Green County Grooms

K - L

KELLEY, J BREWER, Mary 1885-Apr-07
KEMP, John DOBBS, Tina 1894-Sep-10
KENEDY, Harry W BEDGOOD, Annie R 1901-Mar-10
KILBURN, Henry CONAWAY, Lizer 1899-Feb-18
KING, Henry LOPER, Amanda 1879-Oct-21
KING, Henry TRIBBETT, Fannie 1893-May-11
KING, Jim FAIRLEY, Sarah 1898-May-24
KING, Lee JACKSON, Cornelious 1906-Aug-04
KING, Lewis CARTER, Kate 1909-Feb-10
KING, Will I SMITH, Valcory 1909-Dec-29
KINSEY, Martin SMITH, L A 1901-Nov-20
KITTRELL, A B PRINE, Ella 1904-Sep-12
KITTRELL, A T BYRD, A E 1898-Nov-09
KITTRELL, Alexander COPELAND, M 1877-Jul-20
KITTRELL, C A ROBERTS, Mary 1907-Jan-25
KITTRELL, C L ROBERTS, Ida 1891-Jun-04
KITTRELL, D MCLENDON, Allice 1893-Dec-25
KITTRELL, D A BACKSTROM, Geneva 1905-Mar-17
KITTRELL, E E SAVAGE, Lula 1904-Jan-04
KITTRELL, H T BACKSTRON, Lizzie 1904-May-16
KITTRELL, John S MCINNIS, Mary S 1884-Nov-12
KITTRELL, Jonathan AVERA, Lizzie 1901-Aug-28
KITTRELL, Joseph E SMITH, Ida E 1906-Dec-24
KITTRELL, Reuben KITTRELL, M A 1887-Nov-20
KITTRELL, Samuel A BYRD, Rachel 1893-Nov-28
KITTRELL, Thomas BREWER, Eliza Ann 1889-Feb-10
KITTRELL, W N ROBERTSON, Olevia C 1888-Sep-07
KITTRELL, W R WEST, M E 1893-Apr-13
KNIGHT, Gailey CHATMAN, Baura 1906-Dec-11
KNIGHT, Robert DICKINSON, Rosilla 1896-Aug-13
KNOBLES, L N CRAGINS, Lilly 1884-Sep-03
KNOWLES, John H CARTWRIGHT, Georgia Ann 1901-May-15
KOONS, F E MONTROY, Porepa Irma 1910-Apr-06
KORMAN, C DEWITT, C H 1898-Jul-17
KORNMAN, W O WHITE, M D 1899-Nov-08
KUTCHINS, Milo C WING, Alyce B 1900-Sep-06
LACKEY, J S MCLEOD, Margaret E 1897-Dec-08
LAMBERT, A A MOODY, Cora 1903-Feb-03
LAMBERT, James L STEEL, A C 1896-Dec-23
LAMBERT, W S MOODY, Lula 1905-Oct-10
LAMKIN, Dock JOHNSON, Asaline 1905-Oct-11
LANDRUM, C C PITTS, Eliza 1881-Jul-16
LANE, A J MCDONALD, Mollie 1910-Mar-05
LANE, G W GRIFFIN, J D 1881-Jan-27
LANE, G W ROBERTSON, Elizabeth 1893-Oct-15
LANE, Geo W ROBERTSON, Eliza 1907-Jul-04
LANE, Henry HEATHCOCK, Louisa 1895-Nov-13
LANE, Isaac BREWER, Louisa 1881-Aug-27
LANE, Jesse W Jr MCVICUS, Jessie 1909-Oct-21
LANE, John SULLIVAN, Julia 1884-Dec-31
LANE, John A FINUFF, Florence Viola 1905-Sep-16
LANE, Thomas H STEVENS, Bertha A 1909-Sep-05
LANE, William Wright GIVENS, Mary Belle 1905-Dec-14
LANG, Tom ROANE, Josephine 1908-Nov-12
LANGLEY, H L DAVIS, Florence 1907-Feb-14
LANGLEY, H L WIGGINS, Mary 1906-Dec-21
LANGLEY, Rufus CRENSHAW, Delila A Z Mrs 1906-Jun-08
LANKFORD, D B WILLIAMS, Eliza 1881-Mar-03
LANKFORD, Dan LANE, Delpheny 1905-Dec-18
LANKFORD, Diebert PARSTON, Ginny 1899-Oct-08
LANKFORD, John E EZELL, Margaret C 1884-Mar-11
LARGENT, Willie POWE, Viola 1899-May-20
LAWRENCE, Jesse JOHNSON, Gracy 1901-Feb-06
LAWRENCE, Wilson HINTON, Missouri 1891-Apr-30
LEBO, Lenard DALIS, Mattie 1901-Oct-10
LEE, Elijah LOWERY, A F 1890-Feb-13
LEE, Irvin WOODARD, Almeda 1896-Apr-07
LEE, Peter PLEASANT, Rena 1892-Jan-08
LEE, Robert B BYRD, Ida 1895-Oct-10
LEE, Stewart GREEN, Sallie 1905-Dec-01
LEGGIN, W D GARRETT, Jimmie 1907-Apr-24
LESTER, D W WIZARD, Nancy Mrs 1902-Oct-03
LESTER, Sam GRAY, Callie 1907-Sep-23
LEVERETT, Andrew SUMLIN, Esther 1908-Jun-25
LEVERETT, David HOWARD, Frances 1908-Jul-13
LEVERETT, Henry MCCANN, Mamie 1909-Sep-03
LEVERETT, Paul BRELAND, Angelina 1882-May-29
LEVERETT, Pleas BRELAND, Mary 1889-Oct-10
LEWINS, Berry SIMS, Amanda Mrs 1904-Oct-27
LEWIS, Carey CLARK, Josie 1909-Sep-22
LEWIS, Joe RIGHT, Sarah Ann 1901-Oct-09
LEWIS, Johny TRIBBET, Flora 1899-Dec-14
LEWIS, Joseph J WILCOX, Addie E 1879-Apr-21
LEWIS, R H WILLIAMS, S B 1907-Jul-14
LEWIS, Robert MCLEOD, Christian 1880-Jan-21
LEWIS, Virgil HAVARD, Levcie 1906-Dec-27
LEWIS, William E BAIRD, Theodosia 1880-Feb-18
LEWIS, Wm HAVARD, Susan 1894-Feb-15
LILLIE, Ray LOWRY, Annie 1903-Jul-08
LINDELL, Robert WILLIAMS, Susie 1891-Feb-03
LINDQUIST, A G STEPHENS, Mary K Mrs 1909-Feb-20
LINETON, Felix KNIGHT, Carlie 1910-Mar-05
LINGENFELTER, E BROWN, Martha Histell 1907-Feb-08
LITTLE, Harrison BROWN, Sarah 1907-Jan-21
LITTLEFIELD, James MALLETT, Lular 1909-Apr-20
LOCK, George COCHRAN, Tener 1910-Oct-19
LOFTON, Forest DOUGLAS, Ellen 1892-Dec-07
LOFTON, W F MILLS, Lula 1894-May-27
LOFTON, William MEADOWS, Clerinda 1900-Jan-11
LOGAN, E D ALLEN, Cleona 1905-Aug-28
LOGAN, Henry MCLEOD, Ida 1898-May-20
LONG, Andrew WARD, Anna 1883-Jun-23
LONG, Portor C TRACY, Ling 1877-Aug-20
LOPER, Coleman SCOTT, Viola 1895-Dec-23
LOPER, Jerry BELTON, Gerlana 1880-Nov-20
LOPER, John T BIDON, Fannie 1883-Jul-19
LOPER, Levy PERVE, Burwell 1879-Jul-24
LOPER, Thomas DOTSON, Andella 1905-Sep-09
LOPER, William HOGAN, Francis O 1881-Sep-15
LORD, K J MCGUIRE, A J 1876-Aug-25
LOTT, A J HOLLAND, Lucinda 1909-Apr-07
LOTT, Ed ARSNON, Mary 1905-Nov-02
LOTT, W D RAINWATER, Sena 1899-Nov-12
LOTT, Wash BRANNAN, Celia 1878-Apr-24
LOVE, Will GRAY, Hettie 1906-Aug-06
LOVETT, Ben HARRIS, Mary 1902-Oct-02
LOVETT, G W SCOTT, Norma 1908-Jul-05
LOWERY, A F LEE, Elijah 1890-Feb-13
LOWRY, John L MACK, Charlotte 1900-May-09
LUCAS, Frank YOUNG, Rose 1904-Jan-05
LUCAS, T J BYRD, Agnes G 1892-Dec-29
LYLES, James YOUNG, Mary E 1881-Feb-02
LYONS, Henry MARSHALL, Pearly 1909-Oct-12


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