Greene County Grooms

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NAPIER, J M BRADFORD, Florence 1878-Dec-15
NARD, Willie TERRAL, Lula 1904-Nov-26
NEAL, Geo H CHURCHWELL, Catherine 1888-Feb-29
NEAL, George H CLARK, Angeline 1883-Mar-09
NEIL, G H TURNER, Gilla 1894-Jun-06
NELSON, J S NEELY, Sallie 1910-Jun-17
NELSON, James GAINES, Jennie 1889-Apr-13
NEWBILL, George W THOMSON, Emma Louise 1904-Jun-25
NEWELL, J W HINTON, F M 1888-Mar-25
NEWFORTH, Charles G HEATHCOCK, Virginia 1895-Apr-14
NEWTON, Will MCDONALD, Ada 1907-Jul-11
NICHOLDS, Miller TRACY, Babe 1888-Apr-01
NICHOLS, Miller WHEELER, Fannie 1887-Sep-30
NIEL, W J ANDERSON, W F 1891-May-03
NIX, Edward ROBERTS, Eliza 1888-Jul-04
NIX, Moses PARKER, Ora 1907-Mar-10
NIX, Ned FRIBBETT, Fanny 1895-Aug-13
NORWOOD, Barney WILLIAMS, Sophia 1881-May-03
NUMAN, Will MOODY, Corine 1906-Jan-16
NUSEM, J W MCLEOD, Effie C 1885-Jan-12
ODANIEL, B C MCINTOSH, Kate 1900-Dec-06
ODOM, A LONG, Mary 1889-May-25
ODOM, Carnice RHODES, Lillie Permelia 1910-Apr-07
ODOM, G D LANE, Ollie Lee 1904-Aug-26
ODOM, J C EASLEY, James M 1878-Jun-25
ONEAL, Ben THORNTON, Henrietta 1903-Jul-12
ONEAL, Clyde P MILLER, Annie 1910-Jun-16
ORANGE, Alonzo MILLS, Katie 1906-Oct-08
ORANGE, H N BROWN, Manthia 1909-Dec-02
ORANGE, Warren POWE, Violet 1878-Jul-15
ORR, W O LIVINGSTON, Edna 1908-Jun-24
OTSEY, Henry PETERS, Silla 1890-Dec-26
OUTLAW, Ed WILLIAMS, Jimmie 1901-Jan-27
OWENS, Joe FLOID, Eddy 1906-Dec-12
OXNER, W L YAWN, Sallie 1900-Jan-03


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