTS, Andrus WALLEY, Betsie 1909-Dec-09
ROBERTS, Dan BOLTON, Nancy C 1887-Dec-01
ROBERTS, Dan HARTSFIELD, Nora 1882-Jan-15
ROBERTS, E E SMITH, Elizabeth 1899-Dec-08
ROBERTS, Isariah MCCULLEN, Harriett 1880-Jan-13
ROBERTS, J F MCLEOD, Nancy 1878-Sep-30
ROBERTS, J F SMITH, Bessie Mrs 1905-Nov-27
ROBERTS, J K SMITH, Jenetha 1875-Dec-20
ROBERTS, J T LOWERY, Jette 1908-Jun-08
ROBERTS, John C SMITY, Alice L 1875-Oct-19
ROBERTS, Lindsey MCLEOD, Ella 1903-Jan-01
ROBERTS, Janice E TURNER, S J 1903-Feb-05
ROBERTS, L J GREEN, Marcus E 1887-Jul-07
ROBERTS, Laura WALLEY, Ligford 1899-Oct-12
ROBERTS, Lucile SMITH, William 1903-Nov-20
ROBERTS, T D KITTRELL, Flora 1888-Sep-21
ROBERTS, Truman DEARMAN, Ida 1909-Jul-09
ROBERTSON, Albert MARSHALL, Rose 1899-Jan-22
ROBERTSON, Sidney REYNOLDS, Mary 1890-Sep-19
ROBERTSON, William HELTON, M A 1895-Dec-19
ROBINSON, Ducan FAIRLY, Sabra 1880-Nov-04
ROBINSON, Joe GRANT, Minnie 1909-Oct-15
ROBINSON, Mannis MILLERSON, Mary 1906-Jan-18
ROBINSON, Richard R DANIELS, Annabell 1902-Mar-21
ROCKWELL, Albert YATES, Ethelee 1900-Jun-28
ROGERS, Augustus POE, Josephine 1902-Mar-30
ROGERS, Buner HARRIS, J W 1888-Oct-28
ROGERS, Charley BANKS, Delphene 1909-Dec-22
ROGERS, Earnest HAVARD, Ella 1909-Nov-07
ROGERS, J H BYRD, Emiline 1885-Apr-01
ROGERS, J T HAVARD, Sarah 1883-Dec-26
ROGERS, Nathan BRONEUAX, Eva 1905-Sep-15
ROGERS, Wiley BRADLEY, Julia 1909-Mar-14
ROLACK, Preston CHANDLEY, Mary 1902-Jun-25
ROPER, G C HOLDER, Berthea 1906-Dec-10
ROPER, J M HOLDER, Linie 1907-Jul-16
ROPER, J M MERCHANT, Rosa 1903-Jun-25
ROSE, E DAUGHDRILL, Lucy 1904-Oct-11
ROSE, E H COOLEY, Ada Mrs 1901-Jul-31
ROSSER, Joe SCOTT, Sarah 1897-Mar-14
ROSSER, John LANKFORD, Julia 1876-May-20
ROSSON, Henry HUDSON, Hattie Belle 1904-Oct-11
ROUNSAVILLE, A E MCLEOD, Maggie 1893-Jan-25
ROUNSAVILLE, Davis HOWARD, Lasthia 1885-Mar-02
ROWE, T M STEINWINDER, Belle 1904-Feb-13
RUFFIAN, Jessie KITTRELL, Lucinda 1877-Jun-07
RUSH, Robt ROUNSAVILLE, Sarah 1890-Dec-11
RUSSELL, Charley MCCANN, Lottie 1907-Aug-26
RUSSELL, Johnes GARDNER, Files 1900-Jun-19
RYANS, Joe PERKINS, Lizzie 1879-Oct-11



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