Greene County Brides

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PACKER, Pearlie HAWTHORN, George 1910-Nov-07
PAGETT, Carrie MURRAH, James 1900-Jan-03
PAINE, E E DUNNAM, L A 1895-Dec-24
PARISH, Esther TILLMAN, William 1902-Nov-19
PARKER, Hulda BRANNAN, G E 1904-Nov-05
PARKER, Ida BREWER, Luther 1907-Oct-07
PARKER, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Charlie 1905-Apr-30
PARKER, Ollie SHEPHARD, W M 1901-Apr-14
PARKER, Ora NIX, Moses 1907-Mar-10
PARNELL, Martha Ann DAVIS, Lett 1909-Jan-16
PARSTON, Ginny LANKFORD, Diebert 1899-Oct-08
PATTON, Batteast GRAY, Lundy 1882-Oct-24
PAYNE, Lillie EVERETT, Dock L 1901-Sep-19
PEARCE, Annie WHITE, Frank R 1883-May-10
PEARCE, Elizabeth TOULMAN, T J 1880-Nov-15
PEARCE, Helen BOLTON, B D 1887-Sep-08
PEARSON, Hattie JACKSON, Ike 1909-Jan-26
PERKINS, Lizzie RYANS, Joe 1879-Oct-11
PERRY, Edna L TURNER, W D 1894-Nov-22
PERRY, Nancy L TURNER, John L 1895-May-23
PETERS, Silla OTSEY, Henry 1890-Dec-26
PETERS, Stella JOHNSON, Wiley 1901-Feb-23
PHAFRIS, Susie SISTRUNK, Walter 1902-Aug-18
PHILPS, Leah BROWN, Elias 1890-Sep-18
PICKENS, Maggie BROOKS, Charlie 1900-Aug-12
PICKENS, Salina BYRD, Wm 1890-Jul-17
PIERCE, Betty SIMPSON, Tony 1897-Sep-15
PIERCE, Corinnie MCCLEARY, J M 1903-Jun-14
PIERCE, Fannie PLATT, W M 1907-May-22
PIERCE, Gertrude ADKINSON, M D L 1907-Jan-09
PIERCE, Hattie REYNOLDS, Dolphin 1894-Oct-24
PIPER, Maggie E FIRTH, Gus 1906-Feb-10
PIPKIN, C A BRELAND, C M 1891-Jul-16
PIPKIN, Emma GIBSON, William 1892-May-07
PIPKIN, Frances MCLEOD, John R 1889-Jan-13
PIPKIN, Gilla TURNER, Henry C 1890-Mar-13
PIPKINS, Bertha BALL, M W 1901-Jun-16
PIPKINS, Dilly COCHRAN, J F 1901-Nov-13
PIPKINS, Elizabeth COCHRAN, Alex F 1879-Dec-11
PIPKINS, Ellen BALL, James M 1884-May-22
PIPKINS, Emily E CHILDREN, Cornelius E 1883-Jan-25
PIPKINS, Jane DAVIS, Thomas 1896-May-20
PIPKINS, Mahala BOX, John L 1890-Aug-24
PIPPKINS, Druycella GRAHAM, John D 1883-Jun-26
PITTS, Eliza LANDRUM, C C 1881-Jul-16
PLEASANT, Rena LEE, Peter 1892-Jan-08
POE, Josephine ROGERS, Augustus 1902-Mar-30
POKE, Alice R STEWART, James S 1884-Jan-05
POPE, Emma MARSHALL, Manuel 1891-Apr-11
POPE, Mary RILEY, George 1893-Sep-27
POPE, Mary Jane WALLEY, S A J 1901-Sep-17
POPE, S A BREWER, John L 1884-May-15
POPE, Sarah Ann COLE, James 1887-Jul-28
POWE, Alice BROWN, Eli 1881-Oct-19
POWE, Hattie MILLER, Thomas 1909-Aug-21
POWE, Viola LARGENT, Willie 1899-May-20
POWE, Violet ORANGE, Warren 1878-Jul-15
POWELL, Mary A JONES, E S 1880-Sep-27
POWER, Cora MILTON, Richard 1901-May-27
PRENTICE, Sarah PEACOCK, Joe 1904-Apr-25
PRENTICE, Viola MCMILLAN, H D 1903-Feb-26
PRENTISS, Eliza TURNER, John L 1892-Feb-18
PRENTISS, Jincy DENNAM, George T 1883-Mar-30
PRENTISS, Maggie WEST, David 1892-Mar-24
PRESTON, Doney WILLIAMS, Edward 1895-Sep-25
PRINE, Eliza GRIFFIN, J B 1877-Jun-20
PRINE, Elizabeth MCMICHAEL, L D 1877-Sep-05
PRINE, Ella KITTRELL, A B 1904-Sep-12
PRINE, J C BYRD, W F 1885-Jan-15
PRINE, Jane STINSON, B F 1888-Dec-17
PRINE, N J Mrs WALLEY, W R 1906-Jun-21
PRINE, Nancy Leander WADE, S D 1901-May-22
PRINGLE, Ada POLK, Eugene 1909-Sep-27
PRITCHET, Matilda REECE, William 1904-Sep-06
PRY, Estella ADKINS, Howard 1909-Dec-24
PUGH, Annie PIPKINS, M S 1903-Jul-08


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