Greene County Grooms


ABSTON, Abe WILLIAMS, Clara 1900-Jun-09
ACKER, Fryerson EVANS, Gussie 1908-Dec-03
ADAMS, L H EUBANKS, Florence 1888-Mar-20
ADAMS, Magnus A HAVARD, Bertie E 1909-Apr-11
ADDISON, R D HILL, Katy 1900-May-19
ADKINS, Howard PRY, Estella 1909-Dec-24
ADKINSON, M D L PIERCE, Gertrude 1907-Jan-09
ADKINSON, Willie DICKSON, Loula 1906-Mar-20
ADVISS, Sidney WILLIAMS, Ida 1897-Nov-08
AINSWORTH, Beryl REEVES, Leslie 1910-Jan-01
ALBRITTON, Claude DICKENS, Smith 1899-Oct-04
ALDERMAN, Hubbard BRANNAN, Ella 1906-Jun-08
ALDERMAN, James E THOMAS, Lottie 1902-Apr-10
ALEXANDER, Judge WHITE, Lizzie 1905-Dec-18
ALFORD, C T DURDEN, P B 1901-Sep-25
ALFORD, E D REID, Frances 1897-Aug-03
ALFORD, Everette HOLLAND, Mary 1905-Jun-05
ALFORD, George CURRY, Elizabeth 1890-Oct-02
ALFORD, George HUGGINS, Louvenia Mrs 1906-Sep-10
ALFORD, J L MILLER, Julia 1908-May-17
ALFORD, John CHURCHWELL, Nancy 1888-Apr-26
ALLEN, Charlie H MCLEOD, Winnie 1907-Apr-24
ALLEN, Gene HUDSON, Maggie 1895-Jun-27
ALLEN, George JACKSON, Fannie 1895-Sep-17
ALLEN, George WILLIAMS, Erie 1888-Oct-02
ALLEN, R A LOWERY, Abbie 1904-Nov-05
ALLMAN, Andrew MOODY, Belle 1899-Mar-19
ALLMAN, Andrew REEVES, Daisy 1907-Aug-08
ALLMAN, John REEVES, Christiana 1906-May-21
ANDERSON, George MALONE, Ethel 1907-Apr-12
ANDERSON, Jack HUGGER, Minna 1880-Mar-10
ANDERSON, John ROBERTS, Claire 1910-Aug-05
ANDERSON, Mack GHASTON, Almeda 1910-Oct-03
ANDERSON, Moses BENBO, Lula 1903-Apr-06
ANDERSON, Tony H JACKSON, Bessie 1907-Apr-18
ANDERSON, W F GRIFFIN, Florence 1894-Sep-06
ANDERSON, W F GRIFFIN, Florence 1894-Dec-09
ANDERSON, W F NIEL, W J 1891-May-03
ANDREWS, Henry NICHOLSON, Julia 1899-Jul-26
ARMSTRONG, S G FARMER, Annie 1891-Feb-10
ARMSTRONG, William BESS, Emma 1900-Jan-25
ARNSLER, Fred MCLEOD, Flora 1891-Jan-01
ARRINGTON, Greene JEFFERSON, Dosea 1898-Jan-22
ASKEW, Thomas MCKAY, Ethel 1897-Jun-02
ATKINSON, W D HOLTON, Gertrude 1906-Dec-04
AUSTIN, R C MURRAH, Lilly L 1907-Mar-17
AUTREY, L M BRANNAN, Lelia 1903-Oct-30
AUTREY, O W JACKSON, Corine 1908-Oct-10
AVERA, James M DUNMAN, Hattie N 1908-Apr-08
AVERA, John P CAMPBELL, Emma 1892-Sep-18
AVERA, S W MCCLEAN, Ella Gertrude 1876-Nov-27
AVERA, S W TAYLOR, Laura 1907-Apr-15
AVERA, Thomas ROBERTSON, Alice 1899-Dec-07
AVERA, W W BULLOCK, Lizzie G 1889-Nov-07
AVERA, W W FRENCH, Isa 1895-Sep-11
AVERD, Alex BALL, Nora 1909-Dec-29



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