Greene County Brides


TANNER, Hattie V SMITH, S A 1905-Dec-20
TATUM, Anna BOLTON, Henry 1890-Oct-16
TATUM, Annie MCLARY, George 1909-Feb-01
TATUM, Caroline MOADY, Frank 1887-May-07
TATUM, Eliza HUBBARD, Peter 1899-Dec-26
TATUM, Julia POWE, Horace 1897-Jun-04
TATUM, Mary MOODY, Randall 1896-Jul-27
TATUM, Milly MOODY, Lorenzo 1895-Jan-25
TAYLER, Loucinda EPHRAIN, Frank 1881-Jul-21
TAYLOR, Dafney GAINES, Jesse 1888-Dec-08
TAYLOR, Elizabeth GRIMES, George 1884-Aug-25
TAYLOR, Emma JONES, Dan 1906-Jul-23
TAYLOR, Ida G TAYLOR, Thomas L 1900-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Isabella WARKINS, James V 1875-Jun-25
TAYLOR, Laura AVERA, S W 1907-Apr-15
TAYLOR, Mary MILLER, John 1896-Nov-29
TAYLOR, Ruth DAVIS, E W 1905-Oct-19
TAYLOR, Ruthie BENNETT, J T 1908-Sep-08
TAYLOR, Ruthie COLEMAN, Robert 1907-Mar-01
TAYLOR, Sarah A WALLEY, William 1891-Jun-04
TAYLOR, Verlelia May COLEMAN, Julius M 1907-May-05
TERRAL, Lula NARD, Willie 1904-Nov-26
TERREL, Nancy SIMMONS, Joseph 1907-Jun-12
TERRELL, Clariah BROOKS, James 1903-Jan-23
THOBE, Georgie WILEY, Thomas 1903-May-15
THOMAS, Annie BOLTON, Ben 1908-Aug-16
THOMAS, Caroline TAYLOR, Gus 1909-Feb-16
THOMAS, Corine BROWN, John 1901-Mar-13
THOMAS, Josie WILLIAMS, W W 1896-Dec-30
THOMAS, Lottie ALDERMAN, James E 1902-Apr-10
THOMAS, Lucy MILLER, Alex S 1894-Jan-31
THOMAS, Lula TAYLOR, Bishop 1897-Nov-14
THOMAS, Maggie TRIBBETT, Jeremiah 1892-Nov-24
THOMAS, Mary MASON, William 1898-Mar-15
THOMAS, Minnie TAYLOR, William 1901-Aug-04
THOMAS, Minnie M WOODARD, John C 1899-Oct-17
THOMAS, Sarah COOLEY, G M B 1881-Dec-01
THOMAS, Winnie TURNER, J B 1889-Feb-21
THOMLEY, Arnetta DUIETT, W C 1902-Apr-02
THOMSON, Emma Louise NEWBILL, George W 1904-Jun-25
THOMSON, Lula WESLEY, John 1904-Sep-02
THOMSON, Mary STILES, Slater 1903-Jan-27
THOMSON, Mollie WARD, Henry 1901-Nov-13
THORNTON, Henrietta ONEAL, Ben 1903-Jul-12
TIGGS, Clary DIXON, John 1900-Apr-22
TODD, Idella HATHORN, Henry 1906-Apr-25
TOPER, Mary MOSELY, Peter 1902-Jun-26
TOURMAN, Edna BRANNON, Wm H 1895-Jan-02
TRACY, Babe NICHOLDS, Miller 1888-Apr-01
TRACY, Ling LONG, Portor C 1877-Aug-20
TRIBBET, Flora LEWIS, Johny 1899-Dec-14
TRIBBETT, Elizabeth PEGUES, C J 1904-Jan-05
TRIBBETT, Fannie KING, Henry 1893-May-11
TRIBBETT, Keziah SOLOMON, Andrew 1897-Jan-28
TRIBBETT, Sarah WILLIAMS, Nathan 1896-Nov-25
TRIGG, Lettie TRIGG, John 1901-Jun-05
TRIGGS, Annie WHIGWILN, Solomon 1903-Jul-18
TROTTER, Lillian CROOM, J J 1903-Feb-09
TURNER, Ada V EVANS, John W 1908-Apr-08
TURNER, Agnes BEARD, Thomas W 1895-Dec-26
TURNER, Carrie BYRD, Irvin 1910-Oct-10
TURNER, Cicley PARKER, Wm 1887-Oct-18
TURNER, Cris Sarah BRADLY, Daniel F 1879-Dec-31
TURNER, Effie HILLMAN, Nathan 1904-Sep-27
TURNER, Eliza Octave TURNER, William Lawrendine 1900-Apr-18
TURNER, Elizabeth BALL, S W 1889-Jun-13
TURNER, Gilla NEIL, G H 1894-Jun-06
TURNER, Gillie L Mrs COCHRAN, Richard D 1905-May-30
TURNER, Isabel TURNER, G W 1888-Sep-17
TURNER, Jane ROBERTS, Martha 1892-Aug-16
TURNER, Julia A EDWARDS, P 1888-Mar-10
TURNER, Margarett M RHINEHART, W P 1903-Feb-12
TURNER, Martha J BREWER, Lyman 1893-Apr-06
TURNER, Mary A HOLDER, James H 1885-Apr-02
TURNER, Mary C HILLMAN, P G 1890-Mar-27
TURNER, Missouri HILLMAN, Osborn 1877-Jan-23
TURNER, Nancy C GREEN, W W 1901-Nov-20
TURNER, S E BEARD, W S 1891-Oct-29
TURNER, Sylvanus KITTRELL, L E 1887-Nov-17
TURNER, Winnie A BALL, M W 1896-Sep-02
TURNER, Zeola WHITE, Calvin 1907-May-25


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