Greene County Grooms


CALLOWAY, George HARRIS, Leona 1909-Mar-30
CAMERON, Ben RAY, Lottie 1907-Sep-14
CAMERON, J W WALLACE, Mary E 1880-Jun-03
CAMPBELL, Alfred HORN, Asaline 1898-Jul-01
CAMPBELL, George WILLIAMS, Eran 1903-Jul-01
CAMPBELL, J C LYLE, Tina 1907-Apr-21
CANNON, John T HAVARD, Laura Nevada 1906-Dec-10
CANNON, John T WILFORD, Isabel 1891-Jun-24
CARAWAY, J J GARDNER, Mary 1877-Dec-29
CARGO, William COTTON, Mary 1904-Aug-02
CARLISLE, C H BYRD, Brunetta 1881-Jan-12
CARMICHEL, Will MCDONAL, Janie Mrs 1904-Apr-09
CARMON, J A EUBANKS, Dona 1903-Jul-19
CARR, M B HILLMAN, Nona 1906-May-24
CARROLL, E B LAM, Hattie 1888-Sep-27
CARROLL, Ed HOLLAND, Louvenia 1906-Feb-12
CARSON, Calvin LEVERETT, Savanah 1891-Feb-18
CARTER, Bob COLINS, Elen 1899-May-08
CARTER, Charley HOLLIMAN, Zetty 1895-Dec-25
CARTER, Ed WATSON, Lizzie 1909-Sep-19
CARTER, Henry OUTSEY, Caroline 1876-May-10
CARTER, J B SOWELL, Happy 1893-Jun-03
CAWLEY, Ben FLOYD, Mary 1907-Apr-23
CHAMBERS, Pink DAVIS, Mattie 1902-Aug-11
CHAPMAN, George ADAMS, Ada 1909-Nov-02
CHASEN, Wm J MCGRICE, Annie R 1882-Oct-05
CHASON, Holmer ROBERTSON, Mary 1900-Jun-03
CHATMAN, Baura KNIGHT, Gailey 1906-Dec-11
CHATWOOD, Walter A LEWIS, Maggie E 1907-Sep-20
CHERRY, Cornelius BUSH, Sarah 1878-Apr-26
CHERRY, Cornelius MCGREW, Amanda 1878-Jan-24
CHILDREN, Cornelius E PIPKINS, Emily E 1883-Jan-25
CHURCHWELL, J C CHURCHWELL, Maggie A Mrs 1903-Oct-06
CHURCHWELL, S I BEACH, Clara 1888-Dec-13
CHURCHWELL, Samuel F BRELAND, Eran Idy 1882-Jan-02
CHURCHWELL, William F CLARK, Nancy 1880-Aug-19
CLANTON, Albert B ROBERTS, Viola 1879-Oct-24
CLARK, A R ANDERSON, Jennie 1899-Jan-15
GLE O, G W FEXPE, Penn E 1 46-   -23
CLARK, J E BEARD, Melissie 1900-Feb-07
CLARK, J E LEWIS, Dasha 1893-Sep-06
CLARK, James Arthur CRENSHAW, Edna Irene 1909-Apr-14
CLARK, John W CLARK, Lula 1897-Sep-05
CLARK, L D SMITH, Luella 1901-Oct-10
CLARK, Norman J BETHA, Vila 1904-Nov-03
CLARK, William GREEN, Rose Ila 1905-Jan-13
CLAXTON, George E SHEPHARD, Mary 1904-Jun-06
CLAYTON, Richard SHAMBURG, Corene 1900-Mar-26
CLIFTON, A JONES, S L 1896-Jul-23
CLIFTON, J M HORSEFORD, Malissa 1902-Dec-24
COAKER, William A CHURCHWELL, Victoria 1884-Feb-07
COALEY, John BALL, Lowenia 1887-Jun-30
COBB, Dan CARTER, Victoria 1904-Jun-04
COBB, Ed EDGAR, Mattie 1907-Mar-15
COBB, Solomon CAMBELL, Eliza 1898-Apr-24
COCHRAN, A MCCAN, Matilda 1891-Apr-16
COCHRAN, Alex F PIPKINS, Elizabeth 1879-Dec-11
COCHRAN, C M TODD, H F 1907-Sep-11
COCHRAN, F N PRINE, A J 1889-Apr-07
COCHRAN, G KITTRELL, Elizabeth 1877-Jan-08
COCHRAN, H W HILLMAN, Ranie 1901-May-01
COCHRAN, Henry M WILKINS, Mollie W 1892-Nov-25
COCHRAN, J F PIPKINS, Dilly 1901-Nov-13
COCHRAN, James A MCKAY, Ida E 1892-Oct-19
COCHRAN, John H WILLIAMS, Rachel 1902-Dec-28
COCHRAN, M E RICH, S B 1898-Dec-15
COCHRAN, R L MILLS, Ida 1909-Jan-18
COCHRAN, Rayner FAIRLEY, Sallie 1904-Dec-05
COCHRAN, Richard D TURNER, Gillie L Mrs 1905-May-30
COCHRAN, W L FAIRLEY, Julia 1897-Oct-13
COCHRAN, William WOOD, Cherry 1880-Oct-13
COCKRELL, S H BREWER, Rhoda 1906-Sep-10
COLE, James POPE, Sarah Ann 1887-Jul-28
COLEMAN, Julius M TAYLOR, Verlelia May 1907-May-05
COLEMAN, Nathan REID, Bena 1896-Aug-18
COLEMAN, Robert TAYLOR, Ruthie 1907-Mar-01
COLLIER, S M HOWARD, Leana 1908-May-13
COLLINS, Richard SIMMONS, Fannie 1882-Jul-16
COLLINS, Wesley SMITH, Sallie 1904-Jul-09
COLSTON, James FAIRLEY, Lony 1901-Dec-08
COLSTON, John FLOYD, Eliza 1906-Mar-03
COLVILLE, J I MALLETT, Julia 1900-Jul-31
COMPERS, E J SHEPARD, Nettie 1899-Sep-03
CONE, George F GREENE, Lizzie 1902-May-21
CONWAY, James CRENSHAW, Marian 1889-Sep-10
COOK, Ed JONES, Mary Mrs 1900-Sep-15
COOK, James BRADLEY, Annabelle 1906-Dec-12
COOLEY, G M B THOMAS, Sarah 1881-Dec-01
COOLEY, H K DIXON, Nancy 1878-Feb-23
COOLEY, Hubard L BALL, Sarah M 1893-Apr-13
COOLEY, L A BREWER, Asaline 1899-Sep-01
COOLEY, R W FREEMAN, Nancy R 1901-Oct-23
COOLEY, William R FREEMAN, Emily A 1903-Apr-29
COONS, James AVERA, Elizabeth 1887-Dec-21
COOPER, C C BOYKIN, G N 1899-Aug-09
COPELAND, M KITTRELL, Alexander 1877-Jul-20
COPENEY, Brazell MILES, Julia 1881-Oct-15
COTTON, S J FARMER, Rosett 1903-Jun-03
COURTNEY, David HARRINGTON, Emma 1895-Dec-05
COURTNEY, Elisha ROUNSAVILLE, Katie 1891-Dec-06
COWAN, Will VAN, Maggie 1905-Mar-30
COWART, George H COCHRAN, Isabel 1893-Apr-11
COWART, George H MILLER, Lue 1899-Jan-26
COWART, J D MILLER, Mary 1898-Jan-06
COWART, N L C BRELAND, Aliettia F J 1876-Nov-21
COWART, Rufus H ROBERTS, Martha G 1879-Feb-17
COWART, Walter S EVANS, Jane 1896-Dec-23
COWART, Wesley L COOLEY, Pearly J 1909-Jan-14
COX, J W JOY, Mary A 1895-Oct-20
CRAGIN, Benjamin A RICH, Lucy A 1884-Sep-03
CRAWFORD, Alonzo HUNTER, Carrie L 1904-Dec-17
CRAWFORD, John HOWELL, Ella 1904-Dec-05
CRAWFORD, Miles MARSHALL, Ella 1901-Sep-07
CRENSHAW, Ellie CRENSHAW, Minnie 1910-Mar-15
CROOM, J J TROTTER, Lillian 1903-Feb-09
CROOMS, J A EVANS, Florence 1899-Mar-29
CROWLEY, Charles F WILLIAMSON, Mollie 1895-Oct-24
CROWN, Baxter EVANS, Belle 1904-Oct-01
CUMBEST, F P RENS, Mattie 1905-Jul-18
CUMBEST, Frank REUS, Mattie 1907-Jul-13


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