Greene County Grooms

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PACKER, Sam HOOKS, Martha 1893-Sep-30
PALMER, George WILLIAMS, Mattie H 1901-Jun-19
PALMER, O C ROBERTS, Susie V 1904-Jan-21
PALMORE, Thomas GOODMAN, Mary 1904-Jan-02
PARKER, E L MILLER, Rebecca 1904-Aug-05
PARKER, J C WILLIAMS, Mary A 1898-Apr-06
PARKER, J L MCLEOD, Isabel 1909-Dec-27
PARKER, V F BUSBY, M J 1899-Dec-15
PARKER, Wm JONES, Nucil 1882-Jan-07
PARKER, Wm TURNER, Cicley 1887-Oct-18
PARTIN, M L MCINNIS, D H C 1904-Jun-29
PATTERSON, Emmett N WILLIAMS, Lola 1903-Dec-26
PATTON, Columbus ALLEN, Maggie 1903-Feb-15
PEACOCK, Joe PRENTICE, Sarah 1904-Apr-25
PEARCE, Richard KAVER, Katie 1882-Oct-05
PEARCE, W M WILLS, A E 1891-Jul-09
PEASTER, J B KNOBLES, Ella 1882-Jan-25
PEASTER, Lee P LANKFORD, Ella 1905-Nov-18
PEGUES, C J TRIBBETT, Elizabeth 1904-Jan-05
PENNY, Henry FAIRLEY, Easton 1901-Nov-07
PERKINS, George HOLLAND, Susie 1903-Apr-09
PERKINS, S E WEAVER, Maude A 1910-May-09
PERRY, Edward SMITH, Christain 1903-Mar-04
PERRY, James BRADFORD, Patsy 1901-Nov-01
PERRY, Joe J KITTRELL, Maggie 1899-Mar-02
PERRY, John W LANE, Mary Bell 1910-Feb-20
PERRY, Louis SMITH, Sarah 1909-Jan-27
PERVE, Burwell LOPER, Levy 1879-Jul-24
PETERS, Tommy MOORE, Mollie 1893-Dec-10
PETERSON, Walker W LOTT, Edna 1903-Nov-04
PETTERS, Lorinzo SIMLIN, Lilly 1899-Dec-19
PETTUS, Ephraim WATSON, Neady 1903-Oct-06
PHILLIPS, G E MAURICE, N E Mrs 1907-Jun-08
PHILLIPS, Jack WHIGAM, Sallie 1909-Jul-10
PHILLIPS, Levi CARTER, Fannie M 1879-Dec-20
PIERCE, A N WILLIAMS, Effie 1910-Mar-26
PIERCE, Barney WILIAMS, Katie 1904-Jul-28
PIERCE, Barney WILLIAMS, Ellen 1893-Mar-16
PIERCE, George Jr ADAMS, Minnie 1910-Dec-28
PIERCE, Hubbard CHURCHWELL, Sena 1894-Jul-09
PIERCE, James SMITH, Cora 1910-Mar-20
PIERCE, Jerry SMITH, Amanda 1896-Dec-31
PIERCE, L L MCLEOD, Flora 1904-Oct-08
PIERCE, Lewis CROWLEY, Mary 1897-Dec-26
PIERCE, Ollie JOHNSON, Carrie 1902-Mar-20
PIERCE, Will COCHRELL, Hannah 1909-Dec-31
PIPKIN, L P LOTT, Daisy 1910-Feb-03
PIPKIN, R P JOHNSON, Matilda 1906-Jul-02
PIPKINS, Charles MOODY, I L 1899-Apr-04
PIPKINS, Elisha BALL, Emma 1892-Sep-29
PIPKINS, Lewis HOLLIMON, Mary 1895-Oct-24
PIPKINS, M S PUGH, Annie 1903-Jul-08
PIPKINS, T S FAIRLEY, Julia 1906-Nov-07
PIPKINS, W L MCLEOD, Madge 1905-Dec-05
PITMAN, P H ROGERS, Mary E 1899-Jan-06
PLATT, W M PIERCE, Fannie 1907-May-22
PLEASURE, R P DANIELS, Francis 1901-Jun-15
POE, Edward MOODY, Millie 1900-May-21
POINTER, Geo BRELAND, Daisy 1897-Dec-20
POKE, Ollie CLOVEN, Christina 1907-Sep-05
POLION, Will SMITH, Mamie 1909-Apr-09
POLK, Eugene PRINGLE, Ada 1909-Sep-27
POOLE, H W BACKSTROM, Viola 1910-Apr-07
POPE, W T WALLEY, Kate 1897-Dec-01
PORTIS, Tommy BROWN, Maude Lee 1908-Jun-15
POSTOAK, Jack JOHNSON, Bessie 1894-Jan-21
POWE, Arthur BRADLEY, Isabel 1910-Mar-30
POWE, Burwell MCCAN, Georgiana 1882-Apr-22
POWE, C E ENNIS, Eliza 1894-Dec-13
POWE, Frank MCCASS, Hattie 1894-Oct-05
POWE, George SPENCER, Cherry 1904-Dec-22
POWE, Horace TATUM, Julia 1897-Jun-04
POWE, J L HENDERSON, Anna 1902-Jul-28
POWE, J W JOHNSON, Sellar 1888-May-31
POWE, Solomon WHITE, Laura 1887-Sep-14
POWEL, M E WHITE, A G 1899-Dec-24
POWELL, Charly JOHNSON, Mary Mrs 1904-Dec-02
POWELL, G C MCLEOD, Tuskarona 1908-Nov-11
POWELL, Jas F KITTRELL, Ida 1903-Mar-18
POWELL, M STEARNS, Mar F 1902-Sep-11
POWELL, Willie MCLEOD, Sabra 1899-Feb-23
PRENTICE, A E WILLIAMS, Kate 1875-Apr-17
PRENTICE, James DURNAN, Melinda 1901-Feb-08
PRESTON, Henry LANKFORD, Lenora 1893-Jan-12
PRESTON, J W HANK, Florence H 1898-Jun-26
PRESTON, J W LANE, Lucie 1909-May-15
PRESTON, James K STRICKLAND, Jincy E 1904-Jul-11
PRESTON, W A LANKFORD, Mary J 1899-May-28
PREWITT, J H ROBERTS, Susan 1888-Dec-01
PRICE, Henry TODD, E E 1907-Mar-24
PRIER, Green FAIRLEY, Millie 1900-Apr-12
PRIESTER, Lyman R FAULK, Fannie 1905-Jan-17
PRIM, J L STINSON, Elizabeth E 1878-Jan-09
PRINE, A J COCHRAN, F N 1889-Apr-07
PRINE, G C COWART, Mary 1909-Mar-24
PRINE, John L HOLDER, Annabella 1880-Dec-23
PRINTER, J L J SMITH, Mary J 1899-Mar-08
PRYOR, Adolphus REED, Fredonia 1888-Apr-22
PUGH, Coleman MARTIN, Matilda 1909-Jul-14
PUGH, Green WILLIAMS, Malissa 1887-Sep-07
PUGH, Will BYRD, Eliza 1900-Dec-27
QUICK, Daniel CHINNON, Mamie Mrs 1903-Sep-24


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