Greene County Grooms

I - J

ICKWOOD, James HAWKINS, June 1889-Apr-03
INGRAM, J R DOWNEY, R J 1880-Nov-03
IRKWOOD, James OXNER, Pattie 1908-Nov-08
ISAAC, James LONG, Nelly Mrs 1879-Sep-23
IVEY, Gus JOHNSON, Diana 1906-Nov-23
IVEY, James BLACKLEDGE, Sallie Ann 1904-Feb-27
JACK, John ALLEMAN, Mary 1902-Dec-30
JACKSON, Cornelious KING, Lee 1906-Aug-04
JACKSON, Henry BRELAND, Louvena 1883-Aug-11
JACKSON, Ike PEARSON, Hattie 1909-Jan-26
JACKSON, Stonewall EDMON, Sillen 1902-Nov-08
JACKSON, Will DAVIS, Octavia 1906-Nov-22
JACKSON, Willis FAIRLEY, Harriet 1900-Oct-18
JACOBS, J S EVANS, Annetta 1901-Jan-27
JAMES, E J LANDRUM, Alice 1879-Dec-11
JAMES, Edward HENDERSON, Anna 1899-Aug-07
JAMES, Frank ROWE, Anna Bell 1907-Jan-19
JAMES, Henry WILLIAMS, Mary J 1897-Jan-13
JAMES, John SIMPSON, Mary 1887-Jun-18
JAMES, L E ROBERTSON, Sarah E 1888-Dec-27
JAMES, Lloyd W BAZONE, Edna Mrs 1908-Feb-06
JAMES, Newton BYRD, Flora 1910-Apr-17
JAMES, Philip E WALLEY, Cynthia 1888-Dec-06
JAMES, T R MCCLANAHAN, Ada Mrs 1906-Apr-04
JEFFRY, Manuel GAINS, Alice 1909-Jan-01
JENKINS, F M BRELAND, Julia A 1891-Jan-02
JENKINS, Michael MOORE, Parthena 1885-Aug-20
JENKINS, William BEARD, Lillie 1896-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Dan MCGILBERY, Isaiah 1900-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Edward FRY, Josephine 1902-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Ellis STILL, Eva 1904-Aug-31
JOHNSON, Emma TATUM, W C 1891-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Evans MCDOWELL, Matilda 1888-Oct-04
JOHNSON, Henry JOHNSON, Dona 1902-May-04
JOHNSON, Henry MCINNIS, Sarah 1882-May-20
JOHNSON, Isaac BROWN, Ida 1906-Jan-12
JOHNSON, J E KITTRELL, Nancy 1900-Feb-25
JOHNSON, J S HUTCHINSON, Rosalia M 1907-Nov-26
JOHNSON, J S WHITE, Harriett 1894-Feb-11
JOHNSON, James L LANE, Ada C 1907-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Lars JOHNSON, Mary 1908-May-19
JOHNSON, Sellar POWE, J W 1888-May-31
JOHNSON, Thomas BROWN, Julia 1881-Aug-10
JOHNSON, W L WOOD, Ida 1894-Dec-01
JOHNSON, Wiley PETERS, Stella 1901-Feb-23
JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, Julia 1906-Aug-18
JOHNSON, William WALLEY, Annie 1905-Oct-10
JOHNSON, Willie WHEAT, Sol 1909-Aug-15
JOHNSON, Willie WILLIAMS, Orlean 1902-Nov-09
JOHNSTON, Henry RHODES, Eliza 1876-Aug-05
JOHNSTON, John FAIRLEY, Esther 1898-Jul-08
JONES, Andrew COLEMAN, Ella Mrs 1906-Sep-10
JONES, C J BREWER, Caroline 1879-Dec-08
JONES, Charley CLARK, Lucy 1902-Nov-18
JONES, Dan TAYLOR, Emma 1906-Jul-23
JONES, E S POWELL, Mary A 1880-Sep-27
JONES, H L HOVALTER, W F 1903-Feb-18
JONES, J A BAILEY, Carrie 1896-Jul-30
JONES, J J JACKSON, Mary 1905-Apr-26
JONES, Jacob HARRINGTON, Lizzie 1900-Jul-19
JONES, Jesse N COAKER, Eliza J 1878-Mar-26
JONES, Jim COOKS, Dona 1903-Jun-04
JONES, John LONG, Zellie 1909-Oct-04
JONES, M E BUSBY, N J 1876-Nov-07
JONES, P S JAMES, Nancy 1904-Nov-23
JONES, Pat Jr BROWN, Annie Lee 1909-Nov-02
JONES, Robert H HAWKINS, C F 1895-Nov-21
JONES, S L CLIFTON, A 1896-Jul-23
JONES, Simon DAVIS, Silvena 1902-Aug-30
JONES, Thomas J HENDERSON, Bell 1885-Feb-26
JONES, W T ROBERTS, Ida 1909-Mar-21
JONES, William WALTON, Roan 1876-Dec-20
JORDAN, Fred H BOYETT, Magella 1909-Nov-27
JORDAN, S W LUCAS, Martha 1909-Oct-31


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