Greene County Brides

K - L

KATON, Mary HOLLAND, Artis 1908-Apr-05
KAVER, Katie PEARCE, Richard 1882-Oct-05
KEAHEY, Birdie EUBANKS, Alfred 1901-Dec-26
KELLY, Georgia YOUNG, Frank 1908-Jun-20
KEMP, Julia STEED, Ples 1901-Feb-14
KEMP, Rosa GAIL, Alex 1901-Sep-20
KENNEDY, Josie M RATLIFF, R F Dr 1903-Aug-07
KINCH, Gracie N STRINGER, Walter C 1907-Feb-28
KING, Alma HUNTER, Charlie 1904-May-23
KITRELL, Mary L Mrs MCDONALD, John 1903-Nov-19
KITRELL, Susan DOUGLAS, W S 1879-Jan-02
KITTRELL, Beatrice TOUCHSTONE, James 1910-Jan-30
KITTRELL, Clara E TURNER, J P 1907-Mar-27
KITTRELL, Elizabeth COCHRAN, G 1877-Jan-08
KITTRELL, Elizabeth MURRY, William 1889-Nov-14
KITTRELL, Ella SMITH, William 1902-Aug-13
KITTRELL, Eran DUNNAM, James N 1881-Mar-25
KITTRELL, Flora ROBERTS, T D 1888-Sep-21
KITTRELL, Ida POWELL, Jas F 1903-Mar-18
KITTRELL, Jane WILLIAMS, David 1878-Jan-12
KITTRELL, Lucinda RUFFIAN, Jessie 1877-Jun-07
KITTRELL, L E TURNER, Sylvanus 1887-Nov-17
KITTRELL, M A KITTRELL, Reuben 1887-Nov-20
KITTRELL, Maggie PERRY, Joe J 1899-Mar-02
KITTRELL, Margaret HENDERSON, W N 1890-Oct-02
KITTRELL, Margaret O BREWER, W N 1882-Jan-08
KITTRELL, Mary J EZELL, E L 1891-Nov-07
KITTRELL, Nancy JOHNSON, J E 1900-Feb-25
KITTRELL, Sudy WATTS, Jefferson 1882-Oct-15
KITTRELL, Susan DOUGLAS, W S 1880-Jan-02
KITTRELL, Susan HENDERSON, L H 1891-Dec-15
KNAPP, Mabel F MEADON, H D 1905-Nov-14
KNIGHT, Carlie LINETON, Felix 1910-Mar-05
KNOBLES, Ella PEASTER, J B 1882-Jan-25
KNOBLES, Susan J SWETMAN, D W 1877-Mar-07
KOONS, Inez DICK, W M 1907-Jun-25
KYNARD, Winnie BOYKIN, Allen 1895-Aug-29
LACY, Mary FAIRLEY, London 1908-Jan-30
LAINE, Allice MIMS, M C 1902-Sep-14
LAM, Hattie CARROLL, E B 1888-Sep-27
LANDRUM, Alice JAMES, E J 1879-Dec-11
LANDRUM, Ella ROBERTS, Andrew 1906-Aug-08
LANE, Ada C JOHNSON, James L 1907-Dec-22
LANE, Alice M HEATHCOCK, Richmond 1903-Aug-05
LANE, Delpheny LANKFORD, Dan 1905-Dec-18
LANE, Eady HEATHCOCK, J T 1896-Dec-27
LANE, Katie Isabel EZELLE, John 1884-Dec-31
LANE, Lizzie GRIFFIN, Murdock M 1904-Jul-21
LANE, Lucie PRESTON, J W 1909-May-15
LANE, M J DWYER, John 1877-Mar-01
LANE, Martha WILLIAMS, J L 1905-Mar-11
LANE, Mary BREWER, Lawson 1890-Oct-26
LANE, Mary Bell PERRY, John W 1910-Feb-20
LANE, Ollie Lee ODOM, G D 1904-Aug-26
LANE, Theodona HALBROOK, W A 1887-Oct-07
LANGLEY, Anna Bell RANSIER, E F 1909-May-01
LANGLEY, Lela MALLETT, Ira 1902-Nov-30
LANKFORD, Ada BROOK, W H 1909-Sep-15
LANKFORD, Belle BALL, John L 1892-Feb-17
LANKFORD, Ella PEASTER, Lee P 1905-Nov-18
LANKFORD, Julia ROSSER, John 1876-May-20
LANKFORD, Lenora PRESTON, Henry 1893-Jan-12
LANKFORD, Mary E SCARBOROUGH, Alex 1892-Nov-07
LANKFORD, Mary J PRESTON, W A 1899-May-28
LANKFORD, Olevia BREWER, Isaiah 1905-Dec-18
LANKFORD, Sina E WILLIAMS, T J 1880-Dec-16
LANKFORD, Thursia SMITH, W C 1906-Feb-12
LANSTON, Nona Mrs BONEY, W O 1906-Apr-28
LARENSE, Mary MCCOLLUM, John 1905-Dec-26
LATT, Virginia WALLEY, Robt 1891-May-21
LAURENDINE, Lucele BROXTON, Daniel 1901-Sep-19
LAWRENCE, Isabella Eliza HARTFIELD, Henry 1884-Feb-26
LAWRENCE, Martha HUGGER, Prince 1889-Jul-18
LEACH, Viola WELCH, King 1909-Apr-15
LEAKS, Celia BINGY, Henry 1896-Oct-01
LEE, Eliza GABRIEL, Silas 1890-Jul-21
LEE, Minnie GRIMES, Charles M 1905-Dec-29
LEOLA, Bettie BILLUPS, Isaiah 1906-Oct-23
LEVENS, Laura DENTON, Raymond 1904-Feb-01
LEVERETT, Abia MCCANN, T C 1892-Jan-12
LEVERETT, Geneva DAVIS, Alex 1905-Aug-19
LEVERETT, Savanah CARSON, Calvin 1891-Feb-18
LEVIRETT, Florence WINBORN, Lon W 1908-Jun-10
LEWIS, Dasha CLARK, J E 1893-Sep-06
LEWIS, Docia BRANNAN, Samuel 1906-Jul-07
LEWIS, Lillian WOODS, Willie 1908-Jun-17
LEWIS, Lula GREEN, Rufus 1903-Apr-12
LEWIS, M L SULLIVAN, W H 1890-Apr-28
LEWIS, Maggie E CHATWOOD, Walter A 1907-Sep-20
LEWIS, Maria MCCARTHY, Squire 1901-Mar-07
LINDSEY, Ella HARTFIELD, H D 1894-Dec-15
LITTLE, Annabelle WALLEY, Richard G 1909-Dec-05
LITTLEFIELD, Ella BAILEY, Thomas H 1903-Dec-21
LIVINGSTON, Edna ORR, W O 1908-Jun-24
LOFTIN, Nola BROWDER, L S 1888-Nov-15
LOFTON, Mary WRIGHT, John T 1878-Apr-13
LOFTON, Rosell BYRD, Lemuel 1882-Nov-02
LONG, Carrie A REESE, John 1882-Oct-26
LONG, Mary ODOM, A 1889-May-25
LONG, Nelly Mrs ISAAC, James 1879-Sep-23
LONG, Sarah HADLEY, James 1882-Oct-01
LONG, Zellie JONES, John 1909-Oct-04
LOPER, Amanda KING, Henry 1879-Oct-21
LOPER, Caroline DAVIS, E E 1910-Feb-15
LOPER, Hattie DAVIS, W C 1909-Dec-23
LOPER, Sarah J SINGLETON, John 1879-May-10
LOTT, Daisy PIPKIN, L P 1910-Feb-03
LOTT, Dora DEWITT, Ely 1895-May-09
LOTT, Edna PETERSON, Walker W 1903-Nov-04
LOTT, Julia MILLS, Columbus 1888-Sep-17
LOTT, Leathie REED, Pleas 1903-May-04
LOTT, Lottie MALLEY, Ed 1896-Dec-31
LOTT, M A MCCREE, Mack 1904-May-21
LOTT, Susie BLANKENSHIP, J W 1903-Mar-25
LOTTE, Rachel M BREWER, J H 1888-Jun-28
LOVETT, Anna STEPHENS, John 1909-Jul-30
LOWERY, Abbie ALLEN, R A 1904-Nov-05
LOWERY, Jette ROBERTS, J T 1908-Jun-08
LOWERY, Lula Lee BRELAND, Eugene W 1895-Oct-10
LOWRY, Annie LILLIE, Ray 1903-Jul-08
LOWRY, Henrietta GOINS, Silas M 1907-Jan-04
LUCAS, Ella MOFFATT, Alex 1897-Nov-07
LUCAS, Malisa TAYLOR, Thomas 1883-Feb-03
LUCAS, Martha JORDAN, S W 1909-Oct-31
LUCAS, Mary E HILTON, W J 1876-Jul-05
LUNDY, Pearlie BOYKIN, Alfred 1903-Jun-28
LYLE, Tina CAMPBELL, J C 1907-Apr-21
LYLES, Lilly BREWER, S D 1903-May-20
LYLES, Sarah BOXLEY, Simon 1895-May-31
LYON, Belle MCCASLY, Monroe 1906-May-12


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