Greene County Grooms


FAIRLEY, A K COCHRAN, Isabel 1903-Oct-09
FAIRLEY, Andrew FREEMAN, Erin 1904-Dec-14
FAIRLEY, Authur FAIRLEY, Lillie 1906-Oct-08
FAIRLEY, Blumor FAIRLEY, Sarah 1895-Jul-11
FAIRLEY, Calvin MCKENZIE, Bessie 1898-Mar-30
FAIRLEY, Daniel Webster SMITH, Alice 1903-Mar-05
FAIRLEY, David T GOFF, Jane 1876-Jun-09
FAIRLEY, Dock FAIRLEY, Rachel 1902-Dec-28
FAIRLEY, Frank FAIRLEY, Eliza 1892-Dec-30
FAIRLEY, Frank RICKS, Laura 1897-May-21
FAIRLEY, George MCLEOD, Mary 1896-Jan-16
FAIRLEY, Henry BOX, Lener 1910-May-12
FAIRLEY, Jackson MCLEOD, Lessie 1900-Mar-23
FAIRLEY, James FAIRLEY, Frunia 1900-Aug-02
FAIRLEY, Joe COCHRAN, Bertha 1901-Feb-14
FAIRLEY, Lenard MCKENZIE, Geneva 1905-Sep-27
FAIRLEY, London LACY, Mary 1908-Jan-30
FAIRLEY, Lorinzo JOHNSON, Cassie 1899-Dec-21
FAIRLEY, M L WILLIAMS, David 1894-Sep-12
FAIRLEY, Peter WILLIAMS, Katie 1905-Feb-11
FAIRLEY, Rob BOX, Agnes 1905-Oct-11
FAIRLEY, Ruben COWART, Dellia 1910-Mar-20
FAIRLEY, Shered GOFF, Florence 1910-Jan-27
FAIRLEY, Thomas WOOD, Lula 1895-Sep-26
FAIRLEY, Tollie MCLEOD, Mary E 1901-Apr-07
FAIRLEY, Walter DISMUKES, Lula 1896-May-27
FAIRLEY, William W GOFF, Margaret 1899-Oct-05
FAIRLY, Peter BOLTON, Rebecca 1885-Jan-30
FAIRLY, Peter S GREEN, Maranda 1880-Jan-26
FALLON, J C GIBSON, Emma 1897-Jun-24
FAULK, James WESTERFIELD, Bessie 1902-Apr-13
FEAGIN, Charles CHURCHWELL, Geneva 1906-Nov-03
FERGUSON, W L HILLMAN, Mary J 1891-Dec-17
FERRALL, A N WILLIAMS, Kisa 1897-Nov-13
FERRALL, John DORSETT, Lucinda 1899-Dec-02
FERRILL, Andrew HAWKINS, Eliza 1908-Sep-14
FERRILL, George W MURRAY, Elizabeth 1875-Dec-18
FIBS, Nathan BAKER, Ida 1906-Aug-06
FIG, Dock COPELAND, Louisa 1879-Apr-03
FILLINGIM, W A MARTIN, Martha 1879-Nov-06
FINUFF, J J BAILEY, M W 1909-Jan-31
FIRTH, Gus PIPER, Maggie E 1906-Feb-10
FLOWERS, Walter J WALLEY, Effie 1904-Dec-28
FOREMAN, Norman WALLEY, Adeline 1877-Oct-02
FORTNEY, Albert READ, Sallie 1908-Dec-26
FOST, Frank COBB, Mattie 1910-Sep-16
FOSTER, F M DEAISE, Senie 1908-Jun-23
FOULK, H G MCLEOD, Minnie 1899-Jun-06
FOUNTAIN, L T GUNN, Berta 1909-Jun-30
FOUNTAIN, Mack ALFORD, Lela 1897-Jun-15
FRANK, A C BALL, Edwina 1899-Oct-12
FRANKLIN, John BASKA, Velma 1908-Oct-09
FRANKLIN, Seemin HOUSTON, Hattie 1908-May-15
FREEMAN, Alexander WALLEY, Missouri 1878-Jan-31
FREEMAN, Columbus WALLEY, Columbia Mrs 1881-Jan-09
FREEMAN, H D WELLS, Della 1910-Jan-19
FREEMAN, James WALLEY, Mary Jane 1878-Aug-28
FREEMAN, Loyed C SMITH, Mattie E 1906-Sep-10
FREEMAN, M A SMITH, N M 1899-Dec-10
FREEMAN, N M Jr FREEMAN, Cyntha 1907-Dec-29
FREEMAN, Norman SMITH, Vessie 1901-Sep-11
FREEMAN, Norman WALLY, Adeline 1878-Oct-02
FREEMAN, Print WHITE, Kate 1903-Sep-15
FREEMAN, Q L BRADLEY, Sadie 1904-Mar-09
FREEMAN, William MEADOWS, Missie 1898-May-22
FRISCH, T J HAVARD, Anna 1898-Jul-28
FRY, Charles ROUSE, Evalina 1896-Sep-19
FRY, Wesley BERRY, Minnie 1908-Dec-05
FULLWARD, Greene WHIGHT, Lula 1904-Dec-14


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