Green County Brides


GAINES, Annie SIMPSON, George 1891-Mar-22
GAINES, Jennie NELSON, James 1889-Apr-13
GAINES, Martha SUMMERLIN, Blunt 1890-Oct-13
GAINES, Rose DAVENPORT, Butler 1877-Mar-30
GAINS, Alice JEFFRY, Manuel 1909-Jan-01
GAINS, Lillie WATSON, Shep 1908-May-17
GALLOTTE, Mary BROWN, W R 1882-Mar-11
GARDNER, Emeline GARDNER, Thomas H 1887-Sep-19
GARDNER, Files RUSSELL, Johnes 1900-Jun-19
GARDNER, Mary CARAWAY, J J 1877-Dec-29
GARDNER, Milly EVANS, George 1891-Feb-19
GARRETT, Amelia BANKS, Thomas 1900-Aug-30
GARRETT, Corrine WALLEY, James 1903-Mar-25
GARRETT, Minnie BROGAN, Willie 1889-Feb-17
GATES, Willie May BARNES, George 1909-Nov-03
GERAULD, Sallie BREWER, Henry 1906-Mar-17
GERTMAN, Garris TAYLOR, Henry 1883-Jul-19
GHASTON, Almeda ANDERSON, Mack 1910-Oct-03
GIBSON, Annie HOLLAND, Joseph J 1902-Jul-06
GIBSON, Elizabeth DURETT, E G 1893-Feb-26
GIBSON, Emma FALLON, J C 1897-Jun-24
GIBSON, Jenia BROWN, J J 1908-Dec-20
GIBSON, Laura EUBANKS, Harry B 1909-May-17
GIBSON, Lula E MILLS, Thomas W 1909-Dec-31
GIBSON, Lydia S MALLETTE, Louie Edwin 1900-Apr-22
GIBSON, Mary E HOLLIMAN, Willie H 1908-Feb-19
GILBERT, Lanna HAMILTON, John 1882-Jan-07
GILMAN, Alice MCGILVERY, George 1878-Mar-21
GIPSON, Lena WALLEY, M W 1909-Aug-26
GIVENS, Mary Belle LANE, William Wright 1905-Dec-14
GLOVER, Minnie HAYGOOD, Willie 1907-Sep-04
GODEN, Fanny ERKHEART, Monroe 1909-Jan-21
GODIN, Fannybelle HOWARD, Boney 1906-Apr-23
GOFF, Florence FAIRLEY, Shered 1910-Jan-27
GOFF, Jane FAIRLEY, David T 1876-Jun-09
GOFF, Lorine MIZELL, Harmon H 1905-Mar-17
GOFF, Margaret FAIRLEY, William W 1899-Oct-05
GOFF, Margaret Ann MIZELL, Caleb R 1879-Mar-15
GOFF, Sarah Ann Victoria STRICKLAND, J W 1881-Mar-03
GOLMAN, Bertha HUNT, C A 1908-Mar-05
GOODE, Virginia BRIGHT, Richard 1907-Jul-07
GOODMAN, Mary PALMORE, Thomas 1904-Jan-02
GORDNER, Ella EZELL, Ben 1889-Jun-13
GORDON, Charlotte GRIMES, Lewis 1881-Jun-01
GORDON, Jennie REED, James 1887-May-15
GRACE, Lizzie MCINNIS, Frank 1895-Feb-17
GRANT, Arie WHITE, George 1909-Apr-18
GRANT, Minnie ROBINSON, Joe 1909-Oct-15
GRAY, Callie LESTER, Sam 1907-Sep-23
GRAY, Hettie LOVE, Will 1906-Aug-06
GREEN, Bessie SMITH, Abram Hadley 1908-Oct-07
GREEN, Daisy MILLS, J L 1906-Jun-20
GREEN, Katie MOODY, Walter 1909-Dec-22
GREEN, Maranda FAIRLY, Peter S 1880-Jan-26
GREEN, Pearl DAUGHDRILL, Joseph C 1909-Feb-17
GREEN, Rose Ila CLARK, William 1905-Jan-13
GREEN, Sallie LEE, Stewart 1905-Dec-01
GREEN, Virginia C HILLMAN, Charles 1884-Mar-10
GREENE, Hattie E MCLEOD, Bingham 1899-Dec-28
GREENE, Lizzie CONE, George F 1902-May-21
GREENE, Malisa HILLMAN, Peaster 1899-Dec-27
GREENE, Mamie BATSON, M L 1902-Jan-04
GRICE, Ella MONTGOMERY, Boston 1901-Aug-28
GRICE, Laura HUNTER, Frank 1905-Aug-01
GRIERSON, Mattie WINFIELD, R W 1904-Feb-03
GRIFFIN, Ellen MCLEAN, Steve 1878-Jun-20
GRIFFIN, Florence ANDERSON, W F 1894-Sep-06
GRIFFIN, Florence ANDERSON, W F 1894-Dec-09
GRIFFIN, Martha Ann GARRIS, John H 1877-Feb-21
GRIFFIN, Susan D BURNS, Harmon 1895-Jul-24
GRIM, Lida EVERETT, David S 1899-Jun-20
GRIMES, Augusta L MCDAVID, L E 1904-Aug-25
GRIMES, Emma DAVIS, Alph 1882-Apr-07
GRIMES, Mary Elizabeth MILLS, Wm A 1880-Nov-15
GUNN, Anna E MCSWAIN, Alba L 1895-Apr-04
GUNN, Berta FOUNTAIN, L T 1909-Jun-30


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