Greene County Brides


RAINWATER, Lottie HUGGINS, Albert 1905-Dec-21
RAINWATER, Nancy BYRD, Riley 1901-Jul-18
RAINWATER, Sena LOTT, W D 1899-Nov-12
RANAGER, Mary E MALLETT, David 1881-Mar-20
RANKIN, Eliza MANEGUALT, Stewart 1904-Jul-25
RANKIN, Emily DEES, David D 1880-Dec-31
RAY, Lottie CAMERON, Ben 1907-Sep-14
READ, Sallie FORTNEY, Albert 1908-Dec-26
REECE, Elizabeth RASBERRY, D B 1882-Apr-15
REECE, Mary HOWARD, L J 1888-Jun-18
REED, Fredonia PRYOR, Adolphus 1888-Apr-22
REED, Jane DUDLEY, Amos 1877-Nov-17
REED, Jane DUDLEY, Amos 1878-Nov-17
REESE, Delight DAVIS, Harry 1883-May-26
REESE, Sarah Ann BYRD, J A 1879-Aug-12
REEVES, Christiana ALLMAN, John 1906-May-21
REEVES, Daisy ALLMAN, Andrew 1907-Aug-08
REEVES, Leslie AINSWORTH, Beryl 1910-Jan-01
REID, Bena COLEMAN, Nathan 1896-Aug-18
REID, Frances ALFORD, E D 1897-Aug-03
RENS, Mattie CUMBEST, F P 1905-Jul-18
RESTER, Melvina WILLIAMS, Edward W 1894-Aug-27
REUS, Mattie CUMBEST, Frank 1907-Jul-13
REYNOLDS, Louella DANIEL, Ephraim 1906-Jan-09
REYNOLDS, Mary ROBERTSON, Sidney 1890-Sep-19
REYNOLDS, Nellie MCINNIS, E M 1881-Jul-05
RHODES, Eliza JOHNSTON, Henry 1876-Aug-05
RHODES, Lillie Permelia ODOM, Carnice 1910-Apr-07
RHODES, Mayhaly MACDUGAL, Goldon 1906-Aug-28
RICE, Florence HOWELL, Walter 1904-Sep-24
RICH, Lucy A CRAGIN, Benjamin A 1884-Sep-03
RICKS, Laura FAIRLEY, Frank 1897-May-21
RIGHT, Sarah Ann LEWIS, Joe 1901-Oct-09
RIGNEY, Jemmie GARRISS, Frank 1900-Apr-08
RILEY, Irene WELLS, William 1897-Sep-25
RILEY, Mary EPRAIM, Louis 1902-Apr-21
ROADS, Ada WEBB, George 1903-Jan-07
ROANE, Josephine LANG, Tom 1908-Nov-12
ROBERSON, Lizzie MYERS, Isaiah 1900-Jul-30
ROBERSON, Mamie MABRY, Charley 1902-Sep-10
ROBERSON, Viola DANIEL, Lorenzo 1903-Jun-12
ROBERTS, Agnes E WEST, Vincent 1882-Nov-20
ROBERTS, Angeline HAWKINS, Lewis 1877-Feb-18
ROBERTS, Bertha MITCHEL, Ned 1906-May-17
ROBERTS, Bessie BYRD, Charles 1908-Jan-29
ROBERTS, Claire ANDERSON, John 1910-Aug-05
ROBERTS, Cora BOX, Spencer 1901-Oct-24
ROBERTS, Eliza GREEN, J F 1910-Dec-04
ROBERTS, Eliza NIX, Edward 1888-Jul-04
ROBERTS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, John R 1895-Apr-11
ROBERTS, Elvina SUTHOFF, E A B 1878-Aug-05
ROBERTS, Emma BRADLEY, A J 1895-Apr-05
ROBERTS, I A BREWER, C E 1908-Feb-05
ROBERTS, Ida JONES, W T 1909-Mar-21
ROBERTS, Ida KITTRELL, C L 1891-Jun-04
ROBERTS, Martha TURNER, Jane 1892-Aug-16
ROBERTS, Martha G COWART, Rufus H 1879-Feb-17
ROBERTS, Mary BLOCK, Charley 1907-Jul-04
ROBERTS, Mary KITTRELL, C A 1907-Jan-25
ROBERTS, Minnie WALLEY, J W 1908-Feb-19
ROBERTS, Miranda A BACKSTROM, Charles O 1875-Dec-20
ROBERTS, Nancy HUGGER, Prince 1904-May-14
ROBERTS, Nancy MCKENZIE, Joe 1901-Jun-07
ROBERTS, Priscilla J MCSWAIN, Malcolm 1881-Mar-04
ROBERTS, Ruth C WEST, G W 1897-Dec-29
ROBERTS, Sarah WHITE, Charles 1887-Oct-07
ROBERTS, Susan PREWITT, J H 1888-Dec-01
ROBERTS, Susie BRADLEY, Grover C 1908-Apr-01
ROBERTS, Susie V PALMER, O C 1904-Jan-21
ROBERTS, Viola BACKSTROM, Rufus J 1881-Nov-01
ROBERTS, Viola CLANTON, Albert B 1879-Oct-24
ROBERTSON, Alice AVERA, Thomas 1899-Dec-07
ROBERTSON, Clara MONTGOMERY, Cleveland 1907-Sep-11
ROBERTSON, Eliza LANE, Geo W 1907-Jul-04
ROBERTSON, Elizabeth LANE, G W 1893-Oct-15
ROBERTSON, Florence MCRAE, H R 1895-Dec-18
ROBERTSON, Mandy BYRD, Ira 1876-Jan-19
ROBERTSON, Margaret A DAVIS, Albert 1877-Mar-24
ROBERTSON, Mary CHASON, Holmer 1900-Jun-03
ROBERTSON, Olevia C KITTRELL, W N 1888-Sep-07
ROBERTSON, Sarah E JAMES, L E 1888-Dec-27
ROBINS, Annie BURCH, J W 1903-Sep-10
ROBINSON, Catherine MOSES, William H 1907-Dec-07
ROBINSON, Frilly BURLEY, Frank 1899-Dec-19
ROBINSON, Maggie WALKER, James 1908-Sep-13
ROCKWELL, Hattie MACKEY, J H 1891-Oct-04
ROCKWELL, Maggie WILLIAMS, W W 1897-Nov-01
ROCKWELL, Malinda REESE, J E 1908-Jan-26
RODGERS, Alice MCNEAL, Smith 1881-Nov-24
RODGERS, Elsie TATUM, Edmon 1884-May-07
ROGERS, Mary E PITMAN, P H 1899-Jan-06
ROGERS, Susie BROWN, Luther 1903-Nov-16
ROSENWALL, Ina THOMAS, J T 1903-Mar-18
ROSS, Abbie HILLMAN, James 1896-Dec-26
ROUGE, Emma BUTLER, Jim 1901-Oct-09
ROUNSAVILLE, Katie COURTNEY, Elisha 1891-Dec-06
ROUNSAVILLE, Sarah RUSH, Robt 1890-Dec-11
ROUSE, Evalina FRY, Charles 1896-Sep-19
ROUSE, Nannie MILLER, Walter 1901-Jun-23
ROWE, Anna Bell JAMES, Frank 1907-Jan-19
RUMSLEY, Elizabeth BUSH, Frank 1890-Dec-24
RUSH, Stella TEDDER, J F 1901-Feb-15
RUSSELL, Lela EATON, Mack 1909-Jul-08
RUSSELL, Roxanna BELL, W M 1899-Feb-01
RUSSELL, Tempy MANIER, George 1904-Aug-08
RUYLE, Mary E DEWITT, P S 1899-Jan-12


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