Greene County Brides

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NAULTY, Iona I WYATT, Sol 1888-Sep-09
NEAL, Nancy J MERRITT, Erasmus D 1881-Sep-16
NEEL, Iness MCDONALD, Alfred 1904-Mar-22
NEELY, Sallie NELSON, J S 1910-Jun-17
NEIL, Hattie TURNER, Charles H 1906-Sep-19
NEIL, Sarah E BALL, John L 1889-Nov-07
NELSON, Cynthia BALL, Daniel 1883-Sep-02
NELSON, Isabel GAINES, J H 1892-Apr-24
NEWELL, Harritt BURNEY, A L 1881-Jan-02
NICHOLS, Carrie BROWN, Ed 1900-Sep-08
NICHOLS, Rose Mrs DOBBS, John 1904-Apr-23
NICHOLSON, Julia ANDREWS, Henry 1899-Jul-26
NICK, Addie WHITE, George 1909-Dec-27
NICKS, Emily EVANS, Jacob 1890-Apr-13
NORSEWORTHY, Susan I DUNN, J A 1901-Mar-28
OAKLEY, Addie WOULLARD, Thomas 1908-Aug-27
ODAM, Minnie Mrs BARRON, J R 1909-Jun-23
ODOM, Ida BRYNIK, Albert 1876-Mar-30
ODOM, Lena HAMERICK, T L 1905-May-22
ODOM, Margaret Isabel STRICKLAND, Thomas 1904-Dec-16
OUTSEY, Caroline CARTER, Henry 1876-May-10
OUTSEY, Sila MCINNIS, Barry 1882-Nov-16
OXNER, Maggie MERRITT, William A 1901-Nov-21
OXNER, Pattie IRKWOOD, James 1908-Nov-08


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