Greene County Brides


SANDERS, Rosa Lee HEARN, Wm 1892-Dec-15
SANDS, Pearl SCOTT, Mack 1907-Jul-21
SAVAGE, Lula KITTRELL, E E 1904-Jan-04
SCANLAN, Ella THOMSON, J H 1902-May-01
SCOTT, Ardella WARREN, Hubbard 1910-Jun-15
SCOTT, Donie WILLIAMS, Mack 1899-Feb-02
SCOTT, Norma LOVETT, G W 1908-Jul-05
SCOTT, Sarah ROSSER, Joe 1897-Mar-14
SCOTT, Viola LOPER, Coleman 1895-Dec-23
SEABROOK, Ida A BLOUNT, L W 1892-Aug-28
SELDON, Bertha REDICK, A B 1901-Jun-20
SHAMBURG, Corene CLAYTON, Richard 1900-Mar-26
SHEPARD, Alberta HUDSON, Green 1906-Apr-23
SHEPARD, Artanice BLACK, Billy 1893-Mar-17
SHEPARD, Fannie ERKHART, James 1876-Feb-22
SHEPARD, Julia DAVIS, L C 1890-Aug-31
SHEPARD, Mary BROWN, John W 1876-Mar-06
SHEPARD, Mary MORGAN, Charley 1905-Apr-25
SHEPARD, Nettie COMPERS, E J 1899-Sep-03
SHEPARD, Rena MCWALTERS, David 1893-Aug-25
SHEPARD, Rusha HAVARD, C A 1903-Apr-19
SHEPARD, Sabra Annabell MOODY, J E 1890-Jul-24
SHEPARD, Sarah J HOLLIMON, Alex 1893-May-06
SHEPARD, Susan BOX, James K 1880-Feb-06
SHEPHARD, Mary CLAXTON, George E 1904-Jun-06
SHEPHERD, Minnie SCOTT, William 1900-Apr-04
SHMISS, SWEENEY, Dan 1891-Dec-23
SHOEMAKE, Idella MICKLES, Dick 1906-Jul-14
SHOWS, Hattie MEADOWS, Anguish 1909-Jan-28
SHUMAKE, SMALLWOOD, Matt 1897-Apr-10
SHUMAN, B C BROWN, Mortie 1906-Apr-14
SIMLIN, Lilly PETTERS, Lorinzo 1899-Dec-19
SIMMONS, Fannie COLLINS, Richard 1882-Jul-16
SIMPSON, Amanda SMITH, Jonas 1883-Nov-02
SIMPSON, Corine WASHINGTON, George 1906-Nov-10
SIMPSON, Mary JAMES, John 1887-Jun-18
SIMS, Amanda Mrs LEWINS, Berry 1904-Oct-27
SINGLETON, Lula Mrs HORN, Henderson 1906-Jun-21
SINGLETON, Olivia N SINGLETON, A J 1882-Dec-21
SKELLY, Minnie BROWN, J C 1879-Oct-23
SLUTTS, Mary SANDERS, G L 1906-Jul-16
SMIDSEY, Susanna HARTFIELD, Walter 1903-Aug-20
SMITH, Alice FAIRLEY, Daniel Webster 1903-Mar-05
SMITH, Alice A HOOGTORP, William T 1899-Mar-08
SMITH, Amanda PIERCE, Jerry 1896-Dec-31
SMITH, Besie Zeller BRELAND, William R 1909-Nov-29
SMITH, Bessie Mrs ROBERTS, J F 1905-Nov-27
SMITH, Bettie MCQUEEN, D B 1903-Jan-05
SMITH, Cansas BAILEY, Pearce P 1906-Jul-19
SMITH, Christain PERRY, Edward 1903-Mar-04
SMITH, Cora PIERCE, James 1910-Mar-20
SMITH, Corean TURNER, Nathan 1888-Dec-08
SMITH, Eary A TODD, C Mc 1903-Feb-26
SMITH, Effie J HENDERSON, H C 1905-Dec-21
SMITH, Eleanore A WALLEY, C W 1901-Nov-20
SMITH, Elizabeth DUNNAM, I L 1910-Sep-22
SMITH, Elizabeth HENDERSON, A C 1887-Aug-31
SMITH, Elizabeth ROBERTS, E E 1899-Dec-08
SMITH, Elizabeth V VANDERGOOD, R M 1901-Dec-25
SMITH, Ema Gertrude WILFORD, L D 1909-Aug-08
SMITH, Emiline DYE, N O 1901-Sep-03
SMITH, Fannie ROBERSON, Joe 1909-Apr-14
SMITH, Fannie WALLEY, Willis 1875-Oct-13
SMITH, Genie SHEPARD, Theodore 1908-Sep-13
SMITH, H C DAVIS, M J 1893-Dec-24
SMITH, Harriot HOOKS, Gould 1878-Jul-01
SMITH, Hattie E WALLEY, Melton 1908-Feb-05
SMITH, Ida E KITTRELL, Joseph E 1906-Dec-24
SMITH, Jenetha ROBERTS, J K 1875-Dec-20
SMITH, Judy HAMRICK, James P 1878-May-15
SMITH, Julia WALLEY, Calvin 1875-Apr-27
SMITH, Julia A BALL, W C 1893-Nov-23
SMITH, Katie MCLAIN, Sydney 1907-Mar-09
SMITH, L A KINSEY, Martin 1901-Nov-20
SMITH, L A MEADOWS, Pearly 1903-Mar-19
SMITH, L B Mrs MCINNIS, Randell 1903-Nov-13
SMITH, Laura HAVARD, Henry 1903-Mar-23
SMITH, Lettie BOLDER, Frank 1907-May-29
SMITH, Lillie MOODY, Knox 1908-Nov-03
SMITH, Lizzie WHITE, Lassinger 1900-Nov-20
SMITH, Lottie L DAVIS, James H 1900-Jun-27
SMITH, Luella CLARK, L D 1901-Oct-10
SMITH, M Estelle HAMRICK, B F Dr 1880-Apr-07
SMITH, Mamie POLION, Will 1909-Apr-09
SMITH, Manda MORGAN, E 1891-Feb-14
SMITH, Mary VAUGHN, Allen 1906-Sep-01
SMITH, Mary J PRINTER, J L J 1899-Mar-08
SMITH, Mary M BYRD, Calvin 1877-May-30
SMITH, Mattie E FREEMAN, Loyed C 1906-Sep-10
SMITH, Maudie EUBANKS, L J 1902-Nov-11
SMITH, Minnie WALLEY, W I 1903-Jan-22
SMITH, N M FREEMAN, M A 1899-Dec-10
SMITH, Octa WALLEY, Joseph 1904-Feb-01
SMITH, Rebecca BEARD, John 1893-Jan-01
SMITH, Rutha HINTON, A B 1903-Jan-24
SMITH, Sallie COLLINS, Wesley 1904-Jul-09
SMITH, Sarah PERRY, Louis 1909-Jan-27
SMITH, Valcory KING, Will I 1909-Dec-29
SMITH, Vessie FREEMAN, Norman 1901-Sep-11
SOUTH, Myra DENMARK, John A 1881-Sep-22
SOWELL, Annie Mrs RENNELS, J R 1907-Dec-03
SOWELL, Francis BACKSTROM, J F 1878-Dec-30
SPENCER, Cherry POWE, George 1904-Dec-22
STEARNS, A E WELDON, A J 1902-Jul-09
STEARNS, Ada O STEVENS, W H 1901-Apr-06
STEARNS, Mar F POWELL, M 1902-Sep-11
STEEL, A C LAMBERT, James L 1896-Dec-23
STEEPLES, Etta BEASLEY, A J 1901-Jun-27
STEINWINDER, Belle ROWE, T M 1904-Feb-13
STEPHENS, Mary E HELLAMAN, David 1878-Apr-24
STEPHENS, Mary K Mrs LINDQUIST, A G 1909-Feb-20
STEVENS, Bertha A LANE, Thomas H 1909-Sep-05
STEVENS, Evvie GRIERSON, W R 1909-May-24
STEVENS, Victoria HOLDER, James H 1882-Dec-16
STEVISON, Victoria BYRD, J H 1904-Mar-26
STEWART, Ellen TATUM, Austin 1880-Sep-29
STIGEN, Florence WILLIAMS, Arthur 1905-Jul-20
STILL, Eva JOHNSON, Ellis 1904-Aug-31
STILL, Julia H RAINWATER, Charley 1894-Sep-06
STILL, Minnie C MCCARTY, F C 1895-Dec-23
STINSON, Elizabeth E PRIM, J L 1878-Jan-09
STINSON, Emma SUMERLIN, Theodore 1910-Sep-07
STINSON, Martha HANCOCK, John 1904-Dec-24
STRICKLAND, Jincy E PRESTON, James K 1904-Jul-11
SULLIVAN, Julia LANE, John 1884-Dec-31
SULLIVAN, Mary E BAXTER, A R 1893-Mar-01
SUMLIN, Esther LEVERETT, Andrew 1908-Jun-25
SUMLIN, Fannie BONEY, Jeff 1910-Mar-30
SUMMERLINS, Elsie Mrs BENLEY, John 1882-Nov-29
SUMMERS, A C BYRD, Octie 1906-Dec-10
SUMMERS, Annie MONTGOMERY, Cain 1908-Jul-30
SWAIN, Roberta MONTGOMERY, Cain 1901-Aug-28
SYGALAS, Sallie MORRIS, George 1906-Dec-13
SYLVESTER, Catherine R HARRISON, W D 1904-May-30
SYLVESTER, J W BYRD, C E 1898-Aug-22
SYLVESTER, Jane BRADLEY, B F 1901-Nov-17



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