Greene County Brides

I - J

ICKWOOD, Elizabeth HAWKINS, Charles T 1893-Feb-28
IKWOOD, Josephine WILFORD, T E 1899-Jul-01
INGRAM, Loucinda HENDRICK, R H 1880-Dec-07
INGRAM, Savana TAYLOR, Al 1903-Jan-26
JACKSON, Bessie ANDERSON, Tony H 1907-Apr-18
JACKSON, Corine AUTREY, O W 1908-Oct-10
JACKSON, Dicey DAVIS, Henry 1899-Mar-15
JACKSON, Fannie ALLEN, George 1895-Sep-17
JACKSON, Harriet MCKAY, Wash 1906-Oct-06
JACKSON, Louvenia TAYLOR, Ben 1896-Nov-20
JACKSON, Luella BROWN, G C 1909-Apr-15
JACKSON, Mary JONES, J J 1905-Apr-26
JACKSON, Patsy HENDERSON, Charlie 1909-Jan-10
JAMES, Eliza WALLEY, Vincent 1899-Feb-15
JAMES, Eugenia BYRD, C E 1890-Nov-06
JAMES, Inez BREWER, N 1907-Dec-29
JAMES, Julia BRELAND, Alex 1890-Nov-06
JAMES, Lula WALLEY, R L 1900-Dec-26
JAMES, Mattie WILLIAMS, G E 1909-Jan-11
JAMES, Nancy JONES, P S 1904-Nov-23
JEFFERSON, Dosea ARRINGTON, Greene 1898-Jan-22
JENKINS, E E MOODY, E J 1899-May-15
JENKINS, Eliza MOODY, Abe 1890-Nov-27
JENKINS, Lena TURNER, Charles 1901-Sep-14
JOHNSON, Alis RAULS, Henry 1900-Jan-07
JOHNSON, Ann DANTZLER, James 1881-Mar-04
JOHNSON, Asaline LAMKIN, Dock 1905-Oct-11
JOHNSON, Azyline MCINNIS, W S 1898-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Bessie POSTOAK, Jack 1894-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Betty THOMAS, George 1897-Jul-16
JOHNSON, Carrie PIERCE, Ollie 1902-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Carrie Belle MCGILBURY, Willie 1909-Nov-03
JOHNSON, Cassie FAIRLEY, Lorinzo 1899-Dec-21
JOHNSON, Catharine THOMAS, Luke 1881-Oct-08
JOHNSON, Diana IVEY, Gus 1906-Nov-23
JOHNSON, Dona JOHNSON, Henry 1902-May-04
JOHNSON, Eliza Mrs HARRIS, W H 1905-Jun-01
JOHNSON, Fannie SMITH, John 1905-Nov-17
JOHNSON, Gracy LAWRENCE, Jesse 1901-Feb-06
JOHNSON, Julia BRADLY, Isaac 1884-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Julia JOHNSON, William 1906-Aug-18
JOHNSON, Lark SMITH, W S 1903-Apr-09
JOHNSON, Lucy A GREEN, Will 1903-Aug-24
JOHNSON, M J CARTER, Orlene 1895-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Mary JOHNSON, Lars 1908-May-19
JOHNSON, Mary Belle BISHOP, Edward 1908-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Mary Mrs POWELL, Charly 1904-Dec-02
JOHNSON, Mary R BAILEY, W W 1906-Oct-10
JOHNSON, Matilda PIPKIN, R P 1906-Jul-02
JOHNSON, Sarah TATUM, Charley 1906-May-03
JONES, Annie GIVENS, Jim 1905-Jan-03
JONES, Catherine Emma MANNING, John A 1904-Feb-13
JONES, Henrietta WASHAM, Frank 1903-Mar-08
JONES, Jessie WILLIAMS, Taylor 1905-Aug-18
JONES, Lucy MCGUERTEN, Squar 1904-Jul-01
JONES, Mary Mrs COOK, Ed 1900-Sep-15
JONES, Nucil PARKER, Wm 1882-Jan-07
JOORMAN, Maggie GODWIN, Arthur 1910-Jan-09
JORDEN, Bettie MCKAY, George 1882-Jun-17
JOWERS, Louella WAR, John 1908-Mar-10
JOY, Mary A COX, J W 1895-Oct-20
JOYNER, Agnes Eleanor DAUGHDRILL, Allen Hudson 1905-Sep-05


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