Green County Grooms


GABRIEL, Silas LEE, Eliza 1890-Jul-21
GAIL, Alex KEMP, Rosa 1901-Sep-20
GAINES, J H NELSON, Isabel 1892-Apr-24
GAINES, Jesse TAYLOR, Dafney 1888-Dec-08
GAINES, Washington BRELAND, Minter 1892-Jan-22
GAINS, Emanuel BUTLER, Emma 1888-Dec-21
GAINUS, Green G BLOME, Minnie E 1902-Mar-17
GARDNER, Albert HUGGINS, Frances 1906-Apr-30
GARDNER, J W CLARK, Edwina 1905-Sep-18
GARDNER, John COURTNEY, Mary Jane 1879-Mar-05
GARDNER, John HUGGINS, Jennie 1906-Sep-05
GARDNER, Moses Jr HENSEN, Jane 1879-Sep-17
GARDNER, Thomas D CLARK, Tempie 1908-Apr-26
GARDNER, Thomas H GARDNER, Emeline 1887-Sep-19
GARDNER, W A BYNUM, Minnie 1902-May-04
GARDNER, William WALLMONT, Millie 1901-Dec-12
GARIS, Willie WHITE, Ella 1896-Feb-12
GARRETT, B C WALKER, Virginia 1880-Aug-19
GARRETT, J M BOLDEN, Edy 1904-Jan-12
GARRETT, Jimmie LEGGIN, W D 1907-Apr-24
GARRIS, John H GRIFFIN, Martha Ann 1877-Feb-21
GARRISS, Frank RIGNEY, Jemmie 1900-Apr-08
GEORGE, E M BOYKIN, J S 1881-Jan-05
GIBSON, G O BRANNON, Mattie 1910-Oct-12
GIBSON, L H CANNON, I B Mrs 1906-Jun-12
GIBSON, Levi MASON, Levara 1888-Nov-04
GIBSON, P L EUBANKS, Missouria 1901-Dec-25
GIBSON, Pearl STEVENS, Samuel O 1907-Oct-06
GIBSON, William PIPKIN, Emma 1892-May-07
GIVENS, Jim JONES, Annie 1905-Jan-03
GIVENS, Olie BUSBY, Cora Lee 1897-Mar-21
GIVINS, S C WATKINS, Hester 1880-Mar-31
GLOVER, Isaac DIXON, Susie 1907-Oct-03
GODWIN, Arthur JOORMAN, Maggie 1910-Jan-09
GODWIN, B C SANDEFUR, Treeby L 1904-Nov-14
GOFF, D R DISMUKES, A H 1904-Apr-04
GOFF, John MARTIN, Mary 1909-Sep-26
GOFF, L I HATHORN, L J 1890-Dec-18
GOFF, Richard FAIRLEY, Matilda 1888-Oct-20
GOFF, William M FAIRLEY, Mary Beaulah 1905-Apr-05
GOINS, Silas M LOWRY, Henrietta 1907-Jan-04
GORDAN, J W WALLEY, Spicy 1888-Jan-26
GORDON, Richard A HENDERSON, Jennie 1908-Jan-22
GRAHAM, John D PIPPKINS, Druycella 1883-Jun-26
GRAHAM, John H MARSHALL, Flossie 1899-Apr-20
GRAHAM, P J WILLIAMS, Mary E 1881-Sep-28
GRAHAM, Tobe VICUS, Clarisa 1900-Mar-12
GRAHAM, Tobe WASHINGTON, Mary 1905-Mar-06
GRAY, Lundy PATTON, Batteast 1882-Oct-24
GREEN, C K MOODY, B A 1908-Mar-30
GREEN, F J MCLEAN, J E C 1872-Feb-24
GREEN, J B ASBY, Lora 1904-Jul-28
GREEN, J F ROBERTS, Eliza 1910-Dec-04
GREEN, J S MOODY, Nona 1906-Jun-02
GREEN, J W WELDY, Eugenia 1906-Aug-06
GREEN, Marcus E ROBERTS, L J 1887-Jul-07
GREEN, P E HILLMAN, Louvenia 1903-Jun-24
GREEN, Rufus LEWIS, Lula 1903-Apr-12
GREEN, Samuel J MCEACHERN, Cora Mrs 1909-Jan-14
GREEN, W A BROWN, Argent 1909-Dec-30
GREEN, W W TURNER, Nancy C 1901-Nov-20
GREEN, Will JOHNSON, Lucy A 1903-Aug-24
GREEN, Willie I MALLETT, Cammie A 1908-Nov-22
GREENE, R W MCKAY, Ellen 1892-Nov-10
GREENE, Wiley HILLMAN, Susie 1901-Oct-09
GRICE, Henry COLEMAN, Josephine 1887-May-24
GRIERSON, W R STEVENS, Evvie 1909-May-24
GRIFFIN, Alfred FAIRLEY, Emma 1888-Dec-16
GRIFFIN, J B PRINE, Eliza 1877-Jun-20
GRIFFIN, J D LANE, G W 1881-Jan-27
GRIFFIN, Murdock M HOWELL, Ella 1901-Aug-08
GRIFFIN, Murdock M LANE, Lizzie 1904-Jul-21
GRIFFIN, Peter CROSBY, Laura 1907-Mar-04
GRIFFIN, Randall DANTZLER, Sarah R 1888-Mar-01
GRIFFIN, Robert Lee HEATHCOCK, Polly E 1908-May-23
GRIMES, Charles M LEE, Minnie 1905-Dec-29
GRIMES, George TAYLOR, Elizabeth 1884-Aug-25
GRIMES, Lewis GORDON, Charlotte 1881-Jun-01
GRUBBS, Jim MCCULLOUGH, Minnie 1902-May-28
GUNN, Epsy SMITH, Martin 1909-Jul-11


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