Greene County Grooms


HADDOX, George W HUTTO, Frances Elizabeth 1880-Feb-21
HADLEY, James LONG, Sarah 1882-Oct-01
HAGGER, Charles ANDERSON, Mary 1900-Dec-27
HAIRE, Nicholas HOLLIMAN, Silla 1901-Jan-29
HALBROOK, W A LANE, Theodona 1887-Oct-07
HALL, James , Mary 1877-Apr-20
HALL, W R BALL, Ena 1906-Dec-15
HAM, J S WALLACE, Lelia 1901-May-09
HAMERICK, T L ODOM, Lena 1905-May-22
HAMILTON, John GILBERT, Lanna 1882-Jan-07
HAMPSTEAD, S D EUBANKS, Ella 1891-Apr-30
HAMRICK, B F Dr SMITH, M Estelle 1880-Apr-07
HAMRICK, James P SMITH, Judy 1878-May-15
HANCOCK, Ellise MACK, Sophia 1896-Sep-02
HANCOCK, John STINSON, Martha 1904-Dec-24
HANK, W R ELLIOTT, Argent 1901-Mar-06
HARDY, William HARRIS, Missouri 1896-Jul-05
HARE, A E MILLER, Rose Anna 1892-Oct-02
HARE, N MILLER, Mary 1877-Jul-12
HARE, W J FREEMAN, M E Mrs 1882-Dec-16
HARRINGTON, Cleveland BRELAND, Queenie 1909-May-20
HARRIS, Charlie WILLIAMS, Lula Mrs 1906-Mar-24
HARRIS, Dock WILLIAMS, Mary 1901-Jun-16
HARRIS, James HARRIS, Gracie 1907-Jul-04
HARRIS, Tom COLSTON, Leona 1906-Oct-25
HARRIS, W H JOHNSON, Eliza Mrs 1905-Jun-01
HARRISON, Albert H BLACKWELL, Lula 1900-Nov-21
HARRISON, Byron Patton MCINNIS, Mary Edwina 1905-Jan-19
HARRISON, C D BYRD, Louisa A 1897-Sep-09
HARRISON, Charlie WILLIAMS, Lula 1901-Dec-26
HARRISON, Floid C BRADLEY, Bessie E 1908-Sep-02
HARRISON, J R HATHORN, Elmira 1891-Oct-19
HARRISON, Sing BEACH, Minnie 1905-Jan-05
HARRISON, W D SYLVESTER, Catherine R 1904-May-30
HARTFIELD, A B WOODS, Jone 1896-Dec-24
HARTFIELD, H D LINDSEY, Ella 1894-Dec-15
HARTFIELD, Henry HARTFIELD, Christina 1902-Jun-07
HARTFIELD, Henry LAWRENCE, Isabella Eliza 1884-Feb-26
HARTFIELD, Isaac WOOD, Sabra V 1888-May-21
HARTFIELD, John MCKENZIE, Bessie 1897-Feb-01
HARTFIELD, Walter SMIDSEY, Susanna 1903-Aug-20
HARVELL, Osborn BROWN, Eliza 1880-Sep-04
HARVEY, Edward BALL, Emma E 1901-Jul-28
HATHORN, Henry TODD, Idella 1906-Apr-25
HATHORN, L J GOFF, L I 1890-Dec-18
HAVARD, C A SHEPARD, Rusha 1903-Apr-19
HAVARD, C H MILLER, Minerva 1896-Dec-31
HAVARD, Charles HAVARD, Belle 1897-Apr-29
HAVARD, Dave MERRITT, Viola 1909-Jul-17
HAVARD, Ellis DEES, Malisa 1892-Dec-22
HAVARD, Henry SMITH, Laura 1903-Mar-23
HAVARD, Joseph MCLENDON, Nancy 1889-Sep-12
HAVARD, L H DIXON, Bessie 1906-Sep-22
HAVARD, Lewis HAVARD, M A 1889-Oct-31
HAVARD, M M EUBANKS, Kate 1905-Dec-27
HAVARD, Peter WILFORD, Emily 1895-Apr-27
HAVARD, S H MALLETT, Isabel 1891-Aug-13
HAVARD, Samuel C DAVIS, Susan 1885-Sep-16
HAVARD, T M MCCALL, Mary 1897-Dec-08
HAVARD, Thomas J MASON, Rachel 1882-Oct-04
HAWKINS, Charles FRY, Hattie 1896-Sep-29
HAWKINS, Charles T ICKWOOD, Elizabeth 1893-Feb-28
HAWKINS, Lewis ROBERTS, Angeline 1877-Feb-18
HAWKINS, Willie COLE, Tabitha 1898-Dec-26
HAWTHORN, George PACKER, Pearlie 1910-Nov-07
HAYGOOD, Willie GLOVER, Minnie 1907-Sep-04
HAYS, Charley MICKLE, Lucy 1901-Sep-04
HAYS, Sim HOLINGSWORTH, Emoline 1882-May-06
HAYS, Willie HARTFIELD, Azaline 1909-Dec-22
HEARN, Wm SANDERS, Rosa Lee 1892-Dec-15
HEATHCOCK, J T LANE, Eady 1896-Dec-27
HEATHCOCK, John BEASLEY, Sarah 1896-Dec-12
HEATHCOCK, Richmond LANE, Alice M 1903-Aug-05
HEATHCOCK, Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Lougenia 1896-Jul-25
HELLAMAN, David STEPHENS, Mary E 1878-Apr-24
HELTON, M A ROBERTSON, William 1895-Dec-19
HELVESTON, Godfrey EVANS, Delphina 1896-Jan-29
HENDERSON, A C SMITH, Elizabeth 1887-Aug-31
HENDERSON, Arthur John HIGHY, Fern A 1908-Jul-25
HENDERSON, Charlie JACKSON, Patsy 1909-Jan-10
HENDERSON, Chas HAINSWORTH, Mary J 1909-Sep-14
HENDERSON, H C SMITH, Effie J 1905-Dec-21
HENDERSON, Joseph WALLEY, Erette 1900-Dec-27
HENDERSON, L H KITTRELL, Susan 1891-Dec-15
HENDERSON, S S WALLEY, Emma 1905-May-22
HENDERSON, W N KITTRELL, Margaret 1890-Oct-02
HENDRICK, R H INGRAM, Loucinda 1880-Dec-07
HENRY, John HILL, Almer 1907-Feb-11
HENRY, Walter Lee HOLLIDAY, June Olive 1906-Apr-10
HERRIN, Fred S MIMS, Inez 1906-Apr-02
HEWLETT, A J DAVIS, Carmine 1899-Mar-26
HIBBERT, Robert MOOD, Linney 1903-Feb-23
HILL, R J AGEE, Carry 1902-Nov-19
HILL, Wesley W WHEAT, Lilia A 1909-Oct-27
HILLIMON, J C WEST, I D 1896-Sep-10
HILLMAN, B F FREEMAN, Anna 1899-Dec-20
HILLMAN, Charles GREEN, Virginia C 1884-Mar-10
HILLMAN, J C HUNT, Florence 1901-May-22
HILLMAN, James ROSS, Abbie 1896-Dec-26
HILLMAN, Levi FREEMAN, Laura 1896-Nov-04
HILLMAN, Nathan TURNER, Effie 1904-Sep-27
HILLMAN, Osborn BALL, Anna 1892-Dec-22
HILLMAN, Osborn TURNER, Missouri 1877-Jan-23
HILLMAN, P G BYRD, L A 1888-May-10
HILLMAN, P G TURNER, Mary C 1890-Mar-27
HILLMAN, P G WILLIAMS, Sarah 1876-Aug-02
HILLMAN, Peaster GREENE, Malisa 1899-Dec-27
HILLMAN, S B MCLEOD, Nancy 1906-May-07
HILLMAN, Wm L BREWER, Celia 1907-Oct-02
HILTON, W J LUCAS, Mary E 1876-Jul-05
HINTON, A B SMITH, Rutha 1903-Jan-24
HINTON, A G MANNING, Sallie 1900-Aug-08
HINTON, F M NEWELL, J W 1888-Mar-25
HINTON, Henry WELAY, Julia Mrs 1900-Sep-06
HOGLI, John BEARD, Dicey 1890-Apr-18
HOGSTEDT, Eric WILLIAMS, Rachel 1907-Feb-06
HOLDER, Annison BYRD, Lissie 1890-Jul-10
HOLDER, G J BYRD, Sophronia 1887-Dec-01
HOLDER, James H STEVENS, Victoria 1882-Dec-16
HOLDER, James H TURNER, Mary A 1885-Apr-02
HOLLAND, Artis KATON, Mary 1908-Apr-05
HOLLAND, Joseph J GIBSON, Annie 1902-Jul-06
HOLLAND, W T WALLEY, Josephine 1909-Jun-06
HOLLEY, William FAIRLEY, Allice 1893-Nov-26
HOLLIMAN, Ap HOLLAND, Vashtie 1900-Aug-05
HOLLIMAN, Lyman BELL, Emma 1895-Nov-20
HOLLIMAN, Willie H GIBSON, Mary E 1908-Feb-19
HOLLIMON, Alex SHEPARD, Sarah J 1893-May-06
HOLT, Esau BROOKS, Mary 1909-Apr-25
HOOD, Zandy MCGILL, Maggie 1904-Dec-05
HOOGTORP, William T SMITH, Alice A 1899-Mar-08
HOOKS, Gould SMITH, Harriot 1878-Jul-01
HOOKS, Manuel EVERITT, Clara 1906-Sep-01
HOPE, Morris MARSHALL, Rosa 1907-May-12
HOPKINS, A BROWN, Mozella 1908-Jun-21
HOPKINS, H W BRAZILLE, Julia 1892-Aug-20
HORN, Henderson SINGLETON, Lula Mrs 1906-Jun-21
HORN, John CHAMBISS, Millie 1894-Oct-18
HOUSE, Jackson WOODARD, Helen 1882-Feb-09
HOVALTER, M L BROWN, A J 1903-Feb-18
HOVALTER, W F JONES, H L 1903-Feb-18
HOWARD, Albert R CURRY, Martha L 1896-Sep-24
HOWARD, Boney GODIN, Fannybelle 1906-Apr-23
HOWARD, Bony HARRISON, Mary Celia 1908-Jul-25
HOWARD, C E DAVIS, Emma 1909-Jan-16
HOWARD, C E HOWARD, Jennie Mrs 1903-Sep-28
HOWARD, Dennis WELBORN, Julia 1908-Jul-06
HOWARD, Ellis HILL, Emma 1909-Jun-30
HOWARD, L J REECE, Mary 1888-Jun-18
HOWELL, John T MILLER, Ellen 1902-Jul-24
HOWELL, Walter RICE, Florence 1904-Sep-24
HUBARD, Richard MICHLE, Ada 1894-Oct-04
HUBBARD, Peter TATUM, Eliza 1899-Dec-26
HUDSON, Green SHEPARD, Alberta 1906-Apr-23
HUFF, Will RHODES, Jessie 1909-Aug-22
HUGGER, Moses HUGGER, Annie 1905-Sep-19
HUGGER, Prince LAWRENCE, Martha 1889-Jul-18
HUGGER, Prince ROBERTS, Nancy 1904-May-14
HUGGINS, Albert RAINWATER, Lottie 1905-Dec-21
HUGGINS, Dennis HYATT, Hattie 1908-May-01
HUGGINS, Edward EASLEY, Victoria 1877-Aug-10
HUGGINS, J E WEBBER, Louvenice 1881-Aug-27
HUNT, C A GOLMAN, Bertha 1908-Mar-05
HUNTER, Charlie KING, Alma 1904-May-23
HUNTER, Frank GRICE, Laura 1905-Aug-01
HUNTER, Noris WILLIAMS, Maria 1893-Feb-02
HUNTER, Willie SUMLIN, John 1900-Aug-25
HUTTER, Willis WALLEY, Caroline 1892-Apr-24
HUTTO, J N BREWER, Harriet J 1894-Dec-05



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