Greene County Brides


FAIL, Maria WHITE, Jerry 1878-Jan-17
FAIRLEY, Allice HOLLEY, William 1893-Nov-26
FAIRLEY, Annie MOODY, L N 1902-May-08
FAIRLEY, Cammie WILLIAMS, Steve 1905-Oct-06
FAIRLEY, Delphine WILLIAMS, Cleveland 1907-Aug-22
FAIRLEY, Easton PENNY, Henry 1901-Nov-07
FAIRLEY, Eliza FAIRLEY, Frank 1892-Dec-30
FAIRLEY, Emma GRIFFIN, Alfred 1888-Dec-16
FAIRLEY, Emma WILLIAMS, Butler 1890-Aug-21
FAIRLEY, Esther JOHNSTON, John 1898-Jul-08
FAIRLEY, Frunia FAIRLEY, James 1900-Aug-02
FAIRLEY, Harriet JACKSON, Willis 1900-Oct-18
FAIRLEY, Julia COCHRAN, W L 1897-Oct-13
FAIRLEY, Julia PIPKINS, T S 1906-Nov-07
FAIRLEY, Lillie FAIRLEY, Authur 1906-Oct-08
FAIRLEY, Lony COLSTON, James 1901-Dec-08
FAIRLEY, Lucy WALKER, Charles 1888-Dec-27
FAIRLEY, Mary Beaulah GOFF, William M 1905-Apr-05
FAIRLEY, Mary Jane DANIELS, Walter 1910-Aug-30
FAIRLEY, Matilda GOFF, Richard 1888-Oct-20
FAIRLEY, Mattie E BRANNON, Milton L 1907-Jun-26
FAIRLEY, Millie PRIER, Green 1900-Apr-12
FAIRLEY, Rachel FAIRLEY, Dock 1902-Dec-28
FAIRLEY, Sallie COCHRAN, Rayner 1904-Dec-05
FAIRLEY, Sarah FAIRLEY, Blumor 1895-Jul-11
FAIRLEY, Sarah KING, Jim 1898-May-24
FAIRLY, Flora MIZELE, T J 1879-Dec-24
FAIRLY, Mary DARRETT, Richard 1888-Dec-23
FAIRLY, Sabra ROBINSON, Ducan 1880-Nov-04
FALLON, Emma Mrs BRETT, James L 1909-Aug-12
FARMER, Annie ARMSTRONG, S G 1891-Feb-10
FARMER, Rosett COTTON, S J 1903-Jun-03
FAULK, Fannie PRIESTER, Lyman R 1905-Jan-17
FILLINGIM, Perlina RASBERRY, J 1879-Oct-23
FINUF, Frances EUBANKS, G T 1904-Oct-14
FINUFF, Florence Viola LANE, John A 1905-Sep-16
FLOID, Eddy OWENS, Joe 1906-Dec-12
FLOYD, Chaney MARSHALL, M R 1905-Nov-08
FLOYD, Eliza COLSTON, John 1906-Mar-03
FLOYD, Jessie MCCASKILL, Henry 1908-Sep-13
FLOYD, Mary CAWLEY, Ben 1907-Apr-23
FLOYD, Nancy WHLMER, Tom 1904-Jun-29
FOSTER, Frances BALDWIN, Robert 1907-Aug-05
FOSTER, Rosie Mrs TURK, Joe 1904-Sep-24
FOUNTAIN, Katie ELLIOTT, Cleveland 1908-Jan-23
FOUNTAIN, Katie WILLIAMS, J W 1891-Oct-15
FOUNTAIN, Sidney MCDONALD, John 1880-Jan-10
FOWLER, Rose SULLIVAN, D S 1898-Jul-25
FOX, Ruth WALTON, T J 1903-Apr-14
FOY, Virgie EZELLE, Gracey 1877-Jul-14
FOY, W V WHITE, Alice 1908-Oct-29
FRANCIS, Lizzie DARINGTON, Ed 1906-Jan-02
FRANKLIN, Mary E WILLIAMS, Richard 1882-Oct-18
FREEMAN, Anna HILLMAN, B F 1899-Dec-20
FREEMAN, Cyntha FREEMAN, N M Jr 1907-Dec-29
FREEMAN, Emily A COOLEY, William R 1903-Apr-29
FREEMAN, Erie BRADLEY, David W 1905-Sep-19
FREEMAN, Erie BRADLEY, David W 1905-Sep-20
FREEMAN, Erin FAIRLEY, Andrew 1904-Dec-14
FREEMAN, Laura HILLMAN, Levi 1896-Nov-04
FREEMAN, Lizzie TURNER, Reubon 1887-May-19
FREEMAN, M E Mrs HARE, W J 1882-Dec-16
FREEMAN, Mahala WALLEY, G B 1890-Oct-02
FREEMAN, Nancy R COOLEY, R W 1901-Oct-23
FREMAN, Julia SUMMERS, J W 1899-Oct-12
FRENCH, Isa AVERA, W W 1895-Sep-11
FRIBBETT, Fanny NIX, Ned 1895-Aug-13
FRY, Hattie HAWKINS, Charles 1896-Sep-29
FRY, Josephine JOHNSON, Edward 1902-Dec-24
FRY, Pearl DICKIN, Frank 1902-Nov-17


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