Greene County Brides


HAINSWORTH, Mary J HENDERSON, Chas 1909-Sep-14
HAM, E T TURNER, L A 1906-Mar-06
HAMPTON, Martha A DONAGAN, Daniel 1889-May-21
HANK, Florence H PRESTON, J W 1898-Jun-26
HARNESS, Dorcas Mrs WALLEY, R H 1877-Apr-05
HARRINGTON, Emma COURTNEY, David 1895-Dec-05
HARRINGTON, Lizzie JONES, Jacob 1900-Jul-19
HARRIS, Eloise THAMES, A J 1900-Jun-24
HARRIS, Gracie HARRIS, James 1907-Jul-04
HARRIS, J W ROGERS, Buner 1888-Oct-28
HARRIS, Leona CALLOWAY, George 1909-Mar-30
HARRIS, Mary LOVETT, Ben 1902-Oct-02
HARRIS, Missouri HARDY, William 1896-Jul-05
HARRIS, Nina TURNER, H C 1898-Sep-14
HARRISON, Mahaley Mrs MCGILLERY, W 1906-Jul-30
HARRISON, Mary Celia HOWARD, Bony 1908-Jul-25
HARTFIELD, Azaline HAYS, Willie 1909-Dec-22
HARTFIELD, Christina HARTFIELD, Henry 1902-Jun-07
HARTFIELD, Johan MCCANN, David 1891-Jan-29
HARTFIELD, Maggie SUMLIN, Blunt 1906-Jan-18
HARTFIELD, Sarah BOLTON, Jake 1897-Jun-24
HARTSFIELD, Nona WOOD, Luke 1906-Jun-25
HARTSFIELD, Nora ROBERTS, Dan 1882-Jan-15
HASEE, Maggie Mrs BALDWIN, F M 1905-Apr-06
HATFIELD, Belle BOLTON, John 1888-Apr-12
HATHORN, Elmira HARRISON, J R 1891-Oct-19
HATHORN, F A BYRD, W H 1890-May-01
HATHORNE, Brunetta J MOODY, W O 1881-Apr-04
HAVARD, Anna FRISCH, T J 1898-Jul-28
HAVARD, Belle HAVARD, Charles 1897-Apr-29
HAVARD, Bertie E ADAMS, Magnus A 1909-Apr-11
HAVARD, Betsy SHEPARD, Ben 1905-Apr-28
HAVARD, Bettie Elizabeth BOOTH, D B 1882-Sep-19
HAVARD, Caroline BRANNAN, Charlie E 1886-Jun-28
HAVARD, Caroline BRANNAN, Charlie E 1886-Jul-01
HAVARD, Edith EUBANKS, H M 1909-Jan-27
HAVARD, Ella ROGERS, Earnest 1909-Nov-07
HAVARD, Laura Nevada CANNON, John T 1906-Dec-10
HAVARD, Levcie LEWIS, Virgil 1906-Dec-27
HAVARD, Lilly V EUBANKS, M M 1905-Sep-05
HAVARD, Lucy SHEPHEARD, Robert 1904-Feb-27
HAVARD, M A HAVARD, Lewis 1889-Oct-31
HAVARD, M E Mrs MCILWAIN, W H 1907-May-12
HAVARD, Mary Ann BRANNAN, Ira M 1879-Mar-19
HAVARD, Polly WELFORD, Henry 1901-Jul-03
HAVARD, Sarah ROGERS, J T 1883-Dec-26
HAVARD, Sarah M WELFORD, Alex 1900-Apr-15
HAVARD, Susan LEWIS, Wm 1894-Feb-15
HAWKINS, Agnes BUTTLER, Lee 1907-Mar-22
HAWKINS, C F JONES, Robert H 1895-Nov-21
HAWKINS, Eliza FERRILL, Andrew 1908-Sep-14
HAWKINS, June ICKWOOD, James 1889-Apr-03
HAYES, Lillie BRANNAN, Kilar R 1904-Mar-29
HAYES, Maggie BAXTER, Vince 1901-Jun-11
HAYNES, Emma O THOMPSON, J W 1877-Jun-22
HAYES, Georgia MAYSON, George 1909-Feb-17
HAYS, Annie SLATHAM, William 1893-Oct-05
HAYS, Nancy TRACY, Nelson 1878-Feb-02
HAZE, Daisy MASON, Ellis 1900-Apr-22
HEARD, Alice WRIGHT, C C 1901-Nov-14
HEATHCOCK, Georgiana STINSON, Lewis H 1882-Jan-06
HEATHCOCK, Louisa LANE, Henry 1895-Nov-13
HEATHCOCK, Polly E GRIFFIN, Robert Lee 1908-May-23
HEATHCOCK, Virginia NEWFORTH, Charles G 1895-Apr-14
HENDERSON, Anna JAMES, Edward 1899-Aug-07
HENDERSON, Anna POWE, J L 1902-Jul-28
HENDERSON, Bell JONES, Thomas J 1885-Feb-26
HENDERSON, Cora YORK, John 1903-Jun-07
HENDERSON, Ella WALLEY, James R 1899-Dec-05
HENDERSON, Evalina SMITH, W I 1897-May-30
HENDERSON, Jennie GORDON, Richard A 1908-Jan-22
HENDERSON, Lizzie MCRAY, Horace 1902-Jan-23
HENSEN, Jane GARDNER, Moses Jr 1879-Sep-17
HEWLETT, Viola MCLEOD, John A 1888-Mar-24
HICKS, Lealer WILLIAMS, John 1903-Jan-29
HIGHY, Fern A HENDERSON, Arthur John 1908-Jul-25
HILL, Almer HENRY, John 1907-Feb-11
HILL, Emma HOWARD, Ellis 1909-Jun-30
HILL, Katy ADDISON, R D 1900-May-19
HILL, Lula STOLWOTHS, H 1907-Aug-27
HILLMAN, Cammie DAUGHDRILL, F K 1905-May-25
HILLMAN, Elizabeth BYRD, Jefferson D 1881-Jan-13
HILLMAN, Julia BALL, E Rufus 1881-Jan-24
HILLMAN, Louvenia GREEN, P E 1903-Jun-24
HILLMAN, Mamie BALL, H E 1903-Apr-14
HILLMAN, Mary J FERGUSON, W L 1891-Dec-17
HILLMAN, Nona CARR, M B 1906-May-24
HILLMAN, Ranie COCHRAN, H W 1901-May-01
HILLMAN, Sarah E BRELAND, G Y 1887-Oct-18
HILLMAN, Sarah V BALL, J C 1905-Aug-01
HILLMAN, Susie GREENE, Wiley 1901-Oct-09
HILLMAN, Winnie WILLIAMS, H E 1904-Dec-13
HILTON, Emma MURRY, M L 1898-Jul-21
HINTON, Ellena BYRD, H W 1900-Dec-05
HINTON, Laura WALLEY, Willis 1901-Jun-23
HINTON, Maggie DAVIS, Lige 1903-Nov-11
HINTON, Missouri LAWRENCE, Wilson 1891-Apr-30
HINTON, Sallie MCCARTY, Taylor 1889-Nov-16
HIX, Mintie WALLEY, Alex 1880-Feb-14
HOGAN, Francis O LOPER, William 1881-Sep-15
HOLDEN, Mary E MCLAIN, Chester 1905-Jun-01
HOLDER, Abigail BYRD, T B 1910-Jul-26
HOLDER, Annabella PRINE, John L 1880-Dec-23
HOLDER, Berthea ROPER, G C 1906-Dec-10
HOLDER, Linie ROPER, J M 1907-Jul-16
HOLDER, Nancy T WEST, Truman C 1880-Nov-23
HOLIMAN, Georgianne SHEPARD, M F 1890-Feb-05
HOLINGSWORTH, Emoline HAYS, Sim 1882-May-06
HOLLAND, Louvenia CARROLL, Ed 1906-Feb-12
HOLLAND, Lucinda LOTT, A J 1909-Apr-07
HOLLAND, Mary ALFORD, Everette 1905-Jun-05
HOLLAND, Minnie L SHEPARD, Frank P 1895-Dec-25
HOLLAND, Susie PERKINS, George 1903-Apr-09
HOLLAND, Vashtie HOLLIMAN, Ap 1900-Aug-05
HOLLIDAY, June Olive HENRY, Walter Lee 1906-Apr-10
HOLLIMAN, Sarah Mrs DAVIS, Absolum 1904-Aug-03
HOLLIMAN, Silla HAIRE, Nicholas 1901-Jan-29
HOLLIMAN, Zetty CARTER, Charley 1895-Dec-25
HOLLIMON, Mary PIPKINS, Lewis 1895-Oct-24
HOLLMAN, Collie MILLS, J A 1905-Jun-27
HOLTON, Gertrude ATKINSON, W D 1906-Dec-04
HOOD, Sallie RANDLE, Henry 1902-Nov-14
HOOKER, Lily BALL, W P 1903-Dec-22
HOOKS, Martha PACKER, Sam 1893-Sep-30
HOPKINS, Emily BROXTON, Ben B 1901-Jan-28
HORGRAVE, Loucinda DUNNAM, E A 1881-Jun-12
HORN, Asaline CAMPBELL, Alfred 1898-Jul-01
HORSEFORD, Malissa CLIFTON, J M 1902-Dec-24
HOUSTON, Hattie FRANKLIN, Seemin 1908-May-15
HOWARD, Frances LEVERETT, David 1908-Jul-13
HOWARD, Georgia WOODARD, Charley 1900-May-07
HOWARD, Jennie Mrs HOWARD, C E 1903-Sep-28
HOWARD, Lasthia ROUNSAVILLE, Davis 1885-Mar-02
HOWARD, Leana COLLIER, S M 1908-May-13
HOWARD, Mary BUTTS, Roberts 1909-Jul-08
HOWARD, Sarah SANFORD, Robert 1884-Jun-02
HOWELL, Ella CRAWFORD, John 1904-Dec-05
HOWELL, Ella GRIFFIN, Murdock M 1901-Aug-08
HOWELL, Julia BULLOCK, Thomas J 1901-Aug-24
HOWELL, Ruby EUBANKS, Pa 1902-Jul-31
HOWISON, Bessie MCMILLON, Van 1909-Mar-09
HUBBARD, Dona BROADNAX, Johnie 1907-Oct-05
HUDSON, Emily Mrs MCINNIS, Nollis 1902-Sep-20
HUDSON, Hattie Belle ROSSON, Henry 1904-Oct-11
HUDSON, Lola ENGLISH, Tom 1903-Nov-06
HUDSON, Maggie ALLEN, Gene 1895-Jun-27
HUFF, Daisy WHITE, Fred 1906-Sep-06
HUGGER, Annie HUGGER, Moses 1905-Sep-19
HUGGER, Minna ANDERSON, Jack 1880-Mar-10
HUGGINS, Della BEECH, Joseph 1899-May-01
HUGGINS, Frances GARDNER, Albert 1906-Apr-30
HUGGINS, Jennie GARDNER, John 1906-Sep-05
HUGGINS, Louvenia Mrs ALFORD, George 1906-Sep-10
HUGGINS, Luvonia BROWN, Charley 1905-Mar-25
HUNT, Florence HILLMAN, J C 1901-May-22
HUNTER, Carrie L CRAWFORD, Alonzo 1904-Dec-17
HUNTER, Martha WATTS, Johnie 1908-Aug-09
HUTCHINSON, Rosalia M JOHNSON, J S 1907-Nov-26
HUTTO, Frances Elizabeth HADDOX, George W 1880-Feb-21
HYATT, Hattie HUGGINS, Dennis 1908-May-01
HYATT, Martha STRAHAN, W 1896-Feb-21
HYMAN, Angeline MCGILVERY, Thomas 1878-Nov-16



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