Greene County Grooms


EARKHART, J W BOOTH, Lula J 1907-Jul-21
EARL, Richard BROCK, Maggie 1902-Jun-27
EASLEY, James M ODOM, J C 1878-Jun-25
EATON, Mack DEVINPORT, Ada 1901-Jun-16
EATON, Mack RUSSELL, Lela 1909-Jul-08
EDGAR, J Hughie WILLIFORD, Sallie 1907-Jun-08
EDWARDS, P TURNER, Julia A 1888-Mar-10
ELIOT, Will WILLIAMS, Sedia 1900-Jan-28
ELLIOTT, Argent HANK, W R 1901-Mar-06
ELLIOTT, Cleveland FOUNTAIN, Katie 1908-Jan-23
ELLIOTT, Jesse S CHURCHWELL, Elizabeth 1882-Aug-11
EMERSON, Rollie DAVIS, Virginia R 1907-Jun-27
ENGLISH, Tom HUDSON, Lola 1903-Nov-06
EPHRAIM, Lewis MCCULLEN, Sarah Ann 1879-Apr-02
EPHRAIN, Frank TAYLER, Loucinda 1881-Jul-21
EPRAIM, Louis RILEY, Mary 1902-Apr-21
ERKHART, James SHEPARD, Fannie 1876-Feb-22
ERKHART, M M BALL, Asiline 1905-Feb-27
ERKHEART, Monroe GODEN, Fanny 1909-Jan-21
ETTERIDGE, Clay MCLEOD, Ila 1896-Sep-09
EUBANKS, A F MCLEOD, Sabra 1901-Jan-09
EUBANKS, Alfred KEAHEY, Birdie 1901-Dec-26
EUBANKS, Amos P DAY, Ima 1907-Aug-01
EUBANKS, C H MIZELL, Dora 1901-Nov-17
EUBANKS, C L CANNON, Rebecca 1903-Jul-19
EUBANKS, C P MALLETT, Julia 1893-Jan-05
EUBANKS, Charles L EUBANKS, Matilda 1893-Apr-16
EUBANKS, D C BROWN, Abygill 1883-Jun-06
EUBANKS, David W BAILEY, Nannie W 1906-Apr-25
EUBANKS, G T FINUF, Frances 1904-Oct-14
EUBANKS, George ALLMAN, Mary Anne 1893-Jun-03
EUBANKS, H M HAVARD, Edith 1909-Jan-27
EUBANKS, Harry B GIBSON, Laura 1909-May-17
EUBANKS, John WOODARD, Gertrude 1907-Dec-19
EUBANKS, L J SMITH, Maudie 1902-Nov-11
EUBANKS, M M HAVARD, Lilly V 1905-Sep-05
EUBANKS, P K ERKHART, Emily 1904-Feb-13
EUBANKS, Pa HOWELL, Ruby 1902-Jul-31
EUBANKS, T N BOOTH, Laura Rebecca 1907-May-19
EUBANKS, W H MCLENDON, Maggie 1896-Jul-09
EUBANKS, William M BOOTH, Sarah E 1908-Dec-16
EVANS, George DUNN, Delia 1902-Jul-23
EVANS, George DUNN, Lucy 1905-Feb-18
EVANS, George GARDNER, Milly 1891-Feb-19
EVANS, J B BRELAND, J K 1900-Dec-24
EVANS, Jacob NICKS, Emily 1890-Apr-13
EVANS, Joe MITCHELL, Oshie 1910-Apr-02
EVANS, John W TURNER, Ada V 1908-Apr-08
EVANS, Lawrence WARD, Florence 1904-Jan-02
EVANS, S E WARD, W M 1877-May-08
EVERETT, Chester WALLY, Mamie 1909-May-20
EVERETT, David S GRIM, Lida 1899-Jun-20
EVERETT, Dock L PAYNE, Lillie 1901-Sep-19
EVERETT, Henry C COBLER, Irene 1895-Feb-18
EVERIDGE, Jeff COMBS, Annie 1908-Oct-02
EZELL, Ben GORDNER, Ella 1889-Jun-13
EZELL, Chester MERRITT, Sarah 1910-Mar-20
EZELL, E L KITTRELL, Mary J 1891-Nov-07
EZELL, Elbert BYRD, Edna 1899-Mar-25
EZELL, John DAVIS, Lucy 1897-Sep-17
EZELL, Robert WALKER, Anna 1908-Sep-15
EZELL, W O MIZELL, Nettar 1909-Aug-12
EZELLE, Benjamin MIZELL, Jane 1883-Apr-17
EZELLE, John LANE, Katie Isabel 1884-Dec-31
EZELLE, Nathan B BOUTWELL, Minerva Ann 1880-Feb-07


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